The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Poison Dwarf.

No Way Does This Cuckold Act Alone.

After the immediate, salivating joy of the media muppets over Bercow Berk's grandstanding the Chamber emptied fairly rapidly. However post the live "big event" more mundane questions and points of order followed. Therein was revealed why this fool has done that which he did.

Before I elaborate on that motive let us be reminded of the whole nature of this dreadful state we are in. We are ruled by a global deep state mafia style order. As with all negative and evil aspects of human nature, greed and power being two large such aspects, lying, cruel and barbaric violence and smug arrogance dominate. A democratic majority vote is the last thing this global mafia want.

So when the UK electorate, despite the huge money spent, including tax payers, to ensure a remain victory and millions of mysterious ballot papers turned up, a vote to leave still triumphed. For a short time. Then the EUSSR began their recovery. Cameron was shooed out the door and the best hope to carry the remain, deep state cause back to the upper lands of superiority was placed in Number 10.

Thus the scene was set to dismantle the democratic vote. A general election was run to emasculate the leave representation. devious and lying candidates from Labour and Tory ranks were happy to lie blatantly to ensure a huge remain dominated parliament. Article 50 was invoked with over two years of prevarication then available to screw the UK people and deliver the dregs of this Nation on a plate.

This Robbins, Merkel, EU withdrawal agreement was cobbled together with but one aim. A win win scenario for the deep state and The EUSSR. A surrender to a terrible and evil piece of work. very soon to punish the UK in the best draconian manner he can. May his first casualty, quite likely and certainly deservedly for her naive treachery and compliance. 

So back to "points of order". A SNP female asked Berk how rapidly could a motion be raised to bring about a vote in the House to revoke Article 50 legislation and complete the sell out to the EU. His reply, totally rehearsed and the question clearly expected and probably placed in the hands of the SNP English haters for effect, I paraphrase, "within moments of being called".

So here is the last minute scenario planned over almost three years. A pretense at debate, democratic voting and angst all as nought, for those who knew the end game. An end game that snares us into a Federal Europe, federal police force and military. A single currency and a future poverty in the manner of Greece.

We will be paying, as ever, for the cost of defending a Continent that has always resented these Islands and our history. For centuries our lands coveted and our enslavement desired. We are but days away, probably, for this to become fact. That's why, I believe, Berk the Cuckold has done as he has. One of many behind this will be certainly Dominic Grieve. A despicable figure if ever there was one. Yet only one of thousands across the deep state enclaves across the Western world.

Monday, 18 March 2019

Where Are We Now?

Buggered Is My Best Analysis.

I was flattered by a reader on my meagre blog to offer my take on what is likely to be our future with regard to leaving the grotesque dictatorship that at least 17,410,742 people consider to be a despicable, deep state construct. We have had nearly three years in which 51.89%, well over half the ballot papers submitted, voted to leave.

Now the frequent garbage uttered since have many claiming it to be the largest ever UK turnout to cast a vote. I consider that not so. I believe the 17,410,742 votes to leave were genuine. Yet since the remoaners whinged that not enough snowflake, whining kiddiwinkles bothered to leave their dormitory slums, mobile phone obsessed crap, from whence did this vast turnout arise?

I mention the foregoing because I feel strongly it is indicative of not only where we are headed but also that we are already in the reception area of what's to be the prison of our destination. We have been travelling in the prison van ever since  the 23rd of June, 2016. Now, I suggest we are staring at imprisonment for ever. 

Let us consider the state of the West today. Europe, North America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Of those I will write mostly about Europe, with a nod to the patriots who voted for The Donald, as fellow freedom lovers who are, as Brexiteers, undergoing re-training, as in Orwell's "1984". Or should that be also "Animal farm"?

So Europe today. Mass immigration fuelling unrest, crime and the mass rape of young women or even, in the UK particularly, white children. Knife crime is rife and horrific. Drug dealing turf wars rampant. Our home grown underworld gangsters now struggling to survive the brutality shown by Eastern European psychos' indiscriminate cruelty and blood soaked torture and killing. All neatly easy to do as they move, unchecked, freely across borders. Disgraceful stupidity, that Schengen nightmare.

