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Friday, 27 March 2009

Bloggers and Wannabees!

Power to The Blogosphere

Daniel Hannan's "YouTube" deserved fame, with hundreds of thousands of hits, has knocked the whole concept of spin on it's head. The drink fuelled rants by this fraud and pillock of Labour nonentity, has shown the terrific ability of the Internet to strip their mendacious and shitty facade to shreds. This is the best Labour could trot out to go forth, (get it?) and counter the overwhelming joy so many people got from seeing Snotty well and truly clunked. Well, fellow righties and changelings, this was a truly defining moment. As the junketing traitors of the MSM and their erstwhile flagship, The Bloody Biased Crooks, fawned over that excuse of a Prime Minister, this video washed throughout the global ether. As Draper lost his rag and mouthed puerile venomous hatred for his nemesis that is Guido, the world watched his pathetic effort with disbelief. His personification of the rotten core of what is now a Labour corpse, just completed the rout by a blogosphere so out of reach of this poor, nasty little man.
Bloggers of The Right, raise a glass, not only to Dan Hannan but to yourselves.

Power to The People!


  1. You're up early, matie! Your pic is very nightmarish, though!

  2. That picture has put me off my grilled breakfast and now I'm having coffee and grapefruit. It's better than a FAT fridge magnet.

  3. Given that I'm not a blogger of the right, but of a Left Libertarian who hates NuLab as much as you all do and their joker Draper, and that I reported on Dan Hannan's wonderful verbal assault on the Prime Mentalist, am I also allowed to rtaise a glass to Draper's drubbing? It's not just the right who don't like him, and who were overjoyed with Hannan's demolition job.

  4. Well said that man!

    Cheers, Old Rightie!

  5. Richard, being an (old)rightie ought to mean being also sensitive to any creed that puts people before dogma.
    Libertarians are closer to righties than lefties!
    Cheers to the decent arms of blogging!!!!!!

  6. " Wanker in his own liferime " too, sorry can I swear on this blog ?

  7. Wanker in his own liferime " too, sorry can I swear on this blog ?
    Where such language hits the spot, as yours does, IEBOC, you may indeed give vent to the anger we all feel!

  8. I actually watched this slimebag on TV and was aghast at the puerility he displayed

    If you'll let me finish...

    Shut up Draper this isnt a party political broadcast.... Perhaps we should set up a cemetery and headstone for Draper and put that on it as his eulogy