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Thursday, 26 March 2009


Labour Have Bankrupted The Country

Darling spouts forth in Parliament, "we are doing everything we can............". What he fails to admit, probably even to himself, is that his party of lefty ideologues and lovers of bankers, have buggered us. Whilst Lord Myners, Mandleson and a plethora of Labour "noblemen" and MPs continue to fatten themselves with insider knowledge, the rest of us face ruin. As they commission every printing press in the land, their hidden asset transfers go unnoticed. Tax havens to be curbed rants Brown. Of course not before he and his cronies have created a hidden harbour for themselves. In the real world, the ten pound note replaces the 1p coin, retail, industry, farming and wages become valueless. Barter will take over, hunger replace obesity and our already third world status will be even further pushed into decline. Yet the utter madness of borrowing to service debt interest, pay a bloated inefficient public sector and buy votes continues. Only a respected Government of experienced talent and impeccable probity will help create a mood to fight our way out of this nightmare wasteland. Born of Labour, sired by Brown. Such a government may not be available but we need a change to find out. One thing is as certain as death and taxes, such a government is not a Labour or a Brown Government. These clowns don't know the difference between spending and investing, for heaven's sake.


  1. "These clowns don't know the difference between spending and investing, for heaven's sake."

    Like you I'm sick of Labour's use of the word investment to describe SPENDING.

  2. As Danial Hannan said " You have run out of our money " and might have said

    " In the name of God, Go Gordon, Go !".

  3. well as long as the fat cunt pigs keep their noses in the trough, all is well...