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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Obama chats and jokes about Brown's awful personal habits!

President Obama asks about Brown's nickname of Snotty. Blair tells him, "Yes, I was there when this happened in full view of the world. Mind you this eating of his nasal product is the least offensive of his personal habits. Don't get me started on nappies!"

Here is Brown's response to the news of his two best Friends press conference, today. "I look forward to meeting Presidents Obama and Blair at the EU presidential inauguration in two years time."

What a coup for Phony Tony!!!!!!!!!!

Tone President of Europe next, Lord help Us.


  1. Auch OR super post. You're awfy clever so you are. I'm off to reply to your next post.

  2. I bet Brown was miffed. I can't stand Blair personally (that false smile makes me cringe) but he does have that certain "charisma" that Brown (sadsack) lacks.

  3. Blair? President of Europe! Not in my lifetime! Never! Never!