The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Those Pesky Hidden Agendas.

So EU.

Today's brief, momentary little snippets arise from defence costs and budgets. The topic of the second was senior police recruitment from overseas.  Think of Obummer's passion for a UK subservience to an Orwellian world. So with the need for Eurasia to have American weaponry of anhialistic (I much prefer this word to WMD) capability but which Europe has no money or real desire for, why not quietly build the EU military services, anyway. 

Already we have the various quite blatant signs. Plus the undue haste we have rushed into Mali and called Afghanistan a NATO intervention, which is already a euphemism for an EU presence, sans US gas. Neat stuff, really and allows the American attention to focus elsewhere and more easterly. Then there is the apparent UK political confusion about defense costs. Don't believe it. It's an agreed policy to reduce British military forces and to prevent the future need, to implement draconian measures, reliant on home grown citizens against their fellow country folk. Already happening in Greece. So hardly a theory, is it?

I've written on this before and one other glaring organisation draws the military and policing long term ambition together rather neatly. It also shows the sheer scale of EU subterfuge and long term, rather unpleasant, planning. This second topic of the day, police senior ranks drawn from abroad, emphasises where we're headed. 

A trans- continental mix and match of nationals used to police all but their own countries. As for this particular set up, if you believe the platitudes and not the reality of this outfit, you're delusional. It's another force able to be utilised to suppress the lovers of democratic, national identity.

I really cannot believe that all of these differing strands, the impotent National debates and the pure secrecy for which Brussels is an obsessive practitioner are irrelevant to the direction we are blindly stumbling towards. One which our Privy Councillors are party to and seemingly in agreement with. To be eighteen years old, in this terrible future which awaits , is not a pleasant time to be an adult.

If you find in a few years time you wish to demonstrate, as in Athens this week, you will probably be faced with a Turkish police force, with evil intent to redeem perceived past Islamic defeats. Still, at least you will have been warned.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

You May Not Believe Me.

I Really Do Despise People Like This.

They're nearly always Socialists!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Here We Go Again.

Lunacy Of Meddling.

War never knows austerity.

So our Camoron may have his Bliar legacy war in Mali, just as Bliar longed for his very own Falklands. I suspect his Libyan little lap of dishonour  went to his balding scull. So much for keeping our streets safe.  After decades of mass immigration and the UK being a funding champion of immigrant, Islamic soldiers and their families, into the benefit nirvana of Britain, we now are trapped into more borrowing to fund gung ho military intervention. This whilst sacking soldiers by the thousands.

Quietly, whilst the USA and UK, coupled with their pathetic pals from Brussels  waged madness and insurgency of their own, laying waste to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, the lid of Pandora's box, opened in a futile gesture after 9/11, remains awash with the escaping nightmares cloud of war.

Not for one moment do our childish leaders stop to look at the broader picture. 9/11 was all about attacking the worship of Mammon. So our response was to pour billions we didn't have into wars we could never claim victory for. Quite the opposite. We rush around, well our leaders do, chasing anything but the desire to protect us on our own Islands.

Is it some Machiavellian plot? Does a World Government, Common Purpose have a plan to flush out Islamic 
cells and plots to then manipulate those armies to the cause of total dictatorship? Blessed if I know. I do think, however, our lot are too dumb and stupid to counter the Jihadists mindset. Too impatient, too much about yesterday and tomorrow. Next year just a place you kick cans down the street towards, rather than pause and ask, "WTF are we doing everything so bloody badly?".

Monday, 28 January 2013

So Laurel And Hardy.

Except real People Are Undergoing Dreadful Hardships.

The EU Reality!

Part one is every bit as illuminating as this part two. Add to the mix this excellent piece, posing "What happened to the EU crisis and my one of several "bete noire" surface. This one being how little we get to know from behind the scenes of the secretive and paranoid establishments.

Note well the complexity of the so called agreements bouncing off so many UN, Regional and Global walls, as to be head-spinningly  expensive and confusing. Also the conflicts arising from a global interference in National boundaries and waters provides the never ending background to all human conflict. Arguments over resources and lands.

Now rather than address the issues pertaining to human nature's passionate covetousness and greed, we witness the creation of a plethora of treaties and agreements. Anyone of which, broken, can lead to major conflict. Yet our Camoron's and his real best friends on The Labour benches and even next door rooms, argue for more and more "cast iron" promises from the faceless cretins in Brussels. A bunch of Merkel led and unpleasant teat suckers who, IMHO had a pretty big say in Mr Big Let Down's hailed speech last week.

Why do I say this? easy peasy. Let me offer you something in the same way as the Baby Faced, follicular challenged stooge did. I will share all of my worldly goods with my next door neighbours and my followers on this blog, sometime after 2015. That is if I get a prime job as resident blogger on Newsnight, in 2015. Also my pledge will only be honoured if I am allowed to have it voted on by the entire UK electorate. 

That vote will be one wherebye a question is put in such a manner as to ensure I and my European Gestapo will have the option to run it over and over again, until we get the answer we want. Not only that, the answer we will desire, at any point, will be  that which gives us the most power and control. Just as we achieved in Ireland. So those hidden caveats are where the real "cast iron" will be found. Indeed, if you peer behind you and look down you will see the rod of metal protruding from your anal passages. 

Thanks a bunch, Davy Boy. Great speech if you were looking for a can to boot down the road. Unfortunately by the time we catch up, ready for the next kick, we will be infinitely worse off than even now. Jut you wait and see. We need out now. Then a joyous two years of really repatriating powers, prior to independence and a return to some semblance of national pride and success.

Sunday, 27 January 2013


The New Black.

