The despair Of The British nation.

Monday, 11 November 2019

This Is Not An Election.

Despite The False Manifesto Garbage.

This one is presently peddling a crap, regurgitated vomit ridden May treacherous treaty. Many sheeples will be fooled. Indeed are being. As for the rest, well, Liebour are spinning round in circles. One says we are a remain party, then their Grandpa says well we aren't really. The LibDums are claiming they are now a "bollocks to brexit" Party as if they were not always so. many will vote for the subjugation and enslavement they seek.

As for "bollocks to brexit" that is, in essence, "bollocks to a democratic 17.4 million voters". A rare truth in an ocean of lies. Sad fact is these same, timeworn pretend election campaigns are just decades of same old, same old, rubbish. So boring millions are turning off until the 12th of December.

As am I. This is and should have been, all about leaving the EU's clutches and saving billions and billions of our tax revenues for the UK. Ergo, as in 2017, all about brexit. Even so, the parties and their media hacks are once more attempting to divert the referendum matter as a stigma and unpalatable issue they all wish to lose.

Only the Brexit Party is hovering, thank God. Their warnings and the truth, of the dire consequences awaiting another remain parliament pretending to be leave, during this latest referendum election are warnings some, if not many may well heed. The alarm in the the Torygraph and other places, at this unwanted Party;s present points at a potential success they fear.

The palpable sense of concern from the Establishment is the only bit of fun to be had. The possibility of yet many more years under the EU yolk is scary. There is out there nothing bar the Brexit Party, to prevent another stale acceptance of a hung parliament that they vote for a deal that traps us ito a servitude like never in History known before.

The consequences of that likely outcome, sadly, will be slow but inevitable decline and eventual destruction of the United Kingdom. Broken into pieces to be dominated by the faceless deep state that is this EUSSR construct. A true and reincarnated Soviet Union of the West. All the horrors of that regime repeated ad nauseum, in our own subjugated and oppressed Nations. 

Unless this and sadly unlikely, ballot in December saves us. A victory against the all powerful deep state as we experienced but briefly in 2016's ballot. Only for it to be betrayed. We shall see. I'm not, I'm afraid hopeful.

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

The new Speaker.

Let's Hope He's Not Nobbled.

On the few occasions this man was permitted to preside over minor, rarely televised sittings, he was a refreshing, modest, firm and fair beacon of hope compared to the poisonous little cuckold of a chap. His name soon to be hopefully forgotten.

Some of the contenders were gross, for the post. Harridan Harriet for one. Plus "underpants Bryant. neither exactly wholesome folk for the post. My only surprise was Keith Vaz wasn't on the list. No doubt that sickening purveyor of narcotics and supplier par excellence will be back, however. Knows too much I suspect of fellow players in his preferred play time get togethers.

Now if The Right Honourable Speaker Hoyle gets to referee a truly brexit majority, TBP represented good number of members, my life and concerns as to our subjugation would be alleviated. Of this I'm sure. Unless TBP do do very, very well, we shall have a hung Parliament with just a few deck chairs in different places. The ship of state will still sink further into the swamp.

As for the electioneering. Note the deep state media easing their efforts the LibDum way. That will be until they begin to see the Con Merchants of the now diminished morality of the once great Tory traditions. I just have no interest other than the hope TBP do come through strongly. The rest are chancers, overpaid ans expense fiddling multi millionaires. 

Swinson head and shoulders above the money grubbing bunch, with Hubby a fully paid up earner at the tax payer's bruised teet, dangled by the EUSSR. Labour well populated via the Kinnock, Mandleson and Bliar ilk. Corbyn just another in decades of socialist hypocrites and betrayers.

Still, as I began, so I'll close. It's not all bad. look how the new Speaker might have addressed Parliament.

Saturday, 2 November 2019

A Look At Plus A Link TO Bojo's Sell Out.

Let There Be No Doubt How Bad This Is.

