The despair Of The British nation.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Humour We Need To Go Viral.

So Funny, Accurate, Socialist Nazi Like Methods But Scary Too.

Humour right now to show these dangerous leftards where they are taking us all. Enjoy because if they get into power laughter will be gone for ever under a Soviet flag of draconian cruelty and nastiness. Don't be fooled. For the may, penury, poverty and misery, for the few, in the corridors of a Reichstag's halls of power, decades of nepotism and Orwellian mind bleach. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

Now About Democracy.

What Was The Question?

Now take a deep breath. The result was, leave, 17,410,742, remain, 16,141,241. 3.8% majority to leave. In a true democracy one vote more to leave than remain wins. However, for the thick turds like Flabbot for whom democracy and numeracy are both a mystery, 1,269,501 more voted to leave this Common Purpose, Third Reich dictatorship.

This majority won a referendum steeped in a constant barrage of threats, doom laden mongering and an Establishment riddled with self interest, fraudulent payoffs and bribery.
The BBC paid millions to promote the EUSSR agenda, purely coincidental timing. As for Murdoch, is this a reason for impartiality? 

I could go on about the huge salaries' siren songs from Brussels to our civil servants. I suspect this was part of the drag anchor by the Establishment. Then we have a house of Lording it Over us stuffed to the gunnels by oh so reluctant millionaire leftards. Mandlescum, Kinnock, Heseltine and so on. No doubt weeping willow Clegg soon to add to our National, limitless purse of undeserving recipients. Legions of placements for this very eventuality and the need to kill off democratic will of the people.

The sooner that lot over overfed, over privileged, puff balls of self entitlement is culled the better. Dear God the hereditary days of well bred, in the main, selfless patriots were significantly better qualified to look over the shoulders of the "other lot" than this now bought and paid for, undeserving hypocrites. I would ask them to read up on democracy then look long and hard at that ballot paper.

I really fear for this EUSSR knack of almost subtle nastiness. You only need, however to look at the cretins such as Tusk and Juncker to realise how very necessary it is we really do leave. Those who say no deal is better than a bad deal are spot on. Churchill felt the same about that note of Chamberlain's. One eerily similar to Camoron's "deal" with the EUSSR, wasn't it.

Now come to just over a year or so back. Eerily similar.

Listen to those "agreements" all of them later said by EUSSR apparatchiks would actually not be, as Ed Milibad would say, carved in stone. Had we voted remain the rebate, euro et al would have been a goer, big time. We can but hope leave really, really will mean leave. I am having my doubts. Especially while that smug bar steward and mega rich Hammond is on the scene. If we keep and perhaps we should, Tessa, at least dump this wannabe next Juncker successor, please.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Talking Shop Of Fools.

Today In Parliament.

The recent events in our Nation have been horrendous. Many lives have been lost to Islamic and it's inevitable reaction. Additionally the terrorism of the weakness and its consequences, of a political class that has evolved since the end of World war Two. Our current occupiers of the high ground of immoral ineptitude shown above.

Most of my generation, with a fortunate and purely accidental DNA that included brain cells, know full well that everything we held dear and capable of producing a working society for all who sought self determination, never included the nannying, benefit entitlement, feckless ignorance for the masses as a political weapon. One better but not only exploited, by Labour and socialism.

What I still don't understand is the failure of successive Tory incumbents bar one, to strive to reverse the downward spiral, even added to in millions of immigrants to swamp resources and stuff the ballot boxes for their "benefactors". How they, our ruling class and Establishment have exploited ignorance for the only possible reason I can fathom, Common Purpose.

I managed barely five minutes of the Parliamentary debate this morning on the Grenfell matter. So, so predictable. A constant outpouring of clap trap to point fingers and attempts to seem statesmanlike and full of gravitas. It was gross to watch Corbyn preening with his celeb status like some bit part player asked to stand in for a more accomplished absentee. 

Harriet bloody Harman, one of the most privileged women in the land with her faux socialism assuaging her guilty wealth but another failure along with virtually every other paid fortunes to represent their own inadequacies pretending to be our representatives.

In fairness, Theresa may, given the most terrible last few weeks, some probably of her own making, still managed a more honest figure. That includes that gross Diane Flabbot. If May had a bad election she was a colossus when compared to Flabbot. 

As for the election, this little discussed analysis makes interesting reading and leans towards a total indictment of that terrible and stupid manifesto of the Tories. Sure the response to Corbyn was well made with that "magic money tree" accurate jibe but that was trumped by a "misery for the many" Tory document. If the Tories had been more of "we will spend your hard earned taxes wisely and carefully" had been the tone, things may well have been different.

However, as, one year on nearly, the Brexit flame of independence and a beacon away from "Common Purpose" totalitarianism flickers and dims, I return to the "Talking Shop" of fools. A place once revered but now one for political eunuchs, castrated by the German subterfuge that is the EUSSR but in reality a new Reich. One fully signed up for the leadership of the European arm of "Common Purpose".

It is with much regret the proceedings in Parliament are nought but hot air. The child abuse enquiry was brought up. Another item long swept under the carpet. Islamic terrorism and mass immigration, loss of sovereignty, mirrored in Corbyn's ignorant, republican snub yesterday and many more matters of our terrible and disadvantaged and ere long disenfranchised lives tucked away with the dust of history under a tattered and morally threadbare rug.

We had an opportunity to have redressed or at least slowed our descent into a dull, leftard patrolled existence. One where Orwell's thought police will reign supreme over all else. Orwell's 1984 the Koran of Common Purpose and every bit as fanatical. My only feint hope is that at the next election someone will have already begun to fathom what it would take for a major victory that would benefit the many not the few.

By that I mean the many who work hard, understand natural selection and strive firstly to consolidate their own lives and then seek to contribute for the help of others. Providing those less fortunate are prepared to be grateful for their being able to live in a fair, self reliant but compassionate Country. Not those who love and are encouraged to bite the hands that feed them. Indeed the millions encouraged to join those backbiters through mass immigration.

Did you yet hear one criticism of the overcrowding in these tower blocks. The subsequent litter, the piling up of cheap furnishings and inflammable, imported tat from the third world sweat shops. Toys, clothes, curtains, white goods and contraband. Lifestyles awash with stupidity and ill educated behaviour. Literal tinder boxes of crap and disadvantaged, resentful, taught and seduced self entitlement mentality. All exploited by guess who?

Corbyn, the IRA Sinn Fein, the EUSSR and ISIS all believe they're on a roll. Maybe they are but if that's the case, God help us all. As with Eastern Europe the tower blocks will multiply exponentially and at a speed which, as originally in Labours' 1970s buildings, will have little truck with safety or luxury, if they house evermore immediate and willing ballot box stuffers from every miserable part of the Planet.