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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Is this Foretold?

A G20 Downfall Moment?

The drawing room is almost dark. The G20 summit has passed. A very large invoice for the jamboree lies crumpled on the floor. Sat sideways on to a beautiful antique desk, head forward in hands, is a dishevelled, rather lumpish figure. Just visible is a mat of heavily tousled and dyed hair through the chewed fingers, locked in the grip of a greasy mop. That now familiar, creepy hum is just audible.
Across the darkened room sit two individuals, for the moment daring not to speak. One is a similarly scruffy figure in a worn sweater, holes at the elbows. Sat erect, knees crossed over, is a smarter, more angular person, wearing snakeskin loafers. In his lapel is a small, solid gold badge of the Bahamas Club.
A case clock ticks. The silence broken by the metronome of time. The two men stiffen as the humming sound stops.
Suddenly and though fully expected, the two male like creatures leap to their feet when a roaring shout emanates from the desk and the figure suddenly unfurls. An unopened, large DVD box set screams through the air in their direction, smashing against the wall.
Largactil deprivation wails into a frenzy of screaming bile and fury.
“All fucking year I’ve cajoled and carried the bloody world through this crisis, got my moment of sodding joyous glory of a G20 Obamafest. The bastard not only fails to turn up, he’s entertaining half the bloody Red Army to a baseball festival. The ungrateful, conniving, mendacious arsehole. To think I taught him all that and he fisting well betrays me. ME! Saviour of America. I..I…I…” he stutters through a waterfall of spittle, “I told him to flirt with The Chinkies. Me! I told him I’d tapped them up for billions. Sold the buggers our new trains and they’re off playing baseball. Another Oval Office chat about sport all dreamt up by ME!”
He stumbles from the chair, hand shaking, rounds the desk and glowers singularly at the dimly seen men across the room. Both hands now shoot upwards as he rants “The stupid British Public have swallowed every bit of crap I’ve fed them. Iraq, no more boom and bust, my being crowned after Twinkle fucking toes, goody, goody two shoes, my arse and they’re happy I’m printing billions of coloured bits of paper to put on their walls. I expected Obama Ding Dong to go along with us, doing that to the rest of The World and he buggers off mouthing Mandarin! The bugger hasn’t even started up his wallpaper presses, yet. He promised me he’d look at it. Promised!”
He throws himself to the floor with a blood curdling scream.
His cloth salesman whispers to the snake skinned shod colleague, “I suppose it’s not the right time to ask for a loan?”
“I have arrangements to make,” replies the other man, slithering towards the door, "You make your own".
As they quietly exit, the strange, lumpen man scrabbles on the floor, tears pouring down his face. All around him lie his crushed plastic animals . In the deepest recess of the room the wreckage of a once proud and expensive wooden stallion lies in smashed pieces, never to be ridden again. He sobs deeply into the last clean nappy.


  1. I loved the DVD box reference!

  2. "Largactil deprivation"
    Rumour has it he's hooked on something!

  3. Absolutely super. Do you mind if I do a wee bit on my blog to direct people to it? I said on Wardog's blog that I'm not getting your updates and I rethingied them about a week ago. Any suggestions what to do will be appreciated.

  4. Thank you, Subrosa, very much. I think I've been nobbled. Please do anything to help show up this lot. I do have some respect for the likes of Kate Hoey and Frank Field. Even Gisela Stewart spoke some sense recently. I blogged on todays Labour versus the past. Not good for today's pygmies!

  5. Oldrightie, could you put an RSS feed button on perhaps and that may get the link going. I just reclicked the atom at the bottom but an RSS2 feed might be better. I did that for my own the other week - only know if it made a blind bit of difference though lol.

  6. A+ for the essay, Oldrightie. Good work but you could have expanded on the role of the Draper-like character! (On course for at least one GCSE.)

  7. Thank you Ted! As for The Draper, well still time!

  8. Subrosa, thank you for that. I risked my template with RSS feed but will keep trying!

  9. Nice one, OldRightie - as erudite as Mara on AnnaRaccoon, and pure entertainment at its best.

    Guido does seem to have fallen off, though - can't figure out whether it's a site problem or DNS poisoning yet from here - perhaps Dolly has got a bit pissed off with his exposure of the Draper finances?

  10. aproposofwhat said...

    Thank you, kind sir. I believe Guido has operational problems. Though since Draper's rebuttal onslaught it has suffered. Sad to say.

  11. very nice article , I agree . Lets show these gits up for the slimey bastards they are. My unborn children will have to pay for these cretins.

    The tories should stop pissing in the wind regarding Independence, why stand in the way of the inevitable.

  12. From my comments for you Oldrightie:

    Faux Cu said...

    Oldrightie, I read your blog last night but could not comment. I cannot work that one out.

    So here is my displaced coment

    You are a fly on the wall of 10 Downing Street, not prescient!

    Keep it up and keep us informed!

    15 March 2009 08:23

  13. I can almost believe he thinks he has conned us you know.. It's makes me hideously angry and I'm even more convinced he's clearly insane!

  14. Thank you all for some rewarding input. I shall endeavour to beaver away at the falsehood of Socialism and it's hypocrisy.