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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Creepy Slapheads Part One.

Does This man Fit The Bill?
As a youngster I always struggled to understand the word smarmy. Now I fully appreciate it as a perfect adjective for Labour's cretinous and mendacious Ministers. He was given a good slapping by old Brillo today. Wonderful.

He is founder of the computer company e-Government Solutions Ltd, a provider of e-commerce solutions to government. I wonder if he's part beneficiary to all The IT billions gone walk about

Then there are his oh so precious demands. What an utter hoon, to use a blog euphemism of Penguins.

"In a leaked 11-page document issued to civil servants, called Working with Liam Byrne, the 38-year-old spells out exactly how he expects to be treated. "
Byrne begins: "Coffee/Lunch. I'm addicted to coffee. I like a cappuccino when I come in, an espresso at 3pm and soup at 12.30-1pm." Other requests encompass the layout of his office: "The room should be cleared before I arrive in the morning. I like the papers set out in the office before I get in."
He'll be one of my favourite faces to see come The Election. Assuming it's not rigged, of course.


  1. I read this a few weeks ago Oldrightie and I thought it was some malicious journalist looking for points :)

    You asked where I was on my blog earlier and I replied. Did you miss me?

  2. Did you miss me?

    You need to ask?

  3. He's 38? Looks like a few early nights wouldn't do him any harm. Where oh where do we find them?