Two quite remarkable stories surrounding the mass of Islamic immigrant numbers and the consequences of yet another failed political experiment, arose this past week. Both, in the breathtaking scale of their hypocrisy, highlight the rapid decline of The British social and political rottenness of the Country.

Firstly the horrendous but ignored by the political establishment, amazing behaviour of these people. Many of them sharing the blatant misogynistic and child abuse racism of the second ongoing nightmare, taken from the second  example of what our so called leaders have chosen to import into our midst. As for hypocrisy, note this quote from the first of the links,  “one gang member is seen telling a young woman who is wearing a short skirt, "you cannot dress like that in a Muslim area, this is a Muslim area."

Not hard to discern both the racist and moral hypocrisy, in my view, is it? However the political classes are still the outright leader in the application of the new black that is hypocrisy. One seared throughout our society and worn as a badge of honour of those from the Left of the debate that is adversarial politics. A prime example of the left and of Labour's award winning hypocrisy, is good old Andy Burnham.

This little short of brains other than those linked to his bowel movements, features large in today's reports with regard to The NHS and in particular,  Mid-Staffordshire. Now, though publicly named as an incompetent waste of space and so inept as to put Labour placement of supportive lefties before clinical expertise, our Andy Toilet Brains is not vilified. Oh no. What's his draconian punishment? Shadow Health Secretary and MP. Still living the high life at public expense and poncing around, with the odd jig on the graves of erstwhile supporters who he readily consigned to miserable neglect and death.

It's the same with the inner city ghettoes and Sharia strongholds created by Labour. Still the most affected and hurt, white citizens, of the Labour Government's mass immigration policies and economic sleights of hand, vote blindly to support them. The grasping of Milibad Senior, the ghastliness of Mandy Kiddyfiddler and the outrageous fortune amassed by Bliar and his witch of a slot gob wife, all make little inroad into the lobotomised lower socio-economic orders thick heads. No wonder Labour love Comprehensive mis-education so much.

It seems that as long as your causes meet with the approval of The BBC, hypocrisy becomes an honourable stance, regardless of the damage. As our "Jimmy" can attest. Until that meme can be turned back on itself,  I see little hope for a decent future.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Always Take The Undemocratic Option.

Such Is The Western World.

All this is part of the Global Common Purpose. Love him or hate him, Assange provokes these undemocratic and unpleasant power mongers by not revealing their secrets so much, as showing how the lies and undemocratic ways fail us all by their use of easy and draconian options.

Add to the mix ,of a One World Government planning agenda, the mass migration and disenfranchisement of many millions of people, stateless in origin and philosophy, lost and bewildered and presto, you have a compliant mass of humanity to exploit. As with The Nazis, suddenly there is no shortage of volunteers to murder and slaughter innocents, as this one rare survivor teaches us.

I do find it uncanny how we in The West are so easily being led in a manner similar to that of Germany in the 1930s. As of then, so now. We all know how that ended and how unsafe our streets became. In today's scenario, instead of overhead blitzkrieg, we have constant welcome mats at every port throughout the land.

Places of entry where those of us born here face lengthy and unsatisfactory delays whilst the ever larger, seething masses of immigrants are given their social security numbers and cards, together with directions to the nearest Islamic recruiting centres to sign up to an army of destruction. One we are paying for ourselves. How clever is this? Not clever at all, just the easy way of taking over a Nation.

Friday, 25 January 2013


An EU (German) Obsession Since 1914. Or Even Earlier.

Goodnight Vienna pointed me in this direction. Then I mused how grasping this EU is. they purge our fishing stocks for their own greed and favoured sons, bully our farmers into unproductive set aside uncompetitive practices and are desperate to fiddle our City of London market away.

Now the link shows us the ever more apparent ugly side of these unelected despots. They demand a single market for energy. A sort of "What's yours is ours and what's our will never be yours" approach. Naturally this all comes back to a closed EU shop and one required to cream off the kind of deals Kiddyfiddler Pederast Mandy so enjoyed.  Just one of many such dubious and shady deals which give understanding to the  never ending scandals.

Now this "single market" conveniently chooses to ignore some deeper and less attractive motivation. One nicely exposed in this discussion. If we add to the equation the reliance of Brussels on The Russian Bear to keep it warm, in a loving embrace of gas provision at very high prices and zero security of supply, we begin to observe, as ever, the scale of The EU incompetence and stupidity.

Those latter two characteristics and the tendency to laugh at them is marred by the very real dangers they create. Make no bones about it, Brussels and very much Berlin, covet British oil and loathe our still relative freedom from the draconian shackles of a single currency. Despite inroads of a gargantuan nature into the freedom of individuals throughout Europe, this lot have the same mindset of the 20th century drive for power and control.

When the threats were physical and obvious in the trenches of The Somme and the Blitzkrieg blazing streets of London getting people to realise the threat to their very lives and society was easy. Now it's a massive subterfuge, cloaked in abominable, underhand implementation such as the system of fines levied for non-compliance, few see the ever present danger. Where such dangers are visible, the State Government gets the blame, not the real villains in Brussels and Berlin. 

Few Brits realise their heating and energy , soaring costs are all at the door of those who would steal from the mouths of babes. This Frankenstein of a bureaucracy revels in its self-righteous nastiness and plays the smooth seducer to a remarkable degree, all the time with their eyes peering over the shoulders of their willingly seduced victims, staring at the riches piled in the dowry boxes behind. 

As is so often the case, the would be seduced have their eyes tightly shut in the passion of the moment. A rude awakening will be not far off. Ask the raped and abused maidens of Greece! Such a brief moment of ecstasy and now penury and misery. Worst of all it was their own parents in the form of their political establishment who handed them over. Sounds familiar, does it not?

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Two Related Stories.

Lazy, Cosseted Perishers.

