The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Last Time We Said No Deal.

We Were Exhausted But Undefeated, Then, Too.

Then a battle for a better world free from tyranny. Just as now, is it not? The battle then was won when we stopped appeasing, led by a new Prime Minister!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Couldn't Put It Better.

Thank You Dioclese.

So – “B Day” it is then. The day has arrived for our esteemed PM to deliver her vision of Brexit – a vision that entails complete capitulation to the Fourth Reich. The word ‘treason’ comes to mind.
There was never going to be a deal. There was never going to be a ‘difficult woman’ facing up to Brussels. The only ‘difficult woman’ there appears to have been is one who is facing up to her electorate and her cabinet. Her approach has been appalling throughout these sham negotiations.
Concession after concession after concession has been made. She’s prepared to give the EU £39 billion of the taxpayers money (Yes, it’s your money. The Government has no money of its own!) in exchange for what? In exchange for staying in a customs union that we voted to leave, in exchange for rules being forced upon us that we have no say in negotiating, for being prevented from making free trade deals with America, India, China, Australia, New Zealand and Japan who are all waiting to sign up.
She’s giving away our fishing rights, the supremacy of our courts, the right to define our own borders. In exchange for what? A document that defines what a future EU/UK trade deal MIGHT look like. MIGHT FFS! Not WILL!!
If we are able to produce a trade deal prospectus then I suggest that we get the deal signed before forking our our hard earned taxes to an unelected anti democratic hegemony.
One hundred years ago, millions died fighting for democracy. 80 years ago millions more died fighting the Third Reich. If this deal is forced through today, then I sincerely hope that those millions of lost souls will rise up and haunt the bastards that are selling this great country down the river because they will have died for nothing.
I sincerely hope that this fudge fails to get cabinet approval because no self respecting person who cares about his or her country could ever look themselves in the face if they sign up for this travesty of democracy. Let the resignations ring. Get those letters into the 1922 committee. Give us a leader who will stand up for this country, it’s people and democracy because that leader is not Theresa May!
Yes it’s B Day. It’s an apt description because Bidets are full of shit…

This Backstop Smokescreen.

We Need A Buck-stop Not A Backstop.

This woman is ghastly. Obsessively in the pocket of the Civil Service's, Brussels slavish, Mandarins. There is no deal. it's an EUSSR diktat designed to keep us in a pen until their plans for a second referendum, with EU UK residents allowed a say. Just to guarantee the result the next time round.

May knows exactly what is happening. As I write she's spouting "We'll deliver Brexit" knowing full well this is an outright lie. Never have I witnessed and heard such foul and duplicitous language from any Prime Minister. Almost worse than Gordon Brown instructing the Police across the UK turn a blind eye to grooming gangs.

Rape and child abuse across Europe now part of the EUSSR subjugation policies. Something else May must know. Ergo complicit in the terrible society looming ever larger and unavoidable. Theresa May already is the worst Prime Minister in history. Possibly set to be the worst in whatever future awaits us.