The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 16 August 2019

Granddad, Heir To Pol.

You Must Be Kidding?

There is a saying "you can judge a man by the company he keeps". So you need little time to suss out this fraud. Anyone across the planet he considers is prepared to subjugate all and sundry, in the name of an unnatural understanding of human nature, is his pal. I'm only surprised pics of him with Pol Pot have never surfaced!

I have said many times on this blog, check out those who do most for charitable causes and for others and you'll find they are not the leftard, revolutionary, deluded dupes of socialism and communism. Fine but flawed and proven useless, ideals that have never been found fit for purpose and impoverish all but the power crazed leaders who pursue these endeavours.

So this latest "get brexit" wheeze by this old fart and failed human being is beyond parody. Except for one other matter. The likes of that now proven plotter and anti "the people" Hammond. Bosom friends, no doubt, with  Dom Grieve. As well as being the head puppeteer for the Maybot's treacherous dance moves.

To witness true social democrats like Frank Field and Kate Hoey, prepared to support the referendum result, set alongside, for comparison, the wreckers in Parliament, is a sorry sight as to the paucity of decency boasted and puff chested by Bercow, Suede Shoe Clarke et al. 

Don't even get me started on that other poison dwarf, Letwin. People who have infected and diseased our Nation for decades. A stench ridden and ever deeper swamp of self interested greed. No wonder they're scared of brexit per se. If we also add the Kinnock faction of millionaires, awash with pension income of huge amounts, from their forelock tugging obsequience to Berlin-a-Brussels, you begin to understand the reasons behind the anti democracy movement of grasping dullards.

How ironic they may be prepared to support Granddad Grizzle Beard. A, supposedly, socialist, yet another one very well britched from tax paid largess. He may be an unkempt, to lazy to smarten up, moron but he sure as hell is no pauper.

So the wrangling, deceit, conspiracies to defraud the public and the nastiness carries on. We can but hope and so far so good, Bojo's sheer force of character will shame and belittle these swamp dwellers. After all he did a cracking job, eventually, on the "Abba" song woman. Let us pray that her crocodile tears at loss of face and position, will be floods elsewhere.

Naturally, if Bojo, as suggested to date, might seek to resurrect the Maybot's "deal", in a glossy magazine format. Thus hiding the ghastly treaties enshrined, then the BP may well do to Bojo that which he is trying to do to the Hammond Swamp of Horrors and Granddad's Platoon!

Monday, 12 August 2019

The Deep State Marginally Exposed

Not Very Pleasant.

before I continue with this somewhat personal and close to home post I would like to make something very clear. I lost a daughter to the manipulative and abusive kind of male. By lost I mean she died a lonely and so terribly sad and abused young woman. Mr Roger Vernon Ball, a retired TUI Airline Captain and subsequently my ex wife's second husband was the gentleman in question. A clone like figure of the likes of Epstein.

So to Epstein. This CNN link Do whatever it takes summary tells us something of his murder assumed suicide and other reports tell of how desperately overworked the foot soldier prison guards were. No doubt went off for a slap up meal and a well earned 40 winks. Likely richer than before the meal partaken.

My gut feeling is this whole murky arrest, albeit justified on many counts, was yet another move to hopefully "get Trump". Trouble is he was just another rich man interested in like minded billionaire. A passing acquaintance, little more. However this sudden incarceration may yet backfire on others not expected to hit the headlines. Front pages of the murky spread of the debauchery and sick behaviour of those for whom vast wealth and connections are all that matters.

Bonking Bill Clinton a very likely, one could say, teacher of alternative uses for a Havana, featuring young women if not girls. However one looks at that guy, his supposedly squeaky clean character, when compared to The Donald, a joke with zero humour.

It is a sad fact in life and the present state of Western decaying civilisation. For the rich and powerful, other human beings are but products to be bartered and abused. Few of us escape completely their clutches and manipulation. These people and their wannabee types running civil service and political entities are for certain either emulates of hopefuls for sharing some of their masters sleaze and wealth.

Often we fund much of their privileges evil through our taxes. Possibly even via the royal purse. Who knows but the fallout from Epstein's history and lifestyle has much still to be revealed. At least one hopes. They are so sickeningly cunning and devious. You'll not learn anything from the Roger Vernon types via social media you can be certain. You just need to pray they never forget how deeply unpleasant and vile as people they are. Pariahs to a man and sometimes their female facilitators, connections and family. Ghislaine Maxwell? You have to wonder. I think she's hovering in the background of the Andy picture above!

Addendum: Hmmmmmmmmm...... 27 people, dear God in Heaven. How deep do they stoop?

Friday, 9 August 2019

Distracted Recently.

Neighbour Dispute Issues.

Not directly mine but close family stuff. So hence a degree of absence. Still, such is life and we just plough on and do what we can.

Just now politics are a welcome distraction, would you believe. Of course we obsessives are a minority and most folk go about their lives with far less interest in the powers that be and their rule over us. However instinct for self preservation often surfaces unexpectedly at the non rigged ballot boxes.

The 2016 referendum and Trump's victory then Maybot's idiotic snaring in 2017 proof of that instinct, I suggest. Now this emotion or "sixth sense" may well be getting behind Boris. That insomuch as the remain despotic desperadoes are in full project fear mode, snide Maitlis interview are claws out, aged legs akimbo and their false tan looking well false. 

Bunter Boulton's lot are in full "get some serious sounding remain clown from yesterday's folk like Rifkind" to spout clap trap about Parliamentary  democracy when it has patently shown to be out for itself and screw the referendum result until doomsday! Wall to wall. 24/7. Night and day if it's not Brexit it's Trump.

A constant litany of depressing spite, bile and sore loser bullying ess aitch one tee. Well look you here. A smiling, cheerful and breath of fresh air PM pops up. If nothing else he's hands down more appealing to watch than anything out of the remain camp's losers and their fellow tossers from the EUSSR. 

The apoplexy when Cummings pointed out that it's perfectly legal and within a PM's gift to lose a vote of no confidence and take 14 days to mull it over. Then as the PM choose a GE date as they see fit. So a WTO as enshrined in the international treaty law that is Article 50 is perfectly possible, lawful and provided for in that treaty.

As with our dispute with neighbours. Confrontation becomes inevitable. The fall out less so other than to say one side generally faces losing the arguments and end up with a huge bill. Right now I reckon the biggest hit will be for the EUSSR and remain folk. Why? That instinctive and strangely, usually spot on when people are allowed a say. As we did in 2016.