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Saturday, 24 January 2009

Campbell and Prescott hoping to go Fourth! Sunday update.

Now which of these people deserve our respect and gratitude for the brave new world of Labour blogging? Perhaps Alistair Campbell will treat us to the truth about Dr. Kelly? Or Two Jags let us know how it feels to be the world's worst anorexic?

Would it be the "dodgy" cut and paste dossier man?

Or the sadly missed, decent and truthful servant of the Crown?

Or maybe croquet playing, philanderer and failed anorexic?

All quite irrelevant as two of them join forces to set the blogosphere alight with LabourFourth. Whilst sidelining that other pillar of our society, Derek (Dolly) Draper these aforementioned motley pair are expecting Labour to go (come) 4th!!!

Cons. 65%
LibDem 15%
BNP 11%
Lab 8%
Well, I think that's what Prescott means.

The Sunday Times breaking story tipped by Iain Daley might feature big time on Labourlist(ing to port) or Labourcomefourth. Or there again neither there or The BBC (Pravda) news. Just imagine if it were Tory individuals, though.
Huge plug for Prescott's blogging talent on The Politics show, will they plug my Blog? No? Thought not!

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