The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Labour's Economic Policies Working Perfectly and to Plan?

Is this Brown's legacy to the British people, a scorched earth

Look at the extracts below, from Brown's 26 November 2007 speech to the CBI.

"But because of the tried and tested framework we now have in place - Bank of England independence, the Financial Services Authority, a new system for financial regulation - Britain has succeeded in delivering both low inflation and low interest rates and at the same time has had sufficient flexibility to adjust when events threaten our growth. "
"At the same time when we have had to deal with the fall out from global turbulence with events at Northern Rock, we have taken difficult decisions to steer a course of stability and protect the taxpayer which have led to today’s announcement by the company of a preferred bidder. "
"And I assure you that we will continue to take all necessary measures to ensure that in future we maintain our hard won stability. We will take no risks.
There will be no irresponsible relaxation of pay discipline, no unfunded spending commitments, no unaffordable promises and no short-term giveaways. By definition, responsible government demands that stability will be our first priority - yesterday, today and tomorrow."
"Our risk based approach to deregulation - outlined originally in the Hampton Report, now extends from the light touch of the Financial Services Authority right across to reducing inspections by local authorities. "
"To help British people win from globalisation, I have outlined a new framework for British business based on firm fundamentals - open markets, free trade and flexibility - and action plans for equipping us in infrastructure, science, education and employment that we can now progress
Working together we can prepare, equip, and make Britain ready for a stronger future.
And working together we can make Britain a model
- indeed a beacon - to the world for stability and progress."

These words show to me the incompetence of the man and Labour Government. Here "the Global" word is a positive, we will lead the way, a beacon of stability, light touch of the Financial Authority. Now "it's the global meltdown" causing our problems, "light regulation" he trumpeted just 14 months ago is a bad thing. Yet the very light regulation that made his new scapegoats able to destroy fine banks. His socialist driven dogma, that continues the destruction of pension funds, the one last little bit of wealth remaining, continues unabated, council tax levys to be based on socio/economic status and so on.

Basket case indeed.



  1. hi....i think i read u you used to post on guido as 'i hate labour?'

    well i must say that you have made an excellent web site......

    wish you should get millions of hits as we all hate these snivelling shitbags!!!!

  2. Spot on and thank you very much!!!!!