Information released show the laziness and disdain these "clerks" have for their public salaries. Most consider themselves unsackable, lack motivation and any real sense of duty or service to us, their paymasters. As for their erstwhile managers, all they care about is inter departmental gossip and career positioning. Their internal politics shamefully narcissistic.

A second story, I feel one which highlights the first debacle, is the utter unfit for purpose UKBA. This lot were nudged and winked by the last Government and its placements., into ignoring the mass immigration shambles and nightmare now overwhelming our public services, infrastructure and the NHS. Of course, in this unreal world of anything goes, promotion comes on the back of ineptitude, big time. It's their way.

So it's little wonder our borrowing soars ever higher when the "production" levels of this massive State employment monolith gets ever less value for money. Add these self same attitudes to the legion of fellow "civil servants" in the EU offices and fiefdoms and in a nutshell you have a perfect cause and effect for the austerity throughout Europe. Too many something for nothing, keyboard surfers and graspers. Whittle this lot down by 70% and find them real work or else let them find out what the real world requires, and billions would be saved. 

Of course, like the car and mining industries of yore, the union bully boys rule this particular roost, so I won't hold my breath. It's their present day wrecking ball playground.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Such Banality.

From Milibad And Camoron.

Despite the fact that so many of us predicted the sheer vacuity Camoron's speech, Milibad launches no more than a diversionary spat and ridiculous, totally pro-EU, stance. Already Milibad has chosen his complete subservience, regardless of the poverty and mess his beloved EU has created. 

One matter is, as ever, dominant. The EU and our economy has been devastated by the stupidity and incompetence of this European dream to be a Common Purpose Region. One in a world government of  a pretend socialist but in reality, corporate dictatorship. 

For all the screaming and nasty subterfuge, there is no desire for this from all the peoples of Europe. This disinterest will boil over into a serious understanding of the treachery and evil this programme for a Federal Europe contains. Already the signs are there and the UK anti EU stance is more reflected throughout Europe than the movers and shakers realise.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Choosing Which Old Tricks....

Duping Experts.

Modern politics is all about subterfuge and brainwashing. Nothing is ever as it seems and no more so than the efforts to raid the magic boxes of tricks stored in the EU lockers. Camoron's EU pose is no more than that. A carefully crafted sleight of hand in collusion with the UK's EU front line storm troopers in Whitehall.

Just as with the Heath treacherous deceit, so today. Not least some of the light, though still deadly, artillery's constant shelling of our perceptions from such quarters as these.  Probably a man destined for a peerage in his own right. What is so savage in all this is that we, the people, cajoled, deceived and in some cases directly hurt by the secretive and unpleasant power mongers, also have to watch our own money used to buy the weaponry used against us.

I doubt we will have Google blog-spot platforms for much longer, either. The writing is for sure being writ large.  Indeed social networking will likely be gobbled up for use only by the Orwellian mind police or their corporate friends' sales forces. Naturally were the measures being and to be employed, to trick The UK into a yes vote, if ever a genuine referendum ever comes about, actually got a "no" result, guess what? The final huge howitzer gets employed. A second ballot. One designed to strike total fear into those brave enough to have said no.

Why are those such as myself so afraid? Because this totalitarian monster is being created to control everything held dear in the human psyche. It is the goal of all tyrants and despots. Whilst railing against Assad or his ilk, the Common Purpose, loathsome figureheads dislike such personally manifested targets for revulsion and hatred but have the desire for the status of shadowy dictatorship in the same image. In personal despots lie cause for rebellion and overthrow of tyranny. No, The EU Commission loves its anonymity. Ask 30 million Brits to name one EU Commissioner, bar, maybe, Mrs Ugly, Special Basket Case Envoy for Foreign Affairs, not one name will be known. 

That's all part of their box of magic tricks. A box of deception, evil and manipulation. All designed to dupe the gullible and the least intelligent. The overriding ambition to rule the world. It will fail but at what terrible cost.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Is It My Imagination?

Or Are We Less Able These days?

I ask the question partly arising from the state of our world today. Be it politics, banking, commerce or whatever, the all pervading rot of socialism seems to extend its failed implementation. Indeed no more apparent is our decline in standards than the socialist and unionised education profession. Particularly that of The UK and USA.

This adverse, one size fits all because we are all the same and equal from head to toe, as we see in the picture above, has been a successfully furthered dogma of the left. However I've always been concerned about how this might impact on the future manufacturing of high tec equipment, teaching standards and medicine.

Of course we still have great individuals, mainly middle class but not always, who hold standards together in the face of ever increasing, poorer quality, support staffing. The time when practitioners managed from a base of experience, is long gone. The people placed in charge can be witness to the point of this post.

Let me offer these examples of my concern. Aircraft design and manufacture,  there being not just that one military aircraft but also the Dreamliner itself. The second article actually highlights issues, pertinent to my own observations, of a drop in overall standards and a failure to promote more vigorously, excellence in young people. One final example of my argument is the UK's NHS management direction, under the socialist placement agenda of several decades. This but one such instance of many, many more.

I really do and always did believe, that social behaviour, manners and the pursuit of excellence always did belong as an important facet of education and classroom activity and learning. Since, though, breeding will always out perform the differences, the left and socialist dogmatic passion for levelling down could only be successful through force, never persuasion. 

Such force, political correctness and mass migration tactics, to "water down" once great institutions, has been and continues to be successful as far as control and power is concerned. Unfortunately the future that beckons is that anyone deluded enough to regard themselves as special, may become anything they choose. Whether any aptitude, talent or skill is present, will be another matter. 

If the likes of Prescott or Rompuy decide they want a spell as surgeons they'd be on a one week's course and slicing us open in a jiffy. Mind you, if we start to look hard at the political classes, my argument becomes manifest by the reality! For me, I always believed the pursuit of excellence fed down to my kind in all sorts of benefits. I'm not sure that is destined to be for the newborns of today, or even of the last 20 years or so.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

If You're Under Fifty...........

