The despair Of The British nation.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

For the delightful Ms Carol!

I flew this in my distant past. Permission granted to use the pic!
Maybe, one day The PC brigade will wake up to the sheer ridiculous nonsense that is their unpleasant doctrine. People are people. Irrational hatred exists for all sorts of reasons. Look at Labour's venomous nastiness directed towards their opponents. Mrs Thatcher in particular. Ah ................, H'm.............I wonder.................?

Picture of my Daughter and her lovely family, if anybody interested.

Sadly, they have moved from Indonesia to Perth, Australia. Miss 'em lots.


  1. Have you seen mine

    How old is your dobie Mine forms the favicon on my blog She is 4 and half

  2. Exactly the same age! Checking your place as I type!

  3. Mine was born on June 6th 2004

    It took me two years to get my blog to the state it is in... You will get there too

  4. Thank you kind Sir and fellow Dobie fan! Ours was born May 24th 2004. Just a touche older. Have you clocked the plane?

  5. OMG!!! Don't you just love being a grandparent??? I have one grandaughter (named after me of course, Suzzi) and I was told yesterday that I am going to have another. I am SO EXCITED!!!

    The only thing I regret is living here, so I don't get to see my daughter and her husband often, but we CAM all the time and they visit frequently.

    I could just eat kids up...

  6. I have I like the plane I also love dobies since they are so loving and scare the shit out of everyone else

  7. As for the Chiftain, been re-registered to the Netherlands unfortunately. My company's looking for one, maybe I can persuade them to buy that and return the reg, just to stick one up to the taking-offense industry.

  8. Looking at the registration history, you didn't work for Martin Barnes did you?