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Monday, 16 March 2009

A Downing Street Committee.

Observers at The Meeting.

Oldrightie has a leaked agenda from Labour’s hitherto unknown charity registered committee.

Conning, Undermining, National Trust Society. I will refrain from abbreviating. The document is reproduced below. I hope to receive the minutes at a later date.

Agenda for The Conning, Undermining, National Trust Society, Monday, 16.03.2009

Minutes of the previous Conning, Undermining, N.T.S. meeting.


Mark John Thompson, Director General, BBC.
Alan Rusbridger , Editor of The Guardian Newspaper.
Kevin Maguire, pretend journalist and Labour critic.
Lord Mandleson, snakeoil salesman and deep friend of The PM.
Alistair Campbell, dossier plagiarist, lover of all things weird.
Paul Dacre , Editor of The Daily Mail, deep friend of The Pm, soon to be joined with Lord Mandleson.
Stephen Carter, Chair of this Committee, another nobleman and lover of all things hated by the public.
Joseph Barroso, Special Guest, Future UK State Governor.

1. Chairman’s remarks and report on the success of The Obamafest.

2. Monthly BBC brief on the successful conning strategy carried out in February,

3. KM on the brilliant “wool over eyes” Mirror readership confidence trickery.

4. Lord Mandleson’s report on the Royal Mail spin achievements and The
Union’s bribery.

5. Alistair Campbell on the booze debate con. Stealth tax postponed, “Gordon
looks so on the drinkers’ side”, masterstroke.

6. Paul Dacre’s update on the stupefaction of Mail readership.

7. Stephen carter on The Nokia position.

8. A special report from The President of The European Commission on The EU
Socialist State and the role of minor states, including Latvia and England.


Refreshments to be served by John Prescott and Derek Draper together with an informal discussion on the use of taxpayers’ money to promote Labour blogs.