This Post Will Bore You Into Poverty.

Then and now is an article decrying the paucity of  sense pertaining to our ruling and political classes. A once relatively stable public and private pension wealth was coveted so passionately by the socialist engineering Corps, in the person of Snotty Brown, it has become as big a political football as the NHS and education.

Now one thing in their favour, which these cretinous and cosily financed mandarin "advisers"  exploit, is the "now" versus "then" of the link. Those over 50 years of age are just about able to handle their pension accruals sufficiently, to avoid counting loose change as pictured above.

Nevertheless, inflation, longevity, sickness and dependency can easily wipe out even my generations' years of careful saving and planning. Add the tax burdens accruing and those lucky few who might enjoy a comfortable old age are dwindling rapidly. Mostly confined to the public centre hierarchy and trades union bosses. Both funded by those less fortunate than themselves.

If we now add to the mess of old age provision and barely held off , abject poverty, one element, as so often in all matters pertaining to human existence, numbers are a major issue. When we discuss sustainability of land and nations, we tend to consider only the contexts of food and water. Shelter and succour rarely figure. Indeed we are now at a point in human evolution of significant and unsustainable overcrowding.

Places such as India now sell girls into slavery at will, to supply an endless demand for millions suffering the stupidity of aborting female foetuses. A similar policy, now determined as wrong , in China. With its one child per family draconian population control engineering. In both cases desperate measures to prevent further population growth have clumsily failed.

Despite the paramount relationship with mass overcrowding and poverty of the many, The West and The EU in particular welcome the rapid growth of populations as a promotional ploy to create larger groupings of consumers. Not once have these sh*t for brains idiots stopped to compare the already mentioned relationship wherebye overcrowding breaks down efficiency, overburdens stretched resources and devalues the savings and efforts of those over decades who have "toed the line" of self determination.

Well, quicker than I ever believed possible, the socialists and their pathetic belief in equality and wealth distribution, have achieved only one obvious beneficiary, over decades of their wrecking ball philosophies. Tony Bliar. Plus a few minions such as Mandleson Kiddyfiddler and now, it seems, a certain David Milibad.

As these cretinous beings grow ever richer, those promoting their success and the catch all mantra of socialism, can join the rest of those under forty, for whom the hope that science will help them never to grow old, is the only belief they cling to. Trust me, the speed that Old father Time catches up with you will leave you as breathless as the poverty you are helping to visit on the majority. When once it was the minority. Equality, you see. Plus mass immigration, overcrowding and a rapidly thinning slice of anything left! 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Pettiness Of The Bureaucrat Classes.

Even If I'm Uninformed.

Why on earth not? regardless of any British honour, bravery, in my view, is worthy of as many medals as offered. When we witness the vast array of "honours" adorning the chests of Royalty, often linked to overseas awards, plus dubious others of a home grown nature, then this denial looks to OR even more sniffy.

Still, soon there will be a cabinet of EU honours to be had, for the bureaucrats now ruling the roost. I guess they don't want any competition from veterans who actually fought to keep Britain sovereign. Rather they seek honours for handing us over to all and sundry, without a shot being fired.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Looks Like We're Losing WW3.

As For Our Streets being Safe.

Western capitalist decline, though originally a worthwhile national political and economic philosophy, is accelerating on the back of the dreadful desire for a Global State and government of Bilderbergers. The Algerian attack unfolding is a perfect example of how badly, stupidly and irrationally the powerful but now ever more impotent, triumvirate of greed have proven to be.

In the drive to control the global market place and the peoples necessary to fuel, through their labour and consumerism, the bottomless wells of the greedy,  Bilderberger bankers, political pygmies and the criminal drug barons, ignorance has fouled their own ambitions. You might ask why. 

Well, in the drive for control of the planet's resources, particularly oil, mining and precious metals, The West has trampled over many cultures and their lands. Forged alliances with despots and undemocratic ruling families, all to further one single agenda. Control of the many by a privileged few.

In their ignorance of history, however, these individuals, using the wilfulness of Common Purpose,  have and continue to pursue, an agenda already broken and defeated. Their economic influence and control by any means, lies in tatters, as those with little interest in this plan for domination, are fighting back. Or, one could argue, a second player seeking world dominance, on their terms.

How ironic , as the mess created becomes more exposed. Exposed by those who would fight the concept of a central domination of the human race. A concept which is surfacing above the secret cabals and Governments involved in The West. Now, those of us always dismayed by the likes of The EU despots, can begin to identify with those purportedly our enemy. Terrorists and "The war on terror", are the weasley words used to cajole the public and garner draconian restrictions on those they pretend they are protecting.

That phrase of The British Whitehall class, proffered for use by their political puppets and front men, "Keeping our streets safe", was used to justify so much that is wrong, should haunt these idiots. Or should, as Islamic fundamentalists are winning not only the cause of The Taliban but now securing, welcomed by the populace in many areas, footholds throughout Africa and no doubt, ere long, South east Asia. Note we hear little of China's attitudes in this "war on terror", either.

One of the strongest weapons of the Islamic cause is the creeping occupation of the moral high ground. High ground the alliances of The West  have readily vacated, when it suited their need to cover their tracks and replace their personal potential losses. I suggest that the battle against "terrorists" is one being fought by two separate groups of the same ilk. Both prepared to use terror and threats to control the masses.

To combat these modern, global and terrifying issues needs smaller, not larger, governments and nations. Ones able to protect themselves through total control of their own borders and a significant dedication to solid and effective homeland security. Nations  able to thrive on the back of a dedicated loyalty to their own land and people, before all else. Or as the German national Anthem has it, " Über Alles", "above all else". Interesting that, as to how it gels with a federal EU!

