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Thursday, 12 February 2009

MSM suggest a "Brown" Grilling

Here is a picture of the Rottweiler much of the media trailed this morning. Chairman of The Parliamentary Liaison Committee since 2005. A good friend of Snotty and never a cross word between them. Only £93,000 in expenses , for the last claimed year, published.
He chaired the forum that became a Gobbler love in. So relaxed was our hero, he unbuttoned his shirt, as he lolled back in his chair. The size of our great leader's ears caught my attention. Too much listening at keyholes?
19 members of this gang of laser investigative questioners are Labour, 10 rather supine and weak Tories and 3 LibDums. Do you know, they almost made him look good. As easy a ride as Saint Tone used to get.
So much for being our representatives, dreadful and hateful performance by all involved. The almost subtle spin to "big" this up didn't quite work after Snotty's best banker fell on Mandy's sword, if you know what I mean.

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