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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Gordon Does Brussels.

Brown Double Fisted in Brussels!

Caught glowering at Daniel Hannan
Doing the rounds is a three minute frontal attack on Brown. Accurate, incisive and coldly but passionately delivered. Banned by The BBC of course but a delicious quiet fury felt by so many of us. Well done that man. It is then followed by another fisting from Nick Farage. The childish and immature gurning from Snotty was utter joy. On top of all this, the place was practically deserted. The French and Germans whipping their troops away so as not to catch gordondelusion mania!
Such joy not to have to suffer Snotty's minder, Gorbals Mick, bail him out.


  1. Dan H epitomises what a good politician should be. He has worked long and hard and this cameo is a reflection on how seriously he takes his job.

    Would that he was at Westminster.

    Farage is as devastating a debater as is Alex Salmond. Old style and good.

    Who is the lady? Dana Winter?

  2. Savonarola said...

    Thank you kindly for your comments. Dan I read regularly on the blogs. His speech yesterday is already blog legend!
    Nowt on BBC-Pravda, though. Also nothing on Brown's visit!
    My header is of Grace Kelly and is a slight toungue in cheek bit of humour for Mrs Oldrightie!

  3. I've posted on yours, Sue. Forming a new Government?

  4. My guess is that McBroon has been feeding her lies on the state of the economy for the past few months of his audience with her ("everything's fine, it's under control, you just stick to waving and opening hospitals, and don't worry about the economy"). She's now twigged this, and has called in King to tell her what's REALLY going on.

    What can she do? Well, dissolve Parliament and force an immediate GE. It would be unconstitutional, and MPs would be up in arms about her exercising her power like this (not seen since before the Civil War), but it could be done. But we need to keep an eye on who else goes to see her, like police chiefs, Army Generals, MI5 bods and the like.

  5. Hannan was absolutely first-class. Why the hell can't the Tories match this kind of statement in Westminster is beyond me. People want to see new arseholes ripped into government ministers at every turn, rather than the insipid opposition that exists at present.

    Move over Cameron, make way for Dan Hannan - if only.

  6. killemallletgodsortemout said...

    Gorbals and protocol, sadly, won't let them.

  7. Gorbals, yes, protocol, I don't think so. Cast your mind back to when a certain M Thatcher was the leader of the opposition. Was she not devastating in how she dealt with Callaghan's mob? And she was equally as devastating at the Despatch Box while she was PM. While I hated her policies, then and now, and for all that she stood for, there's nobody in the shadow cabinet who's got balls as big as her!

    The Government have an open goal for anyone to kick a ball into, but nobody's doing anything much about it - the ball's being dribbled around the pitch but nobody has the heart or gumption to score. Opportunities to make political advantage by ANY party don't get any better than this, and it's infuriating that nobody in the Commons has the wit to do it. I know that St Vince has stuck his knife in rather splendidly, but as he has to effectively play 2nd fiddle to that woeful Nick Clegg, his opportunities to let rip are rather limited. But Dan Hannan is wasted in Brussels.