Firstly here is a link to the document in question. In all 537 pages. You don't have to read far. Page 4 gives our first clue as to the control we remain under for an indeterminate age. Transition the euphemism for trapped, I suggest.

"CONSIDERING that it is in the interest of both the Union and the United Kingdom to determine a transition or implementation period during which – notwithstanding all consequences of the United Kingdom's withdrawal from the Union as regards the United Kingdom's participation in the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union, in particular the end, on the date of entry into force of this Agreement, of the mandates of all members of institutions, bodies and agencies of the Union nominated, appointed or elected in relation to the United Kingdom's membership of the Union – Union law, including international agreements, should be applicable to and in the United Kingdom, and, as a general rule, with the same effect as regards the Member States, in order to avoid disruption in the period during which the agreement(s) on the future relationship will be negotiated, RECOGNISING that, even if Union law will be applicable to and in the United Kingdom during the transition period, the specificities of the United Kingdom as a State having withdrawn from the Union mean that it will be important for the United Kingdom to be able to take steps to prepare and establish new international arrangements of its own, including in areas of Union exclusive competence, provided such agreements do not enter into force or apply during that period, unless so authorised by the Union"

So how long will said "transition" be? Remember remainers are already saying the next set of trade discussions will, not might, will take years. Plus why would anyone enter into trade deals when their implementation date is unknown. What a joke and we're only on page four!

Continuing down the document there are constant mentions of any matters underway in relation to Union legal membership and not finalised, as and when or if the transition period ends, they remain under Union control. For example if a procurement exercise is underway for a public purchase, then the Union bidders remain in the frame. Just a flavour of the degree to which, even after a lengthy transition period, much will be still under EU influence and law.

Article 86, Judicial matters, is as above. Anything outstanding during transition stays under EU judiciary post transition. So endless legal cases can last forever! As for Article 92, administrative procedures, that looks potentially a very deep trap indeed. 93 appears to give the EU influence over any state aid the UK might consider in the future. Thus denying the UK freedom it has never had for over the 40 odd years of subjugation.

Article 95 is gross. Binding Force and enforceability of decisions. How is this leaving? Article 107 appears to guarantee the likes of the Kinnocks' pensions to remain tax free! So their elite stay aloof and free of UK tax. How's that possible or right for socialists? Article 126 states the transition period to end on 31/12/2020. No doubt extension periods will kick in as they have for Article 50 WTO rules.

Article 128 is the one in which we get to obey all new law introduced by the EU but with zero vote or influence. How dreadful is that. We are risking draconian, binding EU diktat and helpless to do anything but genuflect and obey. You can imagine how we'll be filleted there, can you not?

"Article 129. 3. In accordance with the principle of sincere cooperation, the United Kingdom shall refrain, during the transition period, from any action or initiative which is likely to be prejudicial to the Union's interests, in particular in the framework of any international organisation, agency, conference or forum of which the United Kingdom is a party in its own right." Fishing and agriculture springs to mind here.

Moving on to Article 138. Seems an open cheque for the EU here. Article 140 then goes on to say we get an invoice from them forever more, annually! FFS! As for Article 150. We become liable for future support of the EIB's solvency. How much is this to cost, I wonder?

On and on this "agreement" runs. Constantly showing our obligations way beyond 2020. It is a dreadful handicap to every part of our Nation. Freedom my backside. It really is an expensive and degrading position we shall be forced into.

Well, I'm losing the will to live as I scan through the rest of this mumbo jumbo. Of this I'm certain. The whole document is farcical, bureaucratic and typical misdirection. Nothing within the 537 pages is in anyway uplifting or edifying. Agreements based on EU law, endless committees. ECJ oversight and a legal nightmare for generations to come. One this it is not, is leaving the EUSSR.

Check it out. It's a meaningless, deliberate smokescreen and must be dumped asap. WTO is the way forward, not this punishing, dictatorial surrender to a Gestapo of bureaucrats. One with hidden dangers to be encountered when too late to avert.