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Sunday, 22 February 2009

A Passionate denouncement.

This is not Vauxhall’s plant in Ellesmere Port next week, is it?

This is a terrific article that exposes this Government of awfulness to a tee. A precision strike by a once like minded, delusional and very senior Socialist party apparatchik. To read his utter despair at how Labour have screwed the Country and then some, is almost a delicious joy.
Then I realise that he is one of a legion of such people who have never understood how utterly unsuited to Socialist Dogma the British are, in nature. Sure they courted the mythical oppressed hordes but at the expense of personal responsibility and control. The intelligent and decent parts of a nation will always prove more worthy and better equipped to improve the lives of many. People are decent as well as evil. Socialism is only ever evil in it's spiteful doctrine and self belief in a totalitarian state of bullies and hypocrites.
Labour is hopefully finished. Gould seems to have prepared an obituary prequel!


  1. Absolutely Oldrightie. I still can't understand why Gould felt the need to resurrect himself now. Revenge?