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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Praying for bad news?

Bad News is For Little People, isn't it Lordy, Lordy?

Business Secretary Lord Mandelson has accused opposition parties of "praying for bad economic news". On the off chance you missed a few newspaper reports today , My Lord;

Lords in sleaze row could lose their peeragese

failings of the NHS have been exposed

69% think it’s time for a change

UK faces worse recession than US and Europe, IMF warns

Serious child abuse inquiries 'inadequate'

Town halls look for deep cuts in services

UK jobless figures hit 2 million

Cameron scores a direct hit with his "phoney" jibe

Are these people real? I just can't understand the level of their delusion.

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  1. He's a creep the man. I notice he's started Gordon's bunker mentality because he doesn't want to debate with Ken Clarke. It's a disgrace we have an unelected person representing business for this country.