Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Another Downfall part 2.

"I have been on the front pages and the headlines of the BBC every fuc**g day, 24 bloody 7, everywhere. I was even at my beloved Reichsstadt in Berlin last week-end. I sweated sodding blood for a CiF thesis on my greatness. I am as busy as a bee stung, hooning, bee. What do I get in return. I'll tell you what I get. Briefcases under the blasted, bloody table......................"

Balls glanced nervously toward his new best friend. All he could see was a tightly pursed mouth and the faintest sound of hissing circling the room.
Gordon shook with the frustration and petulance his nappy becried. Only three people were permitted an audience whilst he wore this garb. The dealer in cloth was presently unavailable due to a rather embarrassing public humiliation.
The quivering baby thumped the table, "I'll tell you what I get, harridans, like the witches out of bloody Shakespeare and bleary eyed fuc**ng dwarves, that's what I get."
The two men stifled a giggle.
"Laugh will you?" the great Man screamed, throwing himself to the ground . "I'll show you laugh," he rolled helplessly round the floor. The frothing, foaming mouth pouring spittle from the locked, slack jaw.
"Has he seen the comments on CiF, yet?" Asked the rotund, worried looking man. "Not yet." hissed the tall, effete angular and mean looking companion. "He has sent for the rocking horse, though."
"Guess it's time to leave, then." replied Tubby Ed.
His friend slithered towards the door.


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  3. I love the two monkeys, chap in the fur is cute as well!