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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Is this man now the biggest B(W)anker in the world?

A small insight into the quite superb irony displayed by our unelected Prime Minister!

The PM demanded a clean-up as he attacked bankers for losing sight of ordinary people's moral values like hard work and fairness. (note the inference how he's not ordinary)

He confirmed he was looking at setting up a "publicly-owned savings bank". Dubbed the People's Bank, it would offer basic banking via Britain's post office network. (PO savings account. That's new!)
Mr Brown is also keen to set up another bank, which would concentrate on "innovation" and focus on small businesses.
(to add to his Lloyds collection.)

Mr Brown said: "Many of the executives who got banks into this mess have now left their jobs.

"And we are exploring all the legal action necessary to recover pension payments from people who received too much.

Am I alone in thinking, as a bank boss supreme, these words should apply to Gordo?

Note it's empty!


  1. I much prefer the W than the B.

  2. Some banks here (Spain) are paying 2.3% on savings now... which is not too bad. If you're willing to invest for longer periods, it's even higher!

  3. It's a shame Brown's fat, severed head isn't in the basket.

  4. "It's a shame Brown's fat, severed head isn't in the basket."

    Priceless but I would like to see several as well as his!

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