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Monday, 2 February 2009

Gordon and Mandy's vision!

Lord of Everything Mandleson tells the workers to f**k off to Roumania to work for £200.00 a week.

Meanwhile in the hallowed hall of the old Westminster Parliament, re-named Kremhouse Politburo Centre, laws and ever more draconian statutory instruments are made. Child redistribution from family to Gay couples. Equality for those selected by the state as equal. Special schools for children of the commissariat and their overseas storm trooper "protectors". Bankers and State Officials bonus and remuneration annual review packages increased, tax on ordinary sexual activity increased (that on Government preferred behavior scrapped). Tax on shoe leather and straw roof covering doubled. Provision for increased security barriers round state owned houses and palaces. Chief Lady Harperson of Manhater, in her 30th year of firm and unfair control of gender issues, calls for a cull of all males aged between 25 and 75 years of age. All under 15 years of age young boys are forced to attend the Mandleson correction facility for entrance correction and perception education of their sole purpose in life to serve their state masters.

All EU wide computer activity totally controlled by the State. Prohibitively expensive Internet provision reserved for selected persons only. An absolute devotion to the ageing leader paramount to have any access to the world wide, state controlled web. Money no longer exists. Food and water street deliveries are made by armoured vehicles of the State Securicorps Army.

The only financial transactions are made from state gold reserves plundered from the teeth of culled males. Many of the older victims having attempted to hide their remaining dregs of income in gold fillings in 2015.

As the Nation shivers in Fear and Cold Big Ben, old symbol of a once free Nation looks forlorn and puzzled.

Gordon Brown says The Government will do everything to get The Country moving as the Chinese Leader looks on and The World watches in disbelief. A World incredulous that a well forecasted blizzard from days previously hammers the UK. In a closed cabinet meeting the blizzard was hailed as a "Good day to bury bad news". They don't get many good days in Government!

Stop press!

Refinery workers rumoured to be cheap labour from outside The EU!!


  1. Waxing lyrical, aren't you?

    Trouble with this lot is that all their news is bad for the rest of us.