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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Dear Prime Minister.................

I have had comments, Prime Minister, to re-write this letter, so I am seriously considering amendments, as suggested. The kindness of fellow bloggers in answering my request for additional material is such, that I shall shortly oblige and post a newly edited missive.

An Open Letter to The Prime Minister.

Dear Prime Minister,

On taking over as UK Prime Minister and succeeding Tony Blair, June 27 2007, you said;

"I will listen and I will learn. I will strive to meet people's aspirations. I want to lead a government humble enough to know its place - where I will always strive to be - and that is on people's side."
- Gordon Brown

When your Government came into Office in 1997, similar platitudes were given by your predecessor. They were just words. The reality quickly became cronyism, sleaze and greed surpassing anything ever heretofore experienced in British history.

Since you became PM it has continued. Your untruths are there for us all to see. No one foresaw the economic tsunami, you claimed. Then we recollected you said you had warned of poor regulation in the early nineties. It all began in America, you still say. Well our 2 trillion pounds of debt and your destruction of our pensions began in 1997.

You said, as did your predecessor, your Government would be “whiter than white”. Is it? You received rent from a property you own, incorrectly. You are a millionaire. From where has this wealth appeared? Why not donate much of it to charity?

Now you stand astride the wreckage of our Country. In hock to much of the world, indebted to levels of great fear and anxiety for most of us. Do you for one moment take responsibility? No!

Prime Minister, you are a dangerous and deluded, unpleasant man. Reviled by millions for the suffering, joblessness and loss of pensions, you alone have brought about. We, your people, are angry at you and your Government’s failure to protect us from globalised greed, corporate rape and the pillage of the world’s human resources.

We hate you for The Iraq war, mass immigration, rubbish services, unfair stealth taxation, globalised state misery and the new world order of misfits and arrogant, humourless, wicked ruling classes. We despise your spin and media manipulation and control through a combination of bribery and bullying. We are not impressed by Labour cronyism, or any other for that matter. We are not pleased with the ennoblement of crooks and shysters, failed, corrupt bureaucrats and banking bosses because you’re their best pal.

These are things we are aware of. What would we feel if we knew about the truth behind Iraq? Denied us just today by that joker of a Justice Secretary. Mr Brown, you will never read or see this letter. I hope and pray many others do.

Yours sincerely,

A hard working, disillusioned, pension raped citizen.


  1. Sad if that's the case, oldrightie, deserves better. Good you've dropped the verification. It's down everywhere. Spooky.

  2. I just wonder why you held back - you should tell it how it is. We have been f**ked up hill and down dale by that man and he still thinks he's the one to dig us out of his giant black hole. No way!

  3. Dear Mr Oldrightie,

    You're definitely on the right lines, but, do you know, I think Mr Foan has something. How about, just as a first draft you understand;

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Just fuck right off.

    Yours etc.

  4. Dear Mr Brown,

    Just fuck right off.

    Yours etc.

    I'll work on it right away and thank you!

  5. You didn't call him a cunt.

    Much obliged, dear Obbie but isn't that a given? I will do another revised version if I have a couple more requests and include more direct wording!

  6. Far too restrained and polite. Less diplomacy and stop giving him the benefit of any doubt. Good start though!

    The Penguin

  7. I did try to post yesterday but with the verification fiasco gave up..

    What I was going to suggest was a mass letter writing. I'm sure everyone would love to write a letter to Mr Brown. It would be great if we could get 1,000's of people to send him a few words, even if it's only "Please leave".

  8. Sue, I like your "please leave". Bit to polite for the other kind contributors. Please watch out for the re-write!

  9. What a wonderfully polite letter.

    You might like to mention "father's eyes, Gordon's, (yes YOU ya cunt) debt", and relate the fact that at least three generations to come have been rubber-dicked by the NewLabia shitheads.

  10. "You might like to mention "father's eyes, Gordon's, (yes YOU ya cunt) debt", and relate the fact that at least three generations to come have been rubber-dicked by the NewLabia shitheads"
    It is in hand and thank you very much.