The despair Of The British nation.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Laurel and hardy of British Economics!

Brown to Darling,

" Any ideas, Alistair?"

Darling to Brown, looking away,

" You started this,cretin, what a bloody mess!"

A lot of support growing that this is just good money after bad and the "Gummint" have totally lost the plot.

"the Shadow Chancellor said that he didn't like what was happening but he saw no alternative".

Common sense says that "if in a hole stop digging".

Alternatives; let the toxic indebted banks go. £50K deposits underwritten, billionaire deposits, including many stupid and greedy bankers' deposits lost through their own actions. Outstanding mortgage book debt also reduced by direct taxpayers' money returned as debt reduction. Just re-instates mortgage tax relief! Oh! Stupid me, that would help THE PEOPLE, can’t have that, can we. What a vote winner. The windfall to the populace would also reduce their liabilities and improve every area of the economy.Again stupid idea if that helps the masses and not the privileged few. Come on, Conservatives, think outside The Establishment box.

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