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Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Home Secretary "does" expenses! Blames Hubby!

I rather thought this captures nicely, Ms Smith's "Getting on with the job"!

This must give rise to a punfest! Where to begin and end. Should not we all have this "service" on the state? HomeSec gives new meaning to being "banged up"? "I was watching these images in order to be better able to do my work". I paid for these just as I always pay for things I need."

"I loved the kebab home cooking film, especially the skewering!".

Not just snouts in the trough but pork in the oven. Come on, you can all do better than me on this. Have a go!
I guess she just settled down with a joint, a bottle of champers and a bodyguard at attention!
If you don't want to do puns, try captions!


  1. Caption, "How do they do that."

  2. "I don't know what it is I like about her, but it was ont he tip of my tongue last night!"

  3. "There!

    £67 quid's worth of porn paid back to the tax-payer.

    £116,000 ripped off from the same tax-payer conveniently ignored.

    Fancy a soapy tit-wank, Richard?"

  4. When will these people stop?

  5. All this beggars belief and these people will live off of our money for the rest of their lives. Worse than benefit scroungers they are.

  6. Worse than benefit scroungers they are.

    I very much endorse that statement, Subrosa. It's a great shame their failure cannot be punished.

  7. Why is the taxpayer paying for her TV Broadband Package in the first place? What else is she claiming for?

    An easier question: "What can't they claim for?"