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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Looking a bit tired!

Methinks Mrs Beckett should stick to paying Hubby's wages rather than banging the drum for Snotty Brown's gaffes. Depression, indeed, so long as this bunch of has beens and Lord of Sleaze are around!

Does Hubby pay the Caravan Club fees or are they part of the garden patio expenses. Cheek of the woman.

Duped by Bremner!

Believing she was talking to Prime-Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown, she made a number of unfortunate gaffes.
"Being perfectly honest Gordon, and I wouldn't say this to anyone else." she said, before opining that John Prescott's empire was ineffective and should be "broken up", Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt was "out of her depth", Alan Milburn couldn't "hack" it as party chairman, and Stephen Byers was a "bit of a risk".

04 /02/2009
Margaret Beckett, Housing Minister The World at One, Radio 4

Ms Beckett also criticized George Osborne, for his suggestion that Gordon Brown’s use of the word “depression” would be harmful to the UK economy
“I cannot believe the cheek of this man who done nothing except make negative remarks and talk Britain down,” she said.
Ms Becket also defended Gordon Brown’s use of the phrase “British jobs for British workers” arguing that it was part of a drive to equip British workers with the skills necessary for compete in the global economy.
“It is necessary to equip them with the skills and that has been a major part of the government programme,” she said.
So this a part of a major programme but the workers have yet to be equipped with those skills.


Where do they dig these cretins up from?

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