Love them, or hate them, one Nation does this most successfully. Israel. As a group of Islands Britain could achieve such a status. Not isolationist but protectionist. Our own laws, armed forces and a host of purely independent issues to keep us safe and free. Trouble is that costs us a place at the Bilderberger table and Brussels plush dining halls, doesn't it?

Thursday, 17 January 2013

A Vicar's Tale.

Joy To The World.

Picture of the East Window of The Church involved.

Mr and Mrs OR were very fortunate and pleased to welcome a dear friend and Angel for coffee this morning. A very beautiful lady in appearance and soul and one we feel blessed to know, for the last eight years or so. Indeed we were mightily privileged to attend her ordination as a full blown, tongue in cheek, hero of our dear, very own "Rev".

Whenever a debate arises with regard to female priests, all I do is drift into the realms of my own certainty. That is if all priests, of whichever gender, were as she of this post, the world would leap forward as God probably intended! 

So when this wonderful story was related to us, once OR stopped flirting and being selfishly dominant in the gathering, (soon nipped in the bud by my dearest Mrs OR, firmly, decidedly but fondly, I think), I begged leave to place it on record as a different but I consider, uplifting post. You, my welcome readers and followers will, as ever, be the judges, of course.

This Christmas gone found our Angel called upon to preside over the wedding of  one of her beloved daughters, albeit some many miles to the North of our beautiful village and area. Now since this was to be shortly after Christmas, the logistics of Mother of The Bride's spiritual duties having to combine with all the other aspects of wedding day prominence that position, in the scheme of marital matters involves, must have been daunting.

Naturally the tasks began with positioning. Albeit shared cottages were on the agenda, an arrival hotel overnight stop was to be employed, to soften the end of the horrendous post Christmas traffic. I loved the relating of the night stop unpacking saga on their hotel arrival.

Cakes and clerical gowns, of necessity, had to share those parcelling up issues we all face, albeit often falling to our female nurturing instincts. Herein is one of those male ritual behaviour statements, "But your so much better at it, I'm so useless at packing", when preparing for travel and trips away. I bet few pilots do their own packing, if living with a female partner! On arrival at their hotels, ring to ask "Did we remember to pack....". In my case it was responded to by a questioning "We?"! A response I once made to a Captain, after an exceptionally firm arrival on his part. Said he, "We made a hash of that, didn't we?", to which I replied (albeit heard elsewhere), "We, Captain?".

I digress. Once unpacked, there followed a gathering of the party in some shape or form, during which officiating Mum advises Bride to Be of her plans to do some visiting the next day. Not realising that her official duties were regarded as secondary to those of central logistics supervisor of the whole affair! Amazing how kids' independence can become so suddenly fragile. 

So Angel of the North, well  temporarily,  realised that the desperate importance of her solemn role in marrying her daughter was considered a breeze when stacked against the desperate needs of a nervous Bride To Be. Well, I guess all was resolved and indeed I believe the ceremony and the day was a memorable and joyous one. One I fervently pray will result in a life of fulfilment and happiness through all the trials and tribulations but also joys, it can deliver. A life where that adage comes true, "A problem(s) shared is/are a problem(s)  halved." A tiny gift and prayer from Mrs Or and me. 

Now, there this story might end, except for the Church services themselves, for their were two reasons to repeat the word "joy" in this tale. Indeed two wonderful presidings by our temporarily installed Angel of The North. Because not only were the happy couple entering into the blessed state of a Christian marriage, their dear little daughter, "H" was baptised. How special is that. I also understand the Church was extremely helpful in permitting these ceremonies to be conducted and officiated by "Mum".

To end this lovely and unusual story I was minded to blog because of this little touch. It was arranged that the happy pair's two dogs, one very young, would carry the rings to the altar and present to the Vicar for the  ceremonial duty of receiving them to bless and then officiate the exchanging thereof. Here our Angel was amusingly but slightly critical of the male's role in life. Sort of like the packing business, she expressed dismay at how the over zealous securing of the bows about the dogs' necks, securing the rings, was to prove a struggle to unfasten. 

Naturally, I suspect the chap(s) involved had in mind the exhortations of many a comic sketch, "Don't forget; where's the ring; don't say you've lost it, them;". Know where I'm coming from, ex best men?! From a relaxed, happy position you find you have 50 more pockets than you ever realised. So tying those ribbons, round the doggies' necks was a no brainer. After all a strapping Vicar, even wrapped in Uniform robes could wrestle them off, could't he.............! Whoops, she?!

Well boys, trust me, the scene imagined, of the "Rev" rolling round the altar rail, smiling through gritted teeth, trying to wrestle the knotted bows from the woofies' throats, probably culminating in two rings rattling across the knave and disappearing into the vaults below, has to be amusing if not priceless. I am happy to report, however, the deed was accomplished, despite potential broken and no longer elegant nails and all was well. We can wish all enjoying this lovely day many more to come!!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I Will Say It.

I Told You So.

The mess writ large here. I have no idea how accurate this Daily Wail report might be.  No doubt it does tell us this. That the very core of the economic woes besetting the global economic gloom, enveloping those least to blame, goes on. I include myself among those least to blame and believe most if not all my visitors can say the same.

Is all the calumny unavoidable? Do our EUSSR and USA leaders have what it takes to get us out of this mess? The answer is no.  Even when a glaring example of the economic model stared them in the face. It is pertinent to pose a question which has already been given virtually minute by minute attention. "Why are we still in such a mess?"

