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Friday, 20 March 2009

Puppet on a string?

This cuddly clown was at The Treasury Select Committee yesterday, Spouting Gordo's Usual Mantra.

Look closely you can see the strings.

'We are facing a very, very turbulent period. But if you look at the position at the moment, provided we maintain our support for the economy and provided too we make it clear that in the medium term all countries have to live within their means, I believe we can get through this.' Can you credit this statement by puppet Darling to the Treasury Select Committee? This on a day Jonathan Loynes, chief European economist at Capital Economics, said that borrowing is set to spiral further next year. "With the bulk of the impact of the economic downturn yet to be seen and growing signs of a structural black hole, borrowing looks set to surge towards £200 billion per annum next year," he said.

The delusion is breathtaking. There can be little doubt this government have lost complete control of the economy and cannot see that they have! Am I the only blogger astounded by £200 billion borrowing requirement?


  1. A puppet controlled by a muppet? Brown's NR stupidity back in 2004 was costly.

  2. As you know OldRightie, I am at a complete loss.. I can't even comment any longer.. it's all too much :(

  3. Hang on in there, Sue. We are living through history every bit as momentous as any war! We need to get through for the sake of the kids!

  4. You're not the only one, and yes, it is a financial black hole -- a f***ing huge one at that. History in the making -- quite. Brown and his cohorts are the ones pouring scarce petrol onto the inferno.

  5. I Just hope the people remember how bad it got in 12 years time when we might begin to touch a level footing and don't vote labour in again... it's happened before.

    We will have to remind them somehow, perhaps the blogs will be an historical record!