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Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Legacy of Labour's Dark People

"Mr Campbell, who had a drink-fuelled mental breakdown a decade before Tony Blair came to power, admitted that his depression continued in government.
The interview shows that his concern for Dr Kelly's fate was tempered by the effect on himself and Mr Blair as they waited to hear whether Lord Hutton would condemn the Government's behaviour."

I stumbled on this dreadful man's blog, courtesy of Politics Home. Was lead story on a nasty attack on David Cameron. Boy are they worried. Yet I pose these questions for consideration; Which of Labour's dark , chip on the shoulder, dinosaurs has done the most damage to this country? Which of these morons is the most culpable? Which of them is the nastiest?

My offering, Blair, Brown, Mandleson, Campbell. A quartet of unbelievable evil and unpleasantness. The knowledge they possess of killings and suppression is toe curling. How, (even with their ill gotten wealth and power they so craved and lusted after) this diabolical group sleep at night is beyond me.

Now how come his blog gets pride of place for his totally pathetic personal attack on the next Prime Minister? Politics home is just a pink LabourPist rip off. Are we all forced to share their "drink fuelled depression"?

I really can't take to them, can you?


  1. Short answer is, of course, no. I despise Campbell as much, if not more, than Brown or Mandelson. I have to guard against feeling sympathetic to Blair these days and downgrading him to just a useful idiot.

    But Campbell is a nasty, spiteful man who should never be allowed anywhere near the levers of power ever again. He should be left to do his "good works" for the rest of his life so he can apologise to all of us for contaminating our political life for well over a decade.

  2. Thanks for that, Ted, It's good not to feel alone!