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Thursday, 5 February 2009

Dear Editor,

Harriott is also a best-selling author!
Given this guest's claim to being an author I am surprised his knowledge of English is so poor. The dumbed down media culture continues to mess about with language and encourage a culture of spin and distortion. For example the lovely word "gay" has a meaning that belies it's heritage.
This morning I heard the most disgraceful stupidity from your guest. Riven with twisted ideas of perceived racism he declares that the term "half-caste" is racist and infers to "cast off".
I was amazed that this non-sensical statement went into the ether unchallenged. Perhaps to difficult for the old lefties to grasp.
Allow me to educate you and in particular your guest;

Half-Caste --- A person of mixed race.

My grandchildren are half-castes and I do not find the correct word(s) difficult to use. Mixed race, however begs the question "what is the mix"? Half-caste says "what it says on the tin".

Typical of modern day twaddle. So much for decades of Labour meddling with education, education, education.

How's Mr Wrights girlfriend? I wish her good health and a happy life.

Best regards,

Above is a copy of my email to "5" this morning. I am so sick of the "race" industry kicking off every minute of the bloody day. Just make public places no go areas for white people. Will that help the cause? I am not racist but RESENTIST of the s**t hole this country has become, mostly but not wholly down to Labourazi.


  1. I entirely agree with you. OR, we have arguments about my use of half-caste in this house. During the US elections I became so angry to hear the media constantly referring to him a black. He's NOT black, he's half white and half black.

    I am the product of Dundonian and Aberdonian parents and it would cause me no problem to be referred to as Dunaber or Aberdun.

    Your post pleases me so much I'm going to print it out and hand it to the person presently watching television. Thanks.

  2. The reason this is blown out of proportion is that it has become such an issue. I am sick and tired of it too. It's not just the race issue, it's now religion, sexual orientation, size of body, size of brain! Do people really have such a chip on their shoulders about everything?

    I really don't think they do. I know lots of different types of people. What and who they are just is not a subject for discussion.

    Can't we just bloody forget it and get on with life!

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    It was lovely to see your family, here's one of

    my Granddaughter Suzzi