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Saturday, 28 February 2009

The shape of things to come?

Are Mandy and Mynah bird modelling the new must have Cabinet Strip?

I have a theory that Snotty is building a team of unelected cabinet players, two shown here modelling the new first team home kit. Sandwiched between them is a reserve patsy goalkeeper ready to be blamed for any £693,000 to nil defeats.
Strong rumour abounds that Ally won't see the weekend out and is already preparing, as seen in this picture, to walk off into the sunset.
What a wheeze. A cabinet of Lords and Ladies wholly under "napisan" Gordon's control and independent of elections.
Opposition outfoxed and dictatorship rampant.Not much change really!

The Daily Mail is leading on Mandy "Come fly with me" pal's Heathrow interest. Bit like those Japanese trains methinks.

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