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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Govern, I'm too busy fiddling.

SleazeVaz to Jacqui, "£116,000, Jacqui?
I wouldn't get out of bed for that!"

Jacqui, "I didn't!"

"Both inquiries investigated Mr Vaz's links with millionaire Indian industrialists, the Hinduja brothers. He claimed, in the first inquiry, that the Hindujas had never made a donation to Mapesbury Commun- ications, a company he set up to receive earnings from activities outside Parliament. His wife, Maria Fernandes is the sole shareholder."

"Maria Fernandes accompanied the Minister for Immigration, Liam Byrne, on a recent trade delegation to India and, on 30th January 2008, also chaired a public meeting which the Minister spoke at on the impact of proposed policy changes to visitors’ visas."

Mrs Fernandes is wife to the fragrant Keith Vaz. They really do keep the perks of high office in house, don't they.

Now the male of this duo is supporting our beloved Home Secretary's whiter than white £116, 000 home expenses scam. Keep troughing, just over a year to top up the petty cash, boys and girls.


  1. It is unbelievable, whilst most of us are in deep sh*t this lot party on.

  2. That's what they're doing, hoarding as much as they can, they know they're out soon... this won't be the last of it.. more to come, I'll bet!

  3. I'm surprised that people haven't started chucking shoes at these parasites - yet.