The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Climate Change.

A Break From Brexit.

We are experiencing a welcome, warm spell just now, this late September. More enjoyable with Parliament not sitting and spoiling our lives! That notwithstanding the climate change, "it's all someone else's fault, not ours", pundits and "experts" are rampant yet again. Note few bother to curtail, especially media morons, their travels and jump on a jet with the merest of excuses.

What is and I've always been fascinated by, is the colossal amount of real data, science and questioning of assumed and headline screeching, manic scaremongering that has been resurrected. Not least the salivating over the Greta Thunberg child. I wonder how her disrupted schooling and brief exposure to worldwide adulation will affect her future? History does not bode well in such cases.

As for the counter arguments and lack of genuine fact surrounding CO2 claims by the know all crowds, the reality of the counter arguments and debate is ignored as wholly as that of the benefits of brexit versus the horrors of remaining in the EUSSR. For the more lurid nonsensical claims by the bandwagon riders of paid opinion, we need but one source to consider for ourselves the weakness of the hyped and poor arguments of the global warming dubious claims.

My still well loved old favourite. For well over many years, indeed a decade plus, that "blog" has and remains a beacon of sensible, proper scientific argument. Without the wealth generating hysteria postured by UN linked and or political participants in the scamming and duping of the masses. Activity aimed at furnishing the Planet with an unnecessary further dogma that costs and will, for generations to come, billions of dollars of losses to the majority of the poor and the oppressed.

I'll close with just one link from ICECAP. Just one year since. We all must surely remember the incredible news coverage of this speech. The days of debate which followed and the publicity rivalling that of the young child still hogging the headlines with self righteous, holier than thou MSM and political spectrum. 

Of course we don't remember because any uncomfortable and critical analysis of the powers that be, Common Purpose, deep state bossing, vilifying and misery creating narratives are not permitted the light of day. As bad as to permit any wealth generating savings schemes and interest rates worthy of the name, for savers. The modern, global cult of misery, which pays for the few, at the expense of the rest shall not be gainsaid. 

I'll close with this. Climate has never been a constant. Like weather, always unpredictable and changing, often unexpectedly. The sun and air temperature the one area with the greatest influence. Humans are just not that important, when set against our time and presence on Earth. We can be certain, long after Greta's name is forgotten, climate change will be present. A fair few million years yet, of course!

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Missed This Out Of His Memoir Novel, I Bet.

A Typical EUSSR Attitude To Truth.

Not allowed to embed this. I wonder why?

Well done Twitter for digging it out. A pure example of the bare faced mendacity of his ilk and the EUSSR's ability to lie whilst appearing so open and transparent. What a very deceitful and practiced confidence trickster. Sadly one of many, many such ghastly people. Mad May perhaps a pupil? Certainly at least circa 400 self same cheats and liars in Parliament today.

Tell me this, how much of his wealth and riches paid for his tripe has he received from his new novel? Without doubt more fiction than fact. Nasty, spoilt loathsome prat.

Monday, 16 September 2019

The Remain Conspiracy.

A Total And Utter Disgrace To The United Kingdom.

I consider the image above perfectly encapsulates the deep seated nastiness and evil of dictatorships from throughout history. The manner in which all of the actions done for the purpose of denying a majority decision to implement lead to decay and horror. 

The power behind the grossly corrupt and disgusting manner of operations of the EUSSR are but a modern and well equipped, with a global base rather than parochial one, terrible reach and supreme arrogance. That a Nation, in our case the UK but the French are alert but ignored, too, has voted to defy and fight back against the horrors of an unelected supremacy and are slapped down, is despicable.

We all know full well how the post referendum campaign, by the powerful and so typical EUSSR deep state run clowns, has been machinated. Firstly time is always their friend. Delay, obfuscation, lies and rigged ballots just a small collection of their total armoury. We have to add the hypocrisy and deceit of so many of their beneficiaries of embossed and stuffed purple, rather than brown envelopes.

Or should that be royal blue and unashamedly paraded gifts to all and sundry ready to piss on any remnants of decency and democracy shown by their fellow citizens. The vehicle for this deposit of wealth and favour blatantly on show. Who paid for Hammond, Grieve and the rest to travel to meet their masters in Brussels?

Who pays for that top hatted drunk to stamp his ridiculous image across our screens for years? Who yanked Camoron's chain to fight tooth and nail for what was expected, with some extra ballot boxes shipped from Brussels, to be a usual EU rigged result. "How many would you need, Camoron", asked snidely the Commissars, over their glasses of the best claret. "Oh", says the spiteful git, "circa 3 million will be ample".

His reported "novel" just out, relates of his apologies to Junker and for f**ks sake, Obummer for not getting the right result. More like for not getting the rigged ballot boxes full enough. If we consider the mass media bias for remain, throughout the campaign, the preparedness of MPs to fight as champions of the democratic result in 2017, dining out when elected at how cleverly they had paved the way to prevent us leaving their new Nazi dominance of Europe, we realise the manner we have, so far, been trapped and found gullible in believing we could get out.

Yet all of this gross and visible, undemocratic force, lined against us and our passion for freedom for ALL, still has, it would appear, a huge and powerful support from the electorate. However, the gangsters dare not offer to stand in a General Election without ensuring our enslavement be ratified beforehand. Does that mean that three and a half years of full on, remain or die, propaganda still has not given the correct runes?

What an explosion of reality remainers face. One still vociferous after years of BBC, SKY, et al water boarding! The Brexit Party remains rampant, Bojo neutered and castrated of any testicles to fight the collusion and treachery of Parliament and its daily cuckolded Dwarf. No wonder he needs to puff out his feathers regularly when his Mrs cares not if her many lovers are remainers or leavers. In his little mind they are all leavers.

So, where the hell are we? Bojo, despite saying he would not, is subjugating his position as Mad May did by traipsing after the Commissars. Dublin then Brussels. If he has backed down on that I suspect he will and is doing so with May's acceptance of a WA written in Berlin and stamped in Brussels. The usual EUSSR way.

Meanwhile the real unicorns of fictitious dates and WTO, Article 50 law ignoring goes on. If the UK PM looks to break UK law, lock him up. The Commissars break EU treaty law, shrug of shoulders. Well, here's a rub. The scum in Parliament twist the constitution, break protocols and rejoice in their Pyrrhic victories. Parliament is sovereign. No its not. EUSSR law and international treaty trump State laws.

Article 50 requires but one extension, as we learnt and I posted just recently. Ergo May's, after the first extension, was illegal. Boris therefore, can refuse to obey a Parliamentary ruling and legislative statute if he is able to invoke EU legal supremacy. Now should, as is probable, wrangling this issue all the way to the, ironically, ECJ, might take years. 

So, what then? We carry on paying out billions and remain for as long as it takes? Then that is also in breach of the Article 50 treaty provisions. Plus, if that law on extensions is flawed, not least because it should have been to accommodate an agreement already made, then we left on the 31st of March! 
That several dates were then bartered for later, until the 31st of October was settled upon, was all illegally discussed and agreed. Allegedly and with some degree of efficay.

How marvellous if the terrible machinations, collusion, conspiracy and nastiness to stop us leaving this cabal of crooks, all combines to see us out after all. I'm not too optimistic. However, I never expected the referendum victory, either! One negative to add. I'm heartily sick of popcorn.