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Monday, 16 February 2009


Will Gordon Leap For A Lifeboat?

The question being raised in the corridors of power.

I want the fat controller to stick around as The Titanic Labour project sinks below the waves. I want the sea of incompetence and sheer crap this lot have heaped upon the reluctant and press-ganged passengers of NuLabs vessel of corrupt ar**holes, to drown the buggers slowly!

Maybe Tone will buy him one!

Former prime minister Tony Blair has won a one million dollar (£697,000) international prize for his "exceptional leadership", it has been announced.

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  1. I am really hoping that he won't step down. It will be a tragedy if he does. He is killing the labour party at the moment. People are beginning to despise him.

    As Old Holborn once said (I think it was him), "only from his dead stiff hands"..

    He is crazy enough to hang on... fingers crossed!