The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Brexit Still Dominates.

Just Look At The Nastiness May's Always Been Up To.

I never realised constant lying was so ageing.

Not only is it ageing it's also damning. The manner this woman became PM is an incredible and dreadful disgrace. The grubby hands of the Mandarins and EU Commissars all over it. However as time ticks by the unpleasant and dictatorial arrogance is not found as easy to hide as in Heath's time of betrayal. Today's internet seems to make 30 years of secrecy look weird. It at least offers glimpses as to how we little folk are seen as nought but subservient peasants.

What is ghastly about the deep state's grip is the decades it has taken to establish a compliant, ill educated and pliable Nation. yet look at the terrible consequences. Poverty is as bad if not worse than ever known on these shores. If only in volume of numbers. Many immigrants promised Nirvana only to find despotic decay, stress and violence all around.

Drug addiction fuelled by the whole spectrum of class and society. The upper  echelons less vulnerable to the back street pharmaceutical amateurs' lethal cocktails. Those drugs for the little idiots peddled from the dregs from the Toffs' less dangerous but expensive supplies. It is becoming more and more obvious that the serious and fatal addiction is fuelled by the arrogant but still immoral and stupid elites.

Then we have the child sex abuser grooming gangs. A disease of such awfulness but one regarded as collateral damage in the drive for subservience of the endemic population to the will of storm trooper immigrant and often Muslim foot soldiers and election rigging gerrymandering immigration. All this to the symphonies and cacophony of daily killings, stabbings and pent up rage of disadvantaged and/or primitive strangers in a foreign land. Even born here roots run deep in all our DNA.

In amongst all of this gross mayhem are the sewerage workers of the mainstream media types and leftard louts. Many inhabiting the corridors of the BBC and SKY studios. They and most of the printed press. Yet these manure processing crowd in the media are now being called out. Look at the growing and ever bloodier happenings across France. Hardly a mention. Too much embarrassment for the EUSSR project and deep state elite.

Yet blithely the lies, secret meetings and lack of transparency across the political spectrum of the West continue blithely on. Police brutality, unmentioned by May and her cosy siren choirs of the Mandarin, monumentally smug, gangs. The solid conviction that their way is the only way and the Brits won't bother to go down a "gilet jaune" path. I wouldn't be so sure about that, if I were part of these unwholesome folk. 

The time may well be approaching that the manufactured divide of the people will begin to change with a coming together by the masses against the blatant destruction of the referendum democratic vote. Some Labour teenager MP this morning whinged on about that very issue. 

We must think about those millions who voted remain she went on. Rubbish. The whole precept of democratic options is that all voters are duty bound to bow to the majority. At least in an honest ballot, that is. We all know in our hearts that had remain won the rest of us would have to have accepted that result. Stand back and watch as the pound disappeared along with our fishing stocks, freedoms and independence. That's the whole point of democracy, surely?

So we should not be divided but together as one in observing the playing out, properly, the decision made to leave the EU and everything to which we have been forced to accept for nigh on forty years. Trouble here, of course, the dictatorship of the deep state never believed their grip was so tenuous. Well, my elite and powerful but dubious, human beings of the elite, numbers always win out, eventually. That fact is how the Russian people helped decidedly to save us all from Nazi tyranny, brutality and horror.

Factors now  represented by the deep state's EU front commissars. Time it ended. Brexit, a proper, clean, honest break, would help to free more than just the UK. Hence the evil plotting and nastiness that has gone on since 2016. It must stop now. Or at least in just over 40 days from now. The resulting violent revolution could well be worse than any brexit, short term upheaval. It really could.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

A Name For The Brexit Truth.

Mr Martin Howe QC.

As a passionate leave supporter, I often have to look far and wide to find powerful intellects allowed by our EU masters airtime or space. At last I have found such a hero. No doubt one of many, including Rod Liddle. That their and this Barrister's voices and their powerful, irrefutable arguments are hard to find is but another factor behind our growing enslavement to Big Brother. 

This deep state that can stifle such voices is evil and horrific. Unless they can get constant knock backs, thank you gilet jaune, the human race and its oppression will get ever more terrible and nasty.

So,  my handful of loyal readers, try if you will, to promote Mr Howe's input. A friend in need applies to all of us. particularly those of a leave persuasion.
He wrote his attack on May's puppeteers' Withdrawal Agreement as a Barrister. Downing Street's rebuttal was puerile and pathetic. Yet it is the latter who has a gun to our heads. Wrong on every count of decency and morality.

Here is a link to the rebuttal. This isbut a flavour of the initial argument. The start of his article is here. The rest, unfortunately costs. Still, the start alone tells us to be very afraid. 

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Hell Hath No Fury.........

What A Display Of Nervous Anxiety.

At a Chinese New year supper last evening a passionate, determined and unwilling to consider any EUSSR facts as to its failings, remainer, didn't even know who Tusk is! I suspect the years of propaganda are doing for the remain cause exactly as the Nazis did for theirs. Both determined to rule over all of Europe as occupiers. The Nazis' occupation backed by military force and merciless murder and genocide. That of today, initially by fear for strife, commerce and economic might to further the exact same goals of the Nazis. Total dominance.

Brexit has holed the project albeit and sadly, not below the waterline just yet. However as Italy shows ever more support for the gilet jaunes and Macron, in a fit of pique, recalls his Ambassador from Rome, who knows if a fatal blow for this arrogant, deep state project of a tame European slave camp is to come from other than the Brits deciding enough is enough?

I will say that, despite all the bluster of the outgoing legion of presidents and their replacements probably doing a deal after Art.50 has been chucked in the bin soon, these morons we have endured, Drunkard Juncker, European fanatic Tusk and the mad Hatter, Verhofstadt will be basking in their huge pensions pots and grinning at their superior status. Much like Bliar, though, their will be a nagging doubt that they were never really as wonderful as they believed. Indeed I suggest the inelegant language of yesterday implies some growing understanding, even fear as to their uselessness. 

Tusk said yesterday, “ priority remained the issue of the border of Ireland and the guarantee to maintain the peace process in accordance with the peace process in accordance with the Good Friday agreement. The EU itself is first and foremost a peace project. We will not gamble with peace. Or put a sell-by date on reconciliation. This is why we insist on the backstop”. 

I have also noticed recently and so typically of the EUSSR propaganda machine, a few weeks, maybe more, that the Good Friday Agreement has been invoked and misappropriated by the clowns from Brussels. Then there was that recent, by PIRA historic standards, damp squib of a car bomb in Londonderry. Nudge, nudge. Not withstanding the hints that that agreement was all brokered by the "peace loving" EUSSR, when it was no such thing.

As for "peaceful project". What has been done to Greece was as brutal as anything the Nazis managed. The Balkan conflict a disgrace and the Ukraine intervention a disaster. Other than for the Crimean Russian population able to return to their Motherland!

The horror of the Lisbon Treaty after 2020. After 2022 is gets really bad.The pound is finished then. As is the UK as a Nation. The London Stock Exchange moves to Germany. How's that for job losses? As for taxation, it'll make anything to date pale into nothing. All salaries will go to a central EUSSR Department and they will decide what people receive. Already considered by the UK. It will be terrible beyond belief.

FFS people, wake up those dozy, blind remainers.