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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Gordon demonstrates his pleasure at the downturn!

"Although the PM was certainly very upset about the prospect of losing the Commons vote on Heathrow, it seems unlikely that he was actually in tears."
(Not bloody grinning though!)

Well, I don't give a toss if he did or didn't. If he did have a little weep, it was not for us. Like all bullies , when found out, they cry like a baby. Labour have bullied, nannied and controlled for a seemingly endless eleven years. It would also appear that Prescott's constituents around Hull and down in North Lincolnshire, are asking about Brown's "British jobs for British workers."
Whilst elsewhere in France, the riots have begun. All this at the beginning of the recessionary cycle. So much for European unity! Just hope that this scene doesn't come here, it might lose us the governance of Labour and Brown. H'm?

Commuters across France face transportation disruptions as government and transport workers stage walkouts in a major test for French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his government’s handling of the economic crisis.
Would this be the same bailout methods led by "Crash" Gordon?


  1. I hope the French unrest isn't repeated in the UK but I fear it might.

    The Winter of Discontent will be like a Sunday school tea party if it does. The extreme left (and) right have not raised their heads much lately - but the Gaza protests in London may have been the start. If it was then we should be very worried.

  2. If the British have any sense they will take to the streets of London in peaceful protest and get this sham of a government out.

    There needn't be riots, but I can see them coming if he either doesn't stand down soon or the economy suddenly perks up!

  3. Thank's for the input, seems today the unrest is spreading.