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Saturday, 7 February 2009

Today's contenders for biggest pr**ck are

Now why is this? The one for creating a fall guy to deflect his own incompetence. The other for telling us all, as The Mail blazes across it's front page, "Stop whingeing"
I guess both men are aptly named. One obviously, the other for lending his name to the female anatomy! I doubt either has been particularly affected by the weather.Well, perhaps by the political storms gathering.

If the people trapped on this motorway could take my poll, I wonder what they would vote for? I thought Gordo was good at floods and stuff. I wonder if that was all spin? Of course it was. Grit and salt costs, you know. Ask the banks.


  1. You changed the colour? Hoon is a cunt

    Or Buff Hoon

  2. I decided to be more blue! Seems to be working!

  3. Meanwhile, Gorgon is hiding somewhere.....

  4. Prefer the 'blue' ambience. It's more reassuring.

    My better half was ranting at me this afternoon about that Balls character and his plan to create 30,000 "apprenticeships" for 16-year olds to train as teaching assistants in schools. She's been a very active school governor for a number of years and rightly points out that schools are not funded for this so who will pay? (Answers on a postcard please addressed to "The Taxpayer".)

    My objection is rather more basic. But this is a family blog so I will refrain.

    (PS: Thanks for updating my blog name!)