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Friday, 13 February 2009

The Nightmare of Labour Rule Continues.

Now a further £11 BILLION Pounds disappear.

So much for fairness and decency, protection for the poor and vulnerable. How do socialists and this Labour Party live with themselves? These unimaginable sums are being wrenched from the mouths of children yet to be born. Poverty of such magnitude awaits as to make Dickensian times look opulent. Pensioners' savings and hard won retirement are already decimated. From day one of this Government reckless, irresponsible stupidity has been the watchword. An historic three terms of spiralling debt and Brown led profligacy. Illegal wars, expensive fatalities and a failed campaign in Afghanistan.
Banks led by the bingo callers of Government, to place bets with borrowed money. The architects of all this grin and giggle in The Westminster Village of idiots and failures whilst busily spending their time on fraudulent expenses and gleeful calculations of their own pensions and security. A plague on all their houses.
I'll leave the morality of kids born to kids, an education cess pit of failed meddling, a rotting NHS and the upward march of fuel prices to another time.


  1. I get the feeling you are a bit upset? Hold on, old chap! It was people like you that voted for Gordon Brown to be Prime Minister, after all. You can't complain now if a so-called global recession and banking crisis has knocked our glorious leader off course.

    Don't worry, it's all going to start to recover by June this year. Alistair Darling's Budget on 22nd April will set out a clear recovery plan.

    On the other hand...

  2. You had me going there you b****r!