Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Socialism in all it's fairness, honesty and integrity.

Does anyone think these two Labour stalwarts will be out on the stomp in London, this week? Or might they be sharing other pursuits. After all they both could probably buy Chequers, let alone spend the weekend there.

I understand Sir Fred has written of his Merc because a window was smashed. As for our Lord Paul Myners, very busy helping Gordon with the tax haven plans. My understanding is he's going to buy Jersey with Fred. Declare it a Socialist Republic and then every Labour Minister can hide their "blind trusts". All of course before anybody gets round to stopping them. Naturally the car tax increases, NI contributions, booze and fags for the unwashed will all be untouched, won't they?

Socialism in the Raw? Don't you just adore their Hypocrisy?

Some 31% of our electorate support these clowns. Unbelieveable!