The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 23 January 2009

The Nightmare continues...................

We will do everything we can to compound our mistakes!

That "if Labour won the election, it would not be a question of whether taxes went up, only which taxes went up.
"Capital gains tax on homes? -a devastating tax on home ownership. Or council tax? - now the stealthiest tax of all. Or National Insurance? - Labour's tax of choice.
"To fill the Chancellor's black hole, he would have to tax your income by an extra three pence in the pound. Three per cent on National Insurance.
"That's £1,000 a year more for a typical working couple. That's on top of the 66 tax rises we've already had from this Chancellor. That's the scale of tax rises that will come after the election if Labour wins."
He said that Labour had raised taxes without spending the money wisely. He complained about conditions getting worse in health, education and crime.
He criticised Labour over pensions, saying that the Budget would do nothing to restore confidence.
"So where's the money gone?" he asked. "It's gone on bureaucracy and red tape.
"Today, [Mr Brown] tells us he'll curb bureaucracy and red tape. But we've heard all this before. In 1998, he launched a Better Regulation Guide. In 1999, it was a Regulatory Reform Bill. By 2002, it had turned into a red tape check list. And all the while he was piling £40 billion of regulation on British business."
Mr Howard said that, since Mr Brown took office, Britain had fallen from fourth to 11th in the world competitiveness league. "Our trade has gone from a surplus to a record deficit. We've lost a million manufacturing jobs. Our productivity growth rate is down by a third.
"While other European countries are cutting taxes to improve their competitiveness, Britain's tax burden under Labour is set to be the highest for 25 years."
Michael Howard's budget response, 2005. Sadly few voters bothered listening.
Well, they're listening now!


  1. I thought Michael Howard looked a little lonely ont he back benches the other day - there was big Ken Clarke shaped hole on the seat next to him. I guess there's only so much room for big beasts on the front bench. Nice to meet you old rightie.

  2. Thank you, likewise, power to the people!