The despair Of The British nation.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The Awfulness Of Many Young People Today.

Ignorant, Self Entitled, Poorly Bred, Badly Taught And Ill Educated.

Were their terrible sacrifices given for this today?

I can't call this terrible excuse for a member of the human race brain dead. That would suggest there was a brain. Never, in the middle of a nation now ravaged by child grooming gangs, violence and terror have I felt so nauseated by an individual. That such creatures can now command publicity for thoughts and totally ill informed stupidity, is beyond me. For her and her generation of half wits well beyond their levels of ability to add anything to the good of others, let me tell, yes tell them, a solid, unarguable fact. Remembrance means considered respect for those sacrificed to the carnage of war.

Conflict born of belief in an Establishment long gone but replaced by an ever growing army of bigots and fools from across the present day political class and establishment. The left far worse than any right thinking political ideology. The latter determined to remember those who died so the morons of today can bask in the excrement their idiocy produces. 

This abomination, masquerading as an ugly female, has chips on both shoulders caused by her natural existence, owed fully to the genetic pool from which she has arisen. To think that she might well become the face of the future, makes me thankful I shall be long gone when this would be  all I would be allowed to see as I aged. Certainly she and her ilk will never be deserving of remembrance. she could just step back and consider what those SHE deems unworthy of never being forgotten were those who in two world wars suffered for the sake of us all. "We shall remember them".

We shall remember them and why they died for us.

Why must we suffer these fools gladly? The product of a world now governed by similar fools as ugly as she and as drink sodden as Juncker.

Tuesday, 9 October 2018

A Deep State Casualty.

Welcome Judge Kavanaugh, Good Riddance Warmonger Hayley.

As a fully fledged, unapologetic conspiracy theorist I would not be surprised if this woman was a deep state plant to thwart any democratic efforts by Trump to sort out their mess in the Middle East. Her ridiculous take on Syria's sovereign rights to defend itself a joke and a murderous intent to prevent peace being rescued in Syria. 

If a decent, experienced and wise diplomat can be found to replace her and act in a manner befitting a serious desire for global harmony and fairness, we could see major advances in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Libya. Haley's modus operandi, to bully, bomb and destroy millions of lives was getting day by day more horrific. Her sole agenda was constantly to take sides on every issue which might adversely impact on Israel's frequent aggression or disrupt the deep state's arms dealing prowess.

That prowess now failing badly as Russia, with some justification, begins to overtake her friends in arms sales across the world. It is almost amusing to watch "sanctions" mooted against India and China for daring to have a once sacred capitalist mantra that competition was a good thing! It was when slush funds and bribes didn't, as they do now, feature as a major proportion of arms sales. 

Now the deep state foments conflict on a grand scale, the Middle East a testing ground for death by corruption,greed and bullying aggression. Hayley a figurehead for all that is so ugly about the West and its deep state in 2018. We can but hope her replacement is not in her image. As ever, being careful what we wish for is worthy of heed. However, I suspect it to be most unlikely her successor could be as arrogant and as thick as she.

Friday, 5 October 2018

Western Whingers.

A Culture Of Ignorance.

Credit:Mike Baldwin via CartoonStock -

I cannot fail but to notice how dominant our media outlets have become in their moaning and whinging selection of "news" items. The Kavenaugh protests a case in point. No mention of their funding and professional status as employees of George Soros. Just like the Clintons.

Then there are the ridiculous platitudes spouted by the likes of Mad May. Standing before the whole media pack, her EU masters and the quisling civil servants telling how wonderful life is. No mention of that now defunct inquiry into sex abuse of children, mostly by Muslim grooming gangs, the dreadful state of our roads and the daily waste of taxes and effort, squandered by a political class in thrall to Corporate bidding.

Now I appear to be moaning and yes I am. However there is an evidential truth to my attitude. That is that too much of Western attitude today is governed by a Common Purpose bent on enslaving any dissent to their will. The political classes just pawns they can shuffle about the board to suit any gambit.

The whingers are the idiots who complain about anything that they are either paid to do so or so inadequate and incapable of understanding any democratic process. Absolutely everything not deemed in their infantile heads as "ticking their chosen boxes", they moan incessantly how unfair that is. We are a minuscule moment away from employing "fatism" to enter the lexicon of minority driven victim hood.

One dreadful consequence of all this childishness is how it's exploited. Brexit and the remain cause is fuelled by legions of "victims". Not one that understands self determination and responsibility. Hands outstretched and outraged glares at the paucity of their abilities. So many of them ugly in appearance and thought. The tattooed heroins and butch gangsters of "feminism" who loathe and resent those born beautiful or bright or even both. A stunning and fabulous looking woman castigated for being so lovely.

How on earth female beauty has become a thing to despise is beyond me. Other than that it is the envy and spite of those less fortunate. Well, snowflakes, it's life. For many it sucks. Live with it. It's nature in the raw. Natural selection and worthy of admiration and inspiration if you but educated yourselves and stopped demanding a special status you don'y deserve and probably never will.


see what I mean?
As for not moaning, I hope Kavnaugh is appointed just to hack off the Soros heavy brigade!