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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Mandy likens Brown to a Combine Harvester.

On That Theme

If he were he'd be like the one on the left, I prefer the grim reaper image, personally.

Two soldiers murdered in N.I;
Lloyds American Boss is a tax exile and paid £25,000
allowance per annum to organise his tax haven loot.
Brown's pal, Sir Victor Blank sells shareholders a pup at a cocktail party. Blank? Madoff? Amazing names.
Back to the grim reaper, pensions a harvested sweep of the scythe.
Businesses another harvest laid bare.
A tidal wave of sleaze as Brown scythed away financial regulation from The Bank of England.
Ms Harman refused to repeat her threat (scythed away by Brown) that Sir Fred Goodwin would not receive his £700,000 a year pension, saying only that lawyers were examining his contract. (He'll get it as will Myners and all the rest)

There, just a snapshot this day, of slimy Mandy's vision of Brown as a combine harvester. Any more examples out there?

Lord Mandleson bows in homage to the esteem he is held by the angry British People. God help us all.

If The Grim Reaper Theme Fails To resonate Look At This from Guido's Best Pal, Hain.

"We are in a different era. If we want to be the

government for the next five years, assuming there is

an election next year, we are going to have to offer a

very different prospectus or the people won't buy it."

Now that's a nice hint at where the "Combine" wants to go!


  1. "Assuming" Very sinister.

  2. Are they able to not have an election next year?

  3. Mr Muffled was bomb disposal in Northern Ireland years ago.. love your Grim Reaper :)

    Are things about to get exciting?

  4. Whoops! That might have been a rather ferocious cat that Heter Pain has let out of the bag! I wonder what it is that he knows, or thinks he knows? As far as I was aware, general elections could only be postponed if martial law was imposed, and a national state of emergency declared. I wouldn't put it past McBroon to do any of this (he'll probably say something like "The current economic situation means that it is not in the nation's interests to have a general election with parties campaigning against each other. We must work together during this time"). Hey, that's one way not to lose an election -- don't bother calling one! Elections were so quaint, weren't they?

  5. Richard,
    This man is capable of anything for himself.