Well, the political pygmies of Europe and Obummer's are so intertwined with banking fraudsters, such as   the LIBOR crooks, quietly shoved into the background, drug cartels. and political grasping chancers it is little wonder the mess remains deeply in place. The answer these morons choose to offer is even more draconian nastiness to be heaped on those least to blame. You and I.

Were common sense to prevail, the banks bailed out would be closed and their ghastly, greedy bosses brought to justice, their assets seized and reparations made to atone for the theft of the world's resources and lives. Arms dealers should also be brought to book. Particularly those in Government procuration. The politicians themselves need to have their snout troughing ways re-examined and those found guilty of fraudulent, greedy behaviour barred from Office. They and those mandarins puling the strings.

Next those banks proven solvent should be broken up. Small, local and expert at an areas needs should be set up with the money recovered from the present laundering charlatans and made mutual societies serving the people and customers' needs. Debt forgiveness world wide needs to be addressed and the benefits passed on in proportional forgiveness of personal and often cajoled debt. 

That via mis sold credit cards, exorbitant interest payments and pressured money lending schemes. This should have been done back in 2008. Not least because we had a so called Socialist Regime. Of course that was only window dressing as Snotty favoured his Scottish roots and Bliar cut and ran with sackfuls of our money. The latter making a brief stop in Libya to collect his lot before Gaddafi was toppled from his perch.

Anyhow, I said it back then and its relevant now. Austerity is purely protection of the wealth and greed of the top but tiny echelon of Bilderbergers and crooked coteries. Their buffer from loss, you and I and their political footsoldiers. We shall never get out of this mess until The EU and the rest are done for. It may never happen in my lifetime and only when it does will it be through violence and bloody revolution. Of course I've said all this before and it's still progressing as fact. I did tell you so, or rather the cloth eared political idiots.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

It's The Lying Which Hurts The Most.

As In Many Fractured And Tired relationships.

The underhand nature of Europe made clear. The link is just one example of lying by omission beloved of the bureaucratic way, in order to hide the agenda of ethnic and cultural cleansing across Europe. As in "Yes Minister", obfuscation and smarmy pretend ar*e licking subservience is the weapon of choice. A weapon highlighted by Steve Hilton, this weekend gone. These Whitehall quislings are from the same breed as those who urged Heath to hide the reality behind giving our Nation to those who only a few years earlier and failed, by force, to secure.

Then Labour railed against it, only  to buy into the belief that the Federal State would be founded on the same socialist hypocrisy as was the USSR. So followed an apparent honeymoon period. One that was to last up until our fishing grounds were seen to be given away and plundered. In exchange for what, we may never know. At least we cannot learn from the lies and cover ups which follow, how these disadvantages of membership came or indeed continue to come about.

So to the weak little front man acts as an Aunt Sally for Sir Humphrey's Legions, sourced from across Europe and Brussels. Already he's pushing a Mandarin/Brussels hard worked and expensive set of lies, mixed with half truths. The fading subtlety can be read and seen here, at Richard North's now essential reading for those still desperate for truthful analysis.

Part of the reality of our membership is that The British People and many others, realise we are trapped in a decades long, loveless relationship. One we trusted charlatan seducers to take us into, only to find nothing but an abusive and expensive future awaited. Today we wait for Camoron's lily livered, weak, cowardly pretence of Statesmanship to be trotted forth. No doubt an army of EU bureaucrats will be tuned in across the Continent to marvel at how their counterparts in Whitehall pull the puppet strings and attempt to thicken the veil those same strings will draw over any semblance of truthful stance to represent his electorate.

I urge bloggers to push on with exposing this corrupt, expensive and dangerous scenario, which seeks to  depict the dreadful options. Remain in an unhappy and abusive relationship or choose an untested and fearful escape. As well pointed out, mind you, the very same europhile worshippers claimed our not joining the euro would have similar effects to leaving the terrible marriage.

So when the weak face of Whitehall that is Camoron, spews forth his EU speech, do not be fooled. Any promises made will be way off and never see the light of day. Sadly, only the waking of the sheeples will have any effect. Labour are tasked with administering to their ignorant hordes much of the morphine fixes deemed necessary to keep them subdued. Unholy alliances supporting abusive parents and spouses, you see. It is all very unpleasant.

Monday, 14 January 2013

As For Yesterday.

Good Stuff If Realised.

Hypocrisy and what else? Wallace Milibad is no doubt struggling with his Union paymasters, who are every bit  as pro pan EU power for the Unions as the rest of the vested interests are in destroying freedom for the masses to serve their own greedy ambitions. However, there is a gathering disillusionment, with all things EU related, that cannot recover without billions of euros, pounds and dollars being magicked from nowhere.

I always believed the desire to form this fourth Reich, under the guise of an EU federalism, had gained a suspicious momentum, since 2007. Now it would seem they knew, as Tiny Tot, or given his other name, Baldy Liam Byrne, said in 2010, there's no money left. 

Still, the forces of international socialism happily join forces with the wealthy  when screwing the rest of us is on the agenda. All that bloody common purpose again. Mind you, if any leader grasps the nettle so desired of them by the Brits and others in Europe, such as The Dutch, their reward might just become decades long. Trouble is none of them have cojones, other than by name!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Bloggers Gain Traction.

Particularly With The EUSSR and Climate Change Crooks.

Several posts these past few hours , from Richard's blog, epitomise my thoughts and this post today. Not only Richard but a legion of bloggers from around the world are being proven spot on with their observations of  an either accidental or promoted conspiracy of Common Purpose. " coupled with  the EUSSR Federal ambition and climate change cods-wallop.

Two other bloggers deserve a mention, Sue, in Spain Goodnight Vienna here in Blighty. There are many more. People easily able to shine spotlights on the glaring stupidity of the path down which Common Purpose bureaucracy and lying, cheating subterfuge is taking the human race.

