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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Here we go again!

Sorry, me? Wait until you fall for my giveaway, June election budget. Then you'll be sorry. You poor sods. You think I'm deluded!

Snotty pops up in The Guardian, grovelling and pontificating as only Stalinbean can. A disgraceful spouting and dribbling of his lies, self delusion and dangerous fuckwittery. Note how he now says "global as well as national". Remember this will not include his Nation. His Utopia of brown stained desolation and ruin. In a seven day period in which his Ministers are publicly displayed for the greedy snouts they are, his whole economic maelstrom is signalling the growing Apocalypse. Jobless numbers about to soar past 2 million, 10 million economically inactive souls. What occupies this deluded madman? A relaunch. A carefully crafted rebirth of a monster. A well planned though flawed lead up to the G20. His obsession with poncing and mincing on a world stage groaning under the weight of collectively failed shit leaders. Where have these people led us? Two dreadful wars. The killing, khaki deserts of Afghanistan. The desertion of our elderly. Streets, not paved with gold but awash with bloody violence. Homelessness and mass, disillusioned immigrant hordes occupy every corner and back alley. A police force too steeped in the sycophancy of promotion and arse licking to care. A so called Government grasping every bit of looted wealth in the time left to them. Listen, though. Our glorious saviour takes "Full responsibility" Do you believe that? Do you agree with his take on the mess he so lovingly created?

My only weapon is to trot out my Brown bounce cat, called Sunshine. I pray each day and so far with some success, that the illusion created by this pussy sunbathing is the reality of Browbama's bounce.

Feel free to offer your love, affection and deep seated desire for a one party state led by the greatest Prime Minister that ever was. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Gordon Brown! Head crony.


  1. The cat is a much nicer image than the freak.

  2. I see Sir Fred mopped up £2.7million quid as a cash lump sum. Is it invested with RBS do you think? Or off shore, like most of The Cabinet's ill gotten gains?