Drug and people trafficking, mainly for prostitution but allied to a growing business in transplant organs, is now so endemic the bloody, soulless EU shites, since 2014 include it as part of GDP! How sick is that? Yet this is NOW. Your body and organs, unless you opt out, are now fair game for the State. Guess how need will be decided? If not now, will be ere long. 

It will be the deep state's people who will get first dibs on a sudden surge in available organs. Donald Tusk's grandkids will outrank anybody else's. In many instances we are already there. VIP stands for big events. Special cabins on airliners priced beyond even well off people. Mind you sharing several hours with the executioner foot soldiers will be less attractive than a packed steerage cabin.

So there's a flavour of what's here and now. With democracy killed by a Parliament of placements and liars, welshing on manifesto stances, no doubt coached accordingly, no future election will have any democratic efficacy. Just look at the manipulations, downright nastiness and faux behaviour that has brought us to today. 

Whopping defeats for May's fronted, deep state, EUSSR and UK Civil Service stitch ups have only led to blackmail threats. Such as "my (sic) deal or remain" the only options. Tusk now saying you can have forever to ensure you don't escape leave this dreadful cabal of gangsters and idiotic, slaves of the deep state's rule.

There are a few voices and brave souls to date. Yet those, not least the ERG crowd, are wavering. The "deal" that is centre stage is no such thing. It's entrapment with zero say on forming any escape committee. Hence guaranteed to succeed. If, a big if, the UK followed the French people in rebelling, then the Mad Max scenario will spread across Europe and the West. It's already manifest, as I have suggested above.

Is there any hope? Just maybe. The DUP may refuse to be bribed or surrender to IRA resurgence threats. Yet if those threats are to family.........Then there is JRM. Likewise what strong arm innuendos might apply there? For certain any risk, I joke, of leaving cleanly on the 29th is long gone, if ever real. 

Still the farce that is the EU Parliament will be saddled with some more children able to milk the system, safe in the knowledge they can huff and puff but it will be the German Selmayr Gestapo that will rule over us. At great expense. Loss of Nationality, the pound expensively gone and all military defense turned against any future democratic tendencies arising.

We can ask the Channel Islands what that will be like, can't we? However who will free us now?

That's my take, I'm afraid. The future is already here, any hope for a change for the better, forlorn. I still pray I'm wrong. In all of this one figure looms large. That female reincarnation of Judas Iscariot. Theresa "bloody handed" May. Bliar had Dr. Kelly murdered. May's out to get 17,417,742 slaughtered. You can see it in her face lately. The guilt.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

A Parliament In Name Only.

Coupled To A Government Of Knaves.

This image encapsulates the deep state and since 2016 and the UK referendum, the face of remain losers hell bent on trashing the voice and democratic existence of the UK's people. The snarling nastiness was laid bare yesterday and continues today.

The vote to invoke Article 50 and create the default leave date, with or without a deal, these cretins couldn't visualise the manner their action then would pan out. All they believed was their mates and superiors in Berlin Brussels would guide them into a perfect scenario in which we wouldn't actually leave this dictatorship. Well, they got it nearly right. 

The behind the scenes creation of the WA on the table was everything the EUSSR does that is nasty, underhand and downright stench ridden. An enslavement that would leave the UK vulnerable to break up, paying billions to be shackled forever. That with no say, referenda or democracy ever again. Just a Parliament coining millions for sitting on their arses and a Government of eunuchs and barren lickspittles. 

Well, they'll probably get their way but it's not certain. If there is a benign, freedom loving Deity watching, we might still leave under the law and statute still in force. The EUSSR may see any extension or MEP UK representation likely to be severely of the Farage mode, as too dangerous to risk. Thus, if also a short extension but still no deal voted for, in that ship of fools, Parliament, the 29th would still stand. 

As for that wretched, terrible EU written, UK Mandarin colluded crap of an agreement. If that can be dragged back for a third time, Parliamentary rules suggest it cannot and fail yet again, the 29th should still happen. Let us hope it does. More of these children brawling and baying gets us nowhere. A clean break, warts and all is the sensible, adult answer. It also keeps us all free, for God's sake.