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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Matalan sponsors Snotty!

A cosy fireside chat with Mrs Draper.

Brown is asked about his wife's concern
as to what to wear for The G20 bash!

What a pleasant, all is well, everything rosy little performance. Election is just round the corner. Asked gently about Porno Timney, a quiet self-assured demeanour held beautifully as a brief flash of temper was blitzed by the Largactil. Expenses mentioned by Dave, Monday, (Largactil flash) "he's got to move quickly" says Brown. He meant "we" presumably. I'm bringing the expense enquiry forward he says.. Yup, so during an election campaign they "can't possibly comment" subject to a review you know. The plan for a triumphant G20 to propel us into a massive love of Snotty's prowess still the plan? This is wonderful that the world sees The UK as so important, (me) that they are to come to London to make it all better. A 4 hour or so meeting, banquets, love ins, and £20 million of OUR smackers pissed up the wall in a Snottyfest. Twat, this was set up two or three years ago as a binge for the Bilderbergers. Well before some clown took the guard off the fan and set it at high speed. Asked about protests. I'm in St. Paul's Cathedral addressing the protesters today, he informs her. What the fuck was that about? He really is mad. The final stupidity was when asked if he would assist in choosing Sarah beard's clothes. The gist of his reply was "I'm married?". Utter awfulness but you could see how powdered and puffed, drugged to the eyeball, he does a magic take-off of Blair. Another thieving, greedy murdering shit. Come on, people we are being quietly shafted by the likes of Timney and Labour apparatchiks. Don't let them get away with it any longer. It's too depressing.

So far so good? Or will we take our power back?


  1. ".......demeanour held beautifully as a brief flash of temper was blitzed by the Largactil."


  2. killemallletgodsortemout...
    You help keep me going, being so kind!