The despair Of The British nation.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Popcorn Sales Through The Roof.

The Humourous Idiocy Of The Establishment And Its Propaganda Arm.

This clip sums up how many if not all leave the EUSSR yolk folk might feel this morning. Sure we are still shackled, pay out and all, to this dinosaur of a political globalist construct. Yet surely we can laugh at a lot of it from time to time.

Many of the laughs are to be had watching the media fools and their now full on bias and thirteen pieces of silver scattered at their clumsy feet. Sky in particular. Their people panels always stuffed with majority remain fools. One case was a youthful university lecturer, probably expected to be an extreme remainer and influencer of young, gullible minds. A staunch leaver and "no deal afficianado"! Then Andrew Neil, one remainer and then non attributed rest. Ergo, also "remainers"

We have circa well over 100 leave supporting and honest MPs. 17,410,742 leave votes yet 24/7 coverage, panels, interviews and so on are all remain biased. One pillock said this morning "find me one business person wanting or supporting "leave". 

Well JCB's Lord Bamford kicks us off. Witherspoon and Dyson follow suit, just off the top of my head. Pauses to watch the and shate the Minions chuckles. This just a small example of project fear. Or as I see it project fearful for self propaganda. I wonder how many "jobs" in Europe have been promised to date to gain this swell of endless bias?

The filth now attempting to fix the Parliamentary remain majority and urinate all over the UK's democracy and referendum result is a mirror of how the EUSSR unelected bunch of expensive drunks and crooks, steeped in untouchable corruption, is also of Minion mirth. Except it is capable of ruining our Nation and its historic success of the past. The sacrifices to keep Europe free ignored and spat on by the German led anti UK cabals.

As for May. Gross and despicable. Too concerned with a Place in history. Just like Bliar. Both supported by spouses rolling in the reflected billions their associations garner. Again, just like the EUSSR's current and retired commissars. This is but one individual we are gifting many millions. Take the hidden but similar retirees' payments, Juncker soon to join them, then the millions of millions we have to find for these fat cat destroyers of Nations is horrendous.

I suspect Mr Woody Mays' peerage will go nicely with the kind of payouts he and Mrs Dismay will look forward to. For these people abject and destructive failure is rewarded very handsomely and is an indication as to why she is clinging to a tattered, yellow life vest not dissimilar to the gilet jaunes worn across France.

Let us look at her betrayal. Crowned without any contest as PM. She immediately went into a three year delay tactic with a Micawber snort of "something turning up" to help her keep us shackled to that criminal gang in Berlin Brussels. As for the yacking today. Ridiculous. She should go, for God's sake go and let us have a Brexit PM and Cabinet.

With the vote from last evening, the tricks and sabotage planned by the ghastly, smug MPs to stop Brexit, only a strong, committed Government, solely bent on fulfilling the referendum result on the 29th of March is the only decent way forward. A second referendum, extension of Article 50 or remain, via borderline, criminal, Parliamentary, Bercow led, shenanigans are all disgraceful discussions, plots and treasonable sh*t.

That this did not happen in 2016 after the referendum, was pathetic even if deliberate. We are in the present mess because democracy was binned the very day after the vote. The identical mass remain hysteria we see now is just an endless carrying on from the referendum campaign itself. project fear.

After today, if May stays with her ugly arse glued to her Number Ten chair project fear and project f*ck leaving and remain, army of zombies and self interested Establishment gangsters will triumph because she will let them to finish her bank account stuffing for Hubby.

It's only a crisis because of undemocratic forces and their powerful nastiness. Leave on the 29th with no deal. Then get a bloody deal and keep the billions of bribe pounds for the United Kingdom.


Tuesday, 15 January 2019


The Present Parliament Couldn't Manage A Piss Up In A Brewery.

I have no idea why or where from this unnecessarily delayed, procrastinated vote became known as meaningful. Given our Parliament now answers, in the main, to a globalist and EUSSR run subservience, all of the Brexit business, in both Houses, are prededicated to stopping the UK becoming its own sovereign State again.

Why must lie in the "meaningful", evidenced state of a Western based, post WW2 belief that power globally and a subservient, loyalty deprived, non National or tribal allegiance based, natural human leaning, must go hand in hand. The one irony I see is the belief that to crush the more independent but no longer well educated West's seed corn, the use of Islamic mass migration and disruption, allied to terrorist brutality and fear, is a useful instrument.

The idea that a massive clash of cultures, the misogyny and evil practiced by one side can become victorious against generations and centuries of civilised, evolved populations and societies is looking a bit skewed. However, like the ailing and declining EUSSR, the facts surrounding this globalist ambition are looking less and less desirable. Even for the very global, corporate and banking cabals running this gross ambition for power and riches to be in the hands of so few.