In today's Sunday Times Steve Hilton tells us that which I have always believed. That the pathetic politicians hubristic love of power for its own sake is massaged publicly by the Whitehall Mandarins  whilst they jockey to suck up to Brussels in search of lucrative EU table seats in the years to come, as politicians and democracy continue to be sidelined.

This same environment spawns "policy" and greed for power behind the scenes, as described by Delingpole, as the rich receive subsidies for pathetic wind power generators, the poor suffer high energy costs and taxes to pay for the ridiculous notion of "green" energy. All of the time all the political parties huff and puff, demand ever greater salaries and rob us blind but from the second tier of any real power held by Brussels. The bluster with which the Met Office respond and which is touted by the Left so vociferously ,points us as to where the truth is closest, methinks.

The clamour from Obama's henchmen to tie us to Europe, the German scaremongering, Heseltine, Pederast Mandy and dubious credentials Clark, are all creeping out of their worm holes to join in the attacks on the common sense of The British in general. Be it "climate change" and the Met Office, lying by omission, computer models or EU dictatorship, these people all have vested interests. As does Branson in an EU Federal State with which to do "business".

Such is the growing realisation, globally, of a "common purpose" obsession for power in the hands of a triumvirate of corporate, political and criminal groups, tied with a nodding glance at the totalitarian models of Stalin and his ilk, resistance is not easy.

Nevertheless, whilst the Internet remains available,  it's capable of powerful resistance to those forces pushing viciously for their own cosy Utopia. One expected to be denied most of us. I truly believe blogging has helped bring The EU and climate change deviousness and downright lying propaganda, into peoples' conscientiousness. It is giving those who would rule over us, as Senior Public figures or shadowy, EU like, quiet subversives and traitors, less capability to expedite their plans for total control. Long may it last and well done to those taking notice and taking part.

I struggle to give many media hacks any credibility, of course. Their cosy belief they are feted at the top tables is enough to keep them in line with CO, sadly.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Sins Of The Past.

Haunt The Present.

I find it amazing.  That is the manner of colonial subjugation having given rise to the wholesale replacement of indigenous populations, we now welcome, seemingly, the same happenings in our own lands. Furthermore we have a media which reports narrow, directed and propaganda driven commentary,  rather than news. Unlike most of RT.

On this same subject of colonisation and media we observe this otherwise unreported matter from Greece. Since this is at odds with The EU message of harmony and delusional sunny uplands rubbish from Rompuy and others last week, such matters as extreme shortages throughout Spain and Portugal and the draconian EU impositions on the Greek people, are not to be reported by the conniving European lick-spittle press.

A press pretty well as tame in The US as in Europe. As for the USA, their historic claim to fame is the butchery and genocide of that Continents indigenous peoples. North and South. As debated elsewhere, The Argentinian "holier than thou" stance on the Falkland's population is somewhat rich in hypocrisy.

So for OR, power to the elbows of all indigenous peoples, including the Anglo Saxons!

Thursday, 10 January 2013


What Agenda Is This Obummer Arrogance?

Jug ears can get lost. What on earth is behind this crass piece of interfering, bullying, hectoring, arrogant bit of ess aitch one tee? Here's a failed piece of political placement rubbish, with debts of unimaginable proportions, telling us the way to go.

Whatever the motive, it sure as hell stinks. Probably the passion is to asset strip The UK, or the Yank hierarchy has a  massive investment in belittling us as a Nation and forcing us into a Federal Europe. Whatever is going on, it sure as hell won't be of benefit to us little folk.

It does, of course, gel with the Common Purpose, Orwellian prediction of a World Government. With just a few regions and Eurasia one of them. Scary. Not least when it's heavily influenced by an Islamic Commie.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Yet Again.

As the sun sets on yet another abject and costly political and diplomatic failure of Western incompetence, despite billions of dollars and many thousands of lives squandered, another death stains the already very dirty clothes our "leaders" wear. 

This latest killing, by what in all common sense, is a freedom fighter in his own land, proves, as if proof were necessary, that our meddling is just about as bad as it gets. The reaction to 9/11 to root out terror camps was the right thing to do. To engineer very badly regime change in order to seek financial gain for arms and other global, corporate henchmen has proven disastrous. 

My only beef with this is I have the dishonour to have my Nation and taxes plundered to pay for these gross mistakes. Even that pales into insignificance at the fatalities employed for little more than arms dealers, drug dealers and their compliant political masters benefit and personal gain.

That we are to get a very bloody nose from this Afghanistan and Iraqi is almost acceptable except for my personal lack of freedom to have had a say. Gives representative politics a very bad name for the clowns it produces.   

Monday, 7 January 2013

The Muppet Show's Back!

Camoron And Cleggy.

In some respects today was a playground squaring up to The BBC and naturally the latter played their childish, left wing bias role perfectly. Our Steph never did get over parading her unmarried status before millions, when confronting The Boy pre-election! Now I believe Cleggy's first option in 2010 was a deal with Labour,wherebye Snotty went and Cleggy took number 1 as PM.

So his next best option was Deputy Dawg with another Public School Boy aka Dave. Well, a superior outcome for the rest of us but only by the thinnest of margins. The natural ability inherent in the right of politics has and is proving the best of two bad scenarios. If Labour had remained in charge we would be in a far worse mess than we are. Am I alone in giggling when Milibad and Testicles try to be superior? 

Now back to the cutlery. Our Cleggy still rates his europhile credentials as paramount in his quest for high office. he has little care if it be in Brussels or Downing Street.  I suspect he considers the latter a stepping stone to the former. So we can understand the reason for one of the clowns having the knife.

