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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Are you feeling the pinch?

Far from me to judge but..........................

Some are above we mere mortals, gladly not all! Just 209 in particular!

Here are job titles for family members employed by 209 MPs. 11 of these "honourable" employ more than one family member.

Office Managers/Executive Secretaries -£21,320 to £40,052
Senior Secretaries - £17,443 to £30,363
Junior Secretaries £14,212 to £25,195
Senior Caseworkers £17,443 to £29,716
Caseworkers £13,566 to £25,195
Senior Research/Parliamentary Assistants - £27,780 to £40,052
Research/Parliamentary Assistants - £14,212 to £34,240

You and I pay approximately £6,500,000 for these "jobs". Are they advertised, could some 220 of our unemployed receive this work and remuneration? If 220 people came off benefits to fill such posts, that's a further saving of around £1 million a year. Perhaps EU workers could apply. Might be cheaper to employ? Now this is before we consider The House of Lords.

Have a Nice Weekend!
"GENEVA/DAVOS, Switzerland (Reuters) - Hundreds of people rallied in Geneva and Davos Saturday to protest against the World Economic Forum, saying the elite gathered for it annual meeting are not qualified to fix the world's problems."
Seems these people are!


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