Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Of This And That.

For goodness sake. The battered and bruised media doomsayers are bereft. POTUS rightly tells the world and Grim Greta to get real. For some better science visit here. Check out the percentages of component gases of our atmosphere and see the scamming for what it is. Of course we have been treated for over three years to a diet of media diatribe over BREXIT. So where to go for more gloom is their problem.

Well, Harry and his Mrs are giving them an outlet. However they are struggling to move from the "golden couple" imagery to the now sulky, "it's too hard", whingeing of a spoilt and somewhat disappointing, mega rich, spoilt brats. So the climate, deep state rubbish is to the fore again. Went so quiet for a time. Then a further whitewash was engineered. As so often is the case. That can keep for now.

So the hint of it all being our fault, or down to brexit is a mighty struggle for the likes of SKY and the BBC morons. Bar a quick smirk at the remainer Lords, privileged hypocrites, now sucking undeservedly at the teet  next door to the now devastated and better for it neigbours in the Commons, voting against the WA put before the House of Minions Lords. That was a bitter pill to swallow for our idiot media. Bitter for the now unimportant and meaningless fact that their power, like the mass exodus of traitors from the Commons, has gone back into then hands of a powerful, Government majority.

So all I have left to say in this post is be happy, optimistic and dismissive of the hugely discredited scum we have been forced to endure for decades. Today we are now told we are likely to trounce the EUSSR economically in the next two years. If that then continues until 2025, we could be in a place I will feel pleased to see handed on as I approach my own mortality! If nought else I will have witnessed a quiet, democratically balloted result I thought the human race was done with. 

Tuesday, 14 January 2020


After A Very Excellent Start To 2020.

The arrogant murder of several people in Iraq, by the USA, I found abhorrent. Little mention of those alongside their main target, was there? Then there was the ensuing horror of the U and sadly back at the new krainian B737-800. That it was a Ukrainian aircraft I find very iffy indeed. All this notwithstanding and the ongoing horror of Yemen, I am still revelling in the UK's leaving of the EUSSR.

The PM's rare appearances are a tonic. As with this morning's BBC interview by some streak of smug, vain and rather full of himself bloke who's name escapes me. Dirty, scruffy shoes and finger pointing rudeness notwithstanding, boy was he out of his depth. Thereafter followed Pinar's take on the session.

Another sore, sourpuss of a remainer, Pinar. Desperate to criticise, miffed to Hades and sadly back, the fatty baldy had little to offer. Nought but another puffed up, sore loser windbag. Quite delicious. So different from all of 2019 and our treacherous MPs right up until, to quote Marl Francois, "what don't they understand about being slaughtered"!

Then we have the, apparently, last EU Parliament of lickspittles that is to include the UK troughers. Those moaning at the departure all remainer types, years at the tax payers' teet of course. What a display of petulance by the remain contingent and how marvellous the celebratory  joy of the Brexit Party and staunch standard bearers of freedom.

Add to the mix the dire doom laden spouting that our departure WA requires the EU Parliament's rubber stamp and that it's not a given. Forgive my ignorance. If they turn it down cannot we then say, "OK, we'll tear it up, keep our 39 BILLION quid and just leave"? I suspect the EUSSR still don't realise they have lost a member State, via a democratic, huge majority they, after 3 and a half years of effort, failed to stop.

Part of my joy is watching they, for a change, coming to London to plead their lost cause. Not May constantly traipsing to the Continent with her tail between her legs. The pleasure at the ongoing, empty threats they can no longer implement. The tired old bullying that is now made from an empty playground to a deserted audience and a long gone victim. Am I being to soon in relishing the future?

Maybe I am. Things may get tough but it will be for us to determine, not the crazies from Berlin and Brussels. Worth all that may ensue so long as we stay a sovereign, free Country. We have won a decisive, years in combat battle. Now to win the war still not settled totally. We are, however very, very close.

The 31st of January, 2300, GMT should see the war come to an end. As for the new relationship and trade discussions. I suspect the ability and FREEDOM to walk away under Article 50 treaty rules, at the end of 2020 will be, as it always should have been, a whip hand! 

My only remaining wish is that our celebrations, in two weeks time, should feature Gina Miller feted as one of the people who made us so angry and determined to fight for democracy. She, Soubry, Grieve, Barnier, Swinson, Verhofstadt et al should be carried aloft by a clamouring, grateful crowd showing deep gratitude for their leave, inspiration degree of spite, that so motivated us to victory!

God bless the British sense of fair play and democracy.

Friday, 3 January 2020

Deep State Out Of Control.

Trump Signed Up To The "Firm" It Seems.


It appears that the West's deep state has lost any sense of intelligence and abandoned all reason. Whatever the secret facts behind the death of Qasam Soleimani I see nothing more than an act of murder excused by a sense of righteousness totally contrary to the killing and the manner of it. Is it to blood Trump as a new initiate to the deep state ranks? Some kind of special test before he gets honorary status?

Who knows. For sure Yemen was a consolation prize for the Saudi's failings in Syria. As for Iraq, Iran, Libya and indeed Afghanistan, the West's meddling greed has got the world little more than hatred, war and terror. As ever, the rich and powerful will profit, at the expense of millions slaughtered, to fund the gross depravity that stalks the rich and powerful.

How dreadful to hear the UK's Raab praising the cold blooded murder of others even if deserving of such a fate, whilst happily turning a blind eye to the horrors on our own streets fuelled by such atrocities we commit. That and our ridiculous welcome of thousands of people who wish us, seemingly with some cause, harm and vengeance.

As for our, or rather "their" tame media. As complicit in all the evil done in our names. Their pathetic climate change mantras as pathetic as was their Brexit fake news and support for the remoaners. What an awful society we in the West have become. Destroyers of worlds begun with the Middle East. A cauldron of deception, lies and treachery exploited with relish by the gangsters and arms dealers across all sectors. 

Shame on the lot of them.