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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Whose constructing and building what?

Migrant labour

From the BBC, 26/08/2008

Earlier this year, the government estimated at least 42% of construction workers in London were from Central or Eastern Europe - most of them from Poland.
Ucatt says the proportion of migrant labour on the Olympic site is at least as high as this and warns there is a "real issue" of migrant workers being recruited by employment agencies and then exploited through low pay and excessive working hours.
While the ODA stresses its commitment to local employment, it is not in direct control of who works on the site and is not legally allowed to stipulate that its contractors hire local people.

"One British-owned company set up in the Romanian capital said it had contacted the 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) to offer between 10,000 and 20,000 workers.
And a recruitment consultant in Bucharest claims he has struck deals with UK construction companies to employ migrant Romanians.
"England is very desirable to the Romanian workers. It pays well," said Daniel Moldoveanu, the director of recruitment company DLT Ital Construct. "A skilled construction worker will get £8 an hour and it is £6.50 for an unqualified worker."
A skilled British tradesman carrying out the same work would be paid about £15 an hour."

This from August, 2006. Will they still be coming? Or are they already here? How many jobs?

The pan European political class cling to their flawed logic in the face of dismal failure. Why import labour when there are enormous dole queues already in existence? The EU isn't working. It is a concept dreamt up by head in the clouds bureaucrats and their puppet masters.
Turn it back into a free trade block and dump the ridiculous gravy train of federal largess at the tax payers immeasurable cost.

The labour market situation started to worsen in most Member States in 2008. Reacting with a certain lag to changes in GDP growth, employment growth is expected to turn negative this year, with EU employment falling by 3½ million jobs. The unemployment rate is expected to increase to 8¾% in the EU in 2009 (and 9¼% in the euro area), with a further increase in 2010.

These figures equate to approximately 18 million unemployed throughout Europe. Is the answer to force everybody to move, Lord Mandleson? Forgive me but something seems very amiss! Hang on, why not local jobs for local people? Would solve the language problems at least.

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