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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

It was me, Guv.

This is being mooted as I blog, from my mole in Downing Street! Brown was forced to dump Crosby by Lord of all Unpleasantness!
Note the nokia in his Highness's hand, proof that Gordo was quite cross.

The row between Mandy and Snotty was unbelievable. Makes the Hitler bunker spoofs look very tame. The Crosby affair has blown up spectacularly, as we all know. Well this is all part of Mandy's cunning plan to take Gordo's place. It's also why Mandy's gone to ground. Must close my line to my man, time's up!
Brown has many more "Crosby's" for Mandy to go at. Interesting times. Election this year with Mandy either at the helm or his favoured successor, with "The Prince" becoming even more powerful. Who is Mandy's favoured person? I know there is one but not whom, yet. Could be a betting book open any time now. Shall we say it will be someone in Snotty's inner circle. Balls is probably front runner as Brown's influence wanes our Ed is looking to "move on". Yvette not happy, smacks of disloyalty, she said, at a recent supper party.


  1. Update, apparently it's not blinky!

  2. Blimey, it´s getting to be real back stabbing stuff. Do you think they´re going call for Brown´s resignation soon?

  3. Who would the people accept? Despite Mandelson's manoeuvrings I doubt they'd get away with just replacing Brown without calling a GE at the same time.

  4. It is back stabbing stuff. Mandy agrees they should get out now to save their rump. Snotty won't play. GE this year, no doubt in my mind.

  5. "Goodnight", most people would accept anyone but Cyclops!

  6. Gordon Brown Said

    " It wasn't my fault, nobody at The Treasury told me even though they knew ".