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Thursday, 12 March 2009

Immorality of Labour.

The First of a Series of Posts if People Decide to Join In.

This Government should be in the dock of "The Court of Public Opinion". The charge, "Gross immorality in the execution of their duty of care to The British people". Of the many cases of this charge that are relevant, my first is "Mass Immigration."

There are people living in shanty towns featured over a year ago in a C4 documentary. Our Public Services are at breaking point. Schools, hospitals, benefit costs and administration, housing and transport are some of the issues swept under the carpet, shrugged off by the "so what" attitude of Ministers.

Why is this immoral? The lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrants are blighted by a culture, social environment and squalor they expected not to experience. Many are at the mercy of gangsters who exploit their labour and even their bodies in trafficking and violence. The strain on the indigenous citizens grows ever more unpleasant. Jobs are now scarce, services and benefits hard to get under this appalling weight of numbers. In addition to all this, a recession that is likely to become a depression, will exacerbate the tide of misery and deprivation throughout the Country with only the ruling classes immune from the real horrors. That is immoral and in the same vein as African and other despotic nations.

It seems impossible that in 12 years this depth of decline, caused by an immoral and corrupt Socialist and Labour movement's desperation to hold power at all costs, can be so deep and horrendous.

We have yet to experience the worst of this immorality's consequences. My final point is this. The massive numbers of economic migrants leaves precious little room for genuine victims of political aggression and war. For me immigration should always have been economically unnecessary but humanely a priority.

My verdict is GUILTY!


  1. Be careful, they'll call you racist. You are now allowed to send anyone back, repatriate, deport, even terrorists get the benefit of the doubt and huge amounts of tax payers money! Talk about take the piss!

    That and the data collection are the two reasons I left the UK. I am not being catalogued and I am not funding the immigrants that come to ponce off our benefits systems. I absolutely refuse to work and pay taxes in the UK.

    Nobody asked us if we were willing to support the world's ethnic minorities.

    I have gone past caring if people think I'm racist, I couldn't give a fig what they think.

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  3. Sue, with half-caste, lovely grand-kids, that tag won't stick. I believe MASS migration an evil spin off from globalisation. I also despise the colonisation of America and Australia, on grounds of morality. Seems it's happening in the UK. Still Luton showed a glimmer of protest!

  4. Oh yes I've seen your lovely grandchildren. I bet you miss them. I am not racist either (I have all sorts of friends) but commonsense has to prevail. We simply don't have the room, resources or money to support these people. Did you see my latest post.. you'll be angry!!!

  5. Organised properly, this country had (and I repeat HAD) ample room to take in those in need, educate and employ them, and raise a generation of New Britons.

    Our mindless acceptance of 'multiculturalism', as interpreted by successive governments, has led to the situation where British people reacting to Islamist provocation on the return of our troops are arrested, while the small number of idiots who should have been quietly taken aside and cautioned for behaviour likely to cause a breach of the peace are protected by Bedfordshire's finest.

    My message is - come to Britain, but if you don't accept our values, then please don't stay.