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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The revised open letter to The Prime Numptie.

Above before stealing, unelected and unopposed, the foreman's job, at last! To the right, all together now, "The working class (and all my mates) can kiss my ar*e, ....."

Dear Prime Minister,

I have been asked to write to you in a more direct and aggressive manner to more genuinely reflect the feeling within the Country you have so dreadfully brought to its knees. Let me begin with these weasel words of yours from 2006.

“And I am ready, I think, to help this country move into its new generation where I think the challenges we face are ones that, because of the values that bind us as a country together, we are uniquely able to say that we are going to be one of the great global success stories of the future."”
“Its new generation” Is this the one you’ve royally buggered? Or is that one of many future generations that have to pay for your utter fuckwit incompetence?
May we consider further twattish achievements of your utter hoon like character? So called Labour Champagne Socialist.
You turned up year after year in your scruffy, smelly day clothes, to the Lord Mayor’s banquet where you preached that now discredited piffle and crap about how wonderful debt was for the Country.
Well, you’ve got the bloody top job now so it’s the full Monty bib and tucker. What do you look like? Cat that got the sour fuc***g cream.
Guess who’s paying for that lot of trough monkeys. Then there’s Lord Mandy sodding Pandy. What’s that all about? Feeling lonely with no one to change the nappy.
What about the EU that yanks your strings?
Privatise the Royal Mail? Hand it over like everything else to your masters across The Channel. Guess that will be renamed the EU Channel next.
As for the sleaze. Just do not know where to begin. I refer you to my “must read” column.
Prime Minister of prime excrement. Will you have the balls to preach to the Yanks, as you have to us, it all began in America? I doubt it.
Well, Mr Brown, I have to dash for now but to summarise my blog’s comments with regard to my earlier missive.
You are hated just a smidgeon more than your hateful, Orwellian Party of numpties, misfits and cretinous deviants, especially your namesake Nick(ed on Clapham) Brown.
The overwhelming desire is for you to FU*K off and call an election. Time for change not debt.
Yours more sincerely than you could ever know,
An impoverished by your useless Government of zero talents,


  1. Well Said That Anti-Socialist.

    Of course, they're going to unleash the Civil Contingencies Act on us as soon as they can orchestrate mass dissent and we'll all be buggered in perpetuity.

  2. Which stupid fuck voted NO!
    Find his ISP and remove the NO button! lol

  3. Send it to him!!! Put my name on too... :)

  4. I'd put in a comment re additional bits for the letter to Incapability Brown yesterday but when I tried to 'Preview' it, it disappered into thin air. I'll try again: 'You are undoubtably the leader of the most corrupt, traitorous, lying, self serving & incompetent government the UK has ever had the misfortune to know. It would appear that they are also, with a few honourable exceptions, a bunch of spineless yes-men who take their lead from your example & take their values, their standards of behaviour & their treatment of the indigenous people of the UK from you and your much vaunted 'Moral Compass' (Moral Compass - what a misnomer!). I hope your place in the annals of history fully reflects this, placing you alongside Caligula, Hitler & Uncle Joe Stalin & others of that ilk. And when you finally shuffle off this mortal coil, hopefully after a long, painful & humiliating illness I do hope you discover that the Fires of Hell, spoken about so pictorially by your Dad, do indeed exist & are ready to welcome you to their agonising embrace for all Eternity'.

  5. Oops, forgot this last bit: 'Perhaps you may like to spent the last few weeks on your deathbed acquainting yourself with Dante & considering exactly which Circle of hell will be your destination?'

  6. Anonymous said... 26 February 2009 10:10
    Thank you all for the interest. You have given material which helps all of us stay as sane as we can in this madhouse Labour have created. Perhaps we should all have an open letter displayed?
    I believe the 1 vote may be
    I must say as the poll draws to a close, it has not been hijacked by the numptylefties! Thank you all for popping by!

  7. Old Holborn has a link to an article from Mandelbum about the Post Office. He's getting a real rollicking... you can have your say OldRightie!!!