So in the light of the foregoing, the protests in France, the decay throughout Europe itself, the AfD rise in Germany and the Polish/Italian alliances to the right look inevitably to gain evermore traction. That the freedoms gained with the overthrow of the Nazi occupations and then the Soviet collapse were so precious to many victims of both, should tell the fools in the globalist "elite" circles that their desired dominance is not likely to survive either.

Now that likely future scenario, no matter the timescale, is probably inevitable. This consideration of yet another Empire going the way of history and the spin offs such as the EU cretinous creation is what I would regard as meaningful. If, therefore this "remain" Parliament were to fail to stop a genuine, clean, basically eff off, break from the clutches of the likes of that drunken fool Juncker and his very unpleasant successor, Martin Selmayr once more this would be "meaningful".

What is not meaningful is Parliament's desire to hand us over to a German heavily in the mold cast from the past. If you think not, ask yourself who's advising Macron on his heavy handed, Gestapo like crackdown on his people? Why do they want a European Army? What's the possibility of truth in these suggestions? How come Macron is using helicopter forces to attack protesters? Somebody is pulling some fearful and nasty strings. That's meaningful.

However none of this violent suppression will feature in the Brexit debate, will it? Does it? So where's the meaningful aspects of this vote when so much goes unsaid? Indeed if we look again at private, citizen footage of the crackdown in France and now, once more Greece, which is ignored in the Brexit project fear from "remainers", when staying in the EUSSR is far more scary. Whatever the outcome of this wretched business, if we do not leave as voted for, our only protest left will face the same violence now spreading across Europe. Again, that's "meaningful" but not even mentioned.


Saturday, 12 January 2019

Will Or Can Anyone Save The UK?

Probably Not Over The Next 50 years.

The shameful behaviour and collusion of Bercow with our turkeys voting for Christmas as my picture indicates, is an enormous and despicable hypocrisy. By invoking the break with precedent and tradition, he swept away all vestiges of representation of the electorate by MPs. Not only that he pretty well trashed our unwritten constitution based of such precedents and showed the ignorant hypocrite for the ignorant moron he is.

A wife watcher and self endorsed cuckold he is, what should we expect of such a little man promoted, as are most MPs, way above any honour, intellect or ability their positions once demanded. It began with Bliar, of course. Progressive meant change for changes sake, illegal wars and the nightmare of mass immigration.

That has now morphed into a fascist dictatorship, led by the nose from Brussels, that seeks, as has now happened, with villifying all opposition as far right and to be stamped on with a ferocity last seen in 1930s Germany but now beginning to surface across the EUSSR. Greece was the fist big casualty.

Now Macron is following suit as is our UK Parliament. Attack a new, common sense Party, was a blatant first big step. Now the Soubry, hinted at  as a stage managed, deliberate set up but whatever, polite heckling at worst, has turned into a nasty and scary attack by the Establishment against a "far right" individual. 

The police are now little more than Establishment enforcers for the time being. Once the EUSSR has us firmly under their thumb, they will be usurped in favour of  Islamic staffed, Europe wide and brutal, storm trooper battalions. Their brief will be no arrests, just incapacitate chosen targets physically. If you think that's rubbish, it's already happening.

This clip shows old women, and men together with a violence unnecessary and though horrific, it's just the beginning. In the UK our Parliament, staffed by manifesto liars, cheats and very unpleasant remain aficionados, for now, are embracing their control over the police hierarchies to direct more obscure but still borderline aggressive tactics. Just until they've secured the full subjugation to the unelected commissars from Berlin led Brussels. Once we are subdued fully, then the violence will escalate unchallenged.

Though protest is almost tolerated, for sure from the leftard side they too will fall foul of the future dictatorship. One fully in thrall to the billionaire globalists against any hint of democratic stirring. The Brits need, as they did in WW2, bury class ridden nonsense and unite without ideology and stupid, whipped up antagonism to faux class differences. We need a proper democracy. Like the one which seemed to have worked in 2016. Only to be ground down with the use of old differences of left and right stoked up for the remain cause.

Just ask yourself, when did you ever hear of a hard left extremism? Since when did the Orwellian change of language to new-speak happen? Such as Nationalism becoming xenophobic? Democracy become populism. These are just tiny clues as to the horrors building. The UK can survive but we'll need that 29th of March too be a clean, total leaving of all things Nazi EU. We were lied to and duped, led by the nose back in the Heath deceit. 

Are we so emasculated as to let it happen all over again. The big money suggests we are. That same betting also said remain would win in 2016. However I doubt the nastiness of our Establishment will permit that to happen again. Especially with the treacherous likes of May and hundreds of others privy to so much we shall never be allowed to know.