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Friday, 20 February 2009

Where next when you're broke and penniless?

Yesterday's council by-election results show electoral advances for the BNP around the country with the party gaining its first council seat in the south east of England, in Sevenoaks.


  1. Bloody hell, Oldrightie, that's strong stuff!

  2. Can you see David Milliband with the cap on behind the man himself?

  3. It's all very well everyone tut, tutting about this win. Don't you think this is going to be happening in pockets of working class areas all over the UK?

    It's bound to, the Labour Party have let the working classes down (British Jobs etc...) the Tories don't look too promising either.

    It's always that taboo subject that people won't discuss. Immigration, the fact is, we have let too many immigrants/emigrants into the country. Like it or not, it's a tiny island and much smaller than most other European countries.

    Our infrastructure of schools, NHS, benefits and housing can't support a sudden massive surge of people coming to live and work in the UK especially now that times are bad.

    In addition, all we get is preached at all the time about racism and all the immigrants do is complain and take advantage of the system. How many claims for compensation for racism have you recently seen? I won't even mention the human rights act!

    My friends daughter got told to move out of Luton the other day by a Pakistani girl. My friend and her daughter were both born in Luton. The Pakistani girl was very nasty and said that Luton was now a Muslim town and she didn't belong there walking around showing her skin!

    Tell me, can she claim compensation? I think not.

    There you have a few tiny reasons why the BNP are gaining popularity.

    The more this subject is avoided, the more popular they will get!

  4. Whoaa, Darling Sue, I'm not tut-tutting. I feel about this like the Goody business. I should take a Christian stance but find it hard to do so. I totally agree with all your post. Have I not succeeded in touching a nerve, justfiably? I hope we get more such responses like yours. The old adage "truth hurts!"

  5. All three men have the exact same expression. Spooky or what!

  6. You bloody Tories forever spouting England. That time is over and England is up for Islam and being taken over, just you see.

  7. I wasn't just aiming this at you sweetie. I mean generally, it's such a taboo subject and you can see why. Some "brave" anonymous nutter has already jumped on the bandwagon here! That's the way these people work, hidden, frightened and cowardly.

    And then they wonder why people turn to the BNP!

    Islam doesn't stand a chance sunshine, we represent freedom not oppression, go stick your nastiness where the sun don't shine!

  8. With you as always, Susie baby!

  9. Well now; this is all fitting nicely into my growing fear that the political class really is about the destruction of all our national institutions.

    As Peter Osborne has shown,

    the main parties have abandoned their core constituencies - class-based or religious/moral in the Liberal/Dems case, to seek control of the middle ground.

    Since Hitler and what he did were so evil, even the possibility of speaking up on nationality, communities and our culture is taboo - only nasty racists care about such things.

    The white working class disappointed Old Labour by voting for Mrs Thatcher at a rate of about 40%, and so New Labour dropped the WWC and got on the rainbow-coalition, diversity train, and stuck our countrymen with new neighbours; many of whom had and have no intention of fitting in; not the way that the Flemings and the Jews and the Irish did.

    So the three main parties - essentially now all controlled by deracinated, non-ideological centre politicians [roughly speaking fascist in it absence of a governing ideology ad its non-working-class, non-gentry roots], allow the WWC to be the last on the list for public funding and support, and we comfortable suburban middle classes split into pinker groupings or UKIP or Libertarians - at a time when a united, freedom-loving Right should be tearing New Labour a new one.

    As I've blogged on it before, and I'll blog on it again,

    we really, really need to get together and put the boot in on the political class, and help our countrymen have freedom-loving and patriotic politicians to vote for.
    Otherwise, some of them will vote for the others.

  10. Very good analogy and I am broadly much in agreement. Thank you for posting.

  11. I think in the interests of all Old Righties everywhere, it would be better for you to change the spelling of 'your' to 'you're' in the headline. Not nice to be castigated for exactly the sort of ignorance all Old Righties everywhere should be united to combat.

  12. We do get tired sometimes, dear Creator.

  13. Sorted, I'm flattered you saw it so late!