The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Broken Society, Labour's other legacy.

The face of 11 years of Labours' Britain .

Why do Labour end up worse than when they started?

Things were bad enough before the recession, still no acknowledgement, was there.

"The prime minister[Brown], who was a surprise guest at the festival, told the audience there: "I don't think the British people have ever been broken by anything or anyone. "

Blair has rejected David Cameron's claims that the recent spate of teenage shootings in London were symptomatic of a "broken society" .
The Prime Minister (Tony Blair, 2007) dismissed a speech by the Conservative leader in which he called for fathers to be "compelled" to care for their families by tougher rules on maintenance payments.

Mr Cameron (2007) also said the three "horrific" killings in a fortnight represented a "broken society". He said: "We urgently need to reform the law, and the rules around child maintenance, to compel men to stand by their families."

A father was stabbed to death in front of his 3-year-old daughter on Thursday night as he went to visit his wife and newborn son in hospital.
Brown and his coterie of sycophants are eating many of their words, are these above digestible?

More than eleven years of this downward spiral.


  1. Broken society, broken economy, broken education system, broken government....

  2. You're absolutely right: and the situation has become so desperate that such dreadful, harrowing events are seen as par for the course, 'normal' and 'standard'... then explained away by some kind of behavioural determinism model and written off as an unfortunate legacy of the last opposition party's policy