Now for Camoron. He, like Bliar, craves great office. No doubt harbours the same covetousness for the first  ever EU Presidential jet as does his hero. His, Camoron's, public utterances, necessary to placate the Nation as a whole, over the EU monster, are but straws in the wind. Undoubtedly cleared by Brussels via Whitehall and those Quislings in The Mandarin Cabals. 

So why the knife in his hand? Both men are slavering over the next election outcome. Both will be glad if they do well but equally passionate to fly the wretched EU flag above their offices, if the UK reject their obfuscation and deceit. 

So Camoron holds a knife for the exact same reason as Cleggy. Both see the other, in their overreaching and nasty, selfish ambition, as their biggest competitor for "honours" to come. So the jovial performance today really does, in my mind, live up to the picture above. Mind you that can be said of anybody in politics, I suppose. 

In this case, below, the traitor's knife was actually plunged into the back of the  whole Country!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Loathsome BBC.

Not Every Time.

This morning I stumbled across the BBC's coverage of President Assad's speech to the Nation. Very enlightening and not the image or rhetoric our ridiculous Western propagandists portray of his governance or that of the civil war. Naturally, as always and despite the Internet, so much goes on of which we are never privy to. Secrecy for its own sake is the constant road we are forced to travel to an undemocratic, force fed future.

So for once, possibly once only, well done The BBC. The speech was quite something. Calmly, statesmanlike delivered. It was full of quiet anger against the West and its interference on the side of the probably Al Qaeda  backed tribes anti the Assad led Government. More here. 

Now this is a dreadful conflict but Assad calls for a resolution to come from within Syria and an end to the meddling of the West. Why not? Surely that is sensible? Let each nation choose its own friends, or for that matter enemies. Why we can't see from history, recent as that is in Iraq and Afghanistan, our arrogant oar in does little to make these conflicts lessen or gain any deep diplomatic success.

The response from Wee Willy Hague is pathetic and via Twitter, how weak and puerile is that? Add to his juvenile use of communications this,  "We will look carefully if there is anything new in the speech but we maintain our position that Assad has to step aside and allow for a political transition." a spokesman for EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton said. " Ashton and The EU, tremble with mirth. The quote from here.

In the speech Assad harangued The West for backing the rebel forces who in turn are clandestinely assisted by Al Qaeda. This merry-go-round of connivance harks back to the Bliar support for Gadaffi, America's backing for Saddam in his war with Iran. Allegiances of constant self interest and little effort to prevent atrocities on either side.

Indeed if we look at the Vietnam war we can observe the pattern of devious and fictitious propaganda meted out to a Nation now united and to all intents and purposes at one. The result of a conflict bullied and napalmed to an embarrassing defeat for the West and America from which it has never, justifiably recovered any moral high ground. 

Are not the same stupid and blinkered actions being repeated? For me the Chinese and Russian stances come across as superior in many ways. Putin has ships in the area and ready to thwart any "special forces" insurgence on any visible scale by the West. Whether "interference" from any other power is right or not, I believe, within reason, Nations should resolve their own internal affairs and conflicts.

The only thing which makes The Middle East the pot boiling region it is is oil. Take that economic liquid gold out of it and I doubt we would care much if the whole of the region was run by Al Qaeda. Indeed if we spent more time on our own internal needs, border controls and an Israeli like approach to defense and security, we might well have "safer" streets.

Still, if we continue on the present course, Afghanistan will soon be allied to a Taliban regime in Pakistan. Iran, heavily backed by Russia and China, will ally with Assad and the West's futile interventions, illegal wars and crass stupidity will be visible to all. It seems our economic incompetence has an erstwhile superior in our failure to achieve real diplomacy and common sense in the World. The decline and fall gathers pace. Wish we were much more like Norway!

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Of The Positive. Dedicated To "Bunni".

It is so easy to follow political rubbish, grave warnings of melt down and having to cope and live with the sheer, utter incompetence of career public servants and politicians, that the sense of overwhelming misery and depression, with some justification, holds sway. So today I'm "Accentuating The Positive."

Family and friends. Virtually always a source of warm companionship and sense of well being. Dining together, visiting beautiful gardens or just going down the pub. Marvellous to share disappointments and pleasures, whinge collectively and therapeutically and know one is not alone is seeing good as well as bad in life.

Nature and the glorious, ever changing planet. Its diverse lands, temperatures and breathtaking beauties. The combination of those natural scenes and the awesomeness of the stars and night sky. The reality of man's puny, albeit in some cases unaware, frail and pathetic insignificance. One bathed only in hubris and arrogance of those not sensitive to reality.

The small pleasures to be gained from communing with nature through gardening and historical buildings one might  live in if only as caretakers. To enjoy the past and help preserve that pleasure for future generations to enjoy. To understand we are only passing through quickly but our short lives can, if we choose, gain much from the passage through.

Then there is the choice of faith in it all. Preferably a deep seated belief that we all are more than the sum of our parts. Faith in ourselves and in the understanding we can do good by others and benefit from unselfishness. Even if the rubbish that inhabits those who believe they know better and should be leaders try every trick in the book to deprive us of the freedom we always have in our minds.

Then there is the joy to be had in recognising how different we all are. Not battery hens, as the socialist dogma would have us believe but living, breathing, free spirits. Just look at the music and poetry of Negro slaves. Chained in body, often mistreated and murdered but that spirit lives on, today, in all of us. We do carry a torch and we can light up our own lives. 

It doesn't have to be as world leaders or even local councillors or any other political arrogance. The meek really can inherit the earth. They may not wish or choose to but it's always an option even if in very small ways and unsung. Helping  neighbours, thinking well of people first and caring about how the weak and vulnerable, young and old are thought of. Be deserving of respect not demanding of it. Isn't as tough as it sounds if we stay free within ourselves.

Normal service will be resumed next week! Meanwhile....................