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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Never ending years of Labour sleaze, the phones are ringing!

Lord Truscott, who was Mr Wicks's predecessor as energy minister, told undercover reporters: "I had meetings with the bill team and the relevant minister and the head of policy at BERR... there was some debate about whether (smart meters) would be in (the bill) and there was certainly no Government commitment to when or over what period (they would be rolled out)."
Asked if he had managed to get the law changed to make sure smart meters were included, he said: "Yes, yes."

"see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

Straw in trouble for donations. Here we go AGAIN!

Visit , a breathtaking index of awfulness, immorality and corruption.

Will nothing rid us of these parasites?

When will it end? Surely before 2010?
A friend of the Justice Secretary and Blackburn MP, Jack Straw, Lord Taylor was a councilor in the Lancashire town for 22 years before he was made a life peer by James Callaghan in 1978.
A former Justice of the Peace in Blackburn, he has been a consultant for British Aerospace and currently lists five other consultancies including the credit information company Experian and the technology giant Lucent. He also has three non-executive directorships and is president of the Wren's Hotel group which runs a luxury spa hotel in Windsor.

Now discontent begins to bubble. Refineries to be followed by what, I wonder?


  1. Labour sleaze....Yeah rightie

    Derek Conway

    Giles Chichester paid £500,000 in allowances through family firm

    Den Dover authorising payments of £758,143 to his wife's profiteering service company

    Michael Ashcroft? where's the money

    When we tabled a bill in the House of Lords to make it illegal for anyone who are not tax residents in this country to take up their position in the second chamber the Conservatives backed off from it - why did they do that? Was it to protect Lord Ashcroft?

  2. I took the liberty of pasting the LabourList from the above link, dear fellow.

    It does amaze me in the midst of the current meltdown you people remain deluded and blind to reality. Not least your acceptance of being shafted by your upper echelon as they scoff their way through the trough!
    Lords-a-Leaping indeed.

  3. Typical Tory

    has to drop a load of spam..

    and hows does voting for Dave and his crew help the ordinary working family...Didn't we have Tory lords for the last thousand years stealing everything they could get their mitts on.

  4. Yup, that's me, typical Tory, born poor but did OK until Labour wrecked my pension SAVINGS!
    As for "the ordinary working family", seen the news lately?

  5. "Typical Tory

    has to drop a load of spam.."

    ? Do you speak English? Can anyone translate?

    "Didn't we have Tory lords for the last thousand years stealing everything they could get their mitts on."

    No. Not here in reality, anyway. I can't vouch for what the voices in your head are telling you...

  6. Old Righty, Can I help with anything?


    Sue :)

  7. I didn't see that post up there. We all know politics is in a bad way but Labour have been guilty of more lies and spin than any other party since the beginning of time!

    Lets just hope the Gorgon gets the message. After promising British Jobs for British People when he knew that was an impossibility because of EU tender laws, they'll have sussed him out...

    Labour Are Sad!

  8. Labour Are Sad! but dangerous!

  9. No, they're not dangerous. They are desperate which is different.

    I wish just as much as anyone else that their policies had worked but they haven't, no one wanted to be in this mess!