Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

The last few weeks just gone by.

A Familiar Snapshot of Labours' Britain.

2 million unemployed.
4 million on benefits.
Currency collapse.
Bankers in senior Government posts, despite failures.
Brown, "no one foresaw the recession coming." Your pal, Crosby was told years ago.
Sarkozy slags off Brown.
Labour Peers with their snouts embedded in the trough, cash for laws.
Record numbers are declared bankrupt as recession bites.
Home Secretary fiddles expenses in a mirror image of a disgraced Tory, let off scot free.
Straw in trouble for donations.
The Bank of England has warned Britain is in "deep recession" as its grim forecast showed the economy is shrinking at an annual rate of 4%.
In its quarterly forecast, the Bank said the rate of contraction could reach as high as 6% by the middle of the year, compared to mid-2008.

Government measures to help firms are not working and urgent steps are required to prevent further job losses and business failures, industry leaders say.

But Hey, we mustn't talk things down!


  1. 'm staggered at the sheer gall of this government and they're not even honourable enough to step down and let someone else clear up their mess!

    How can he NOT have known what was happening, he was Chancellor!

    12 February 2009 11:09

  2. You should see the Brown one at the moment. What a shambolic man!