The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Is A Revolution Underway?

Is The Establishment Creaking?

This towering establishment figure, yet presented as anything but, has rightly stood down. The Leon Brittan coterie and apologists looking ever more unable to stem the coming condemnation of the creep's sordid and abusive past, as alleged in Parliament, as well as many other places . That Camoron fought tooth and nail to hang on to her seems yet another hint of a ruling elite being undermined. As well as his own incapable talent to find decent placements.

Add to that latter hint the manner in which the Woman's credentials for the application were manipulated, edited and created with the help of Civil Servants from the Home Office, shows an executive totally out of control. One careless like never before in its preparedness to "fix" any investigations into their cosy world of anything goes if you are a signed up member of a club populated by cunning, child abusing, degenerates.

Moving on from that horrendous and we hope, unfolding catalogue of political abusers of the vulnerable and their preparedness to turn a blind eye to imported Muslim rapists and predators on children, let us look at other signs of possible change. Elections. 

Sadly the Manchester PCC rigged result has shown the difficulty of revolutionary hopes being successful as quickly as we might hope. Nevertheless, the turnout was an abysmal 14.88% and 80% of the votes were postal votes. You might make your own conclusions on Labours' preferred method for fixing elections.

None the less we await the forthcoming by election in Rochester. Despite the cacophony of anti UKIP cries, led from every direction imaginable, the momentum behind their success is revolutionary in its growing swell of support. Marmite Farage has coined the phrase "people's army" and I for one hope and pray that continues to prove prescient. 

Even today we have ever better news. Labour's devolutionary deceit in Scotland was designed to wipe out the Tories north of the Border. Never did the architects of Bliar's cosy circle of inadequates think that first "they" (the people) came for the Tories now they are coming after Labour in Scotland. What a joy to behold as Labours' perceived big guns are turned against their own troops! Put Jim Murphy as Scottish Labour leader and that will possibly lose the remaining four seats predicted!

Furthermore, Milibad's refusal to consider Scottish MP's not voting on English only matters also becomes irrelevant. That the Wallace of politics looks evermore a Wally and the Labour Party may well be castrated in England is, dare I say it, revolutionary! 

Now I mustn't become as cocky and smug as the very Establishment I loathe so much. That is most of them. However, after decades of suffering under socialist experiments, economic incompetence and mass immigration gerrymandering, any crumb of comfort is taken voraciously. 

One very sweet fact is that, for all Labours' lying, propaganda fuelled by lies,  fraudulent behaviour, vote rigging and downright total hypocrisy, still their grip on power gets ever weaker. Get them out of the frame first and then the Tories can be next. As I keep saying, revolutionary. 

As would be leaving the EUSSR and releasing billions for UK needs, not every peasant from Romania to Turkey having to be catered for first. OK, so the more likely scenario is an Armageddon, Mad Max outcome. We could still delay that existence if we have a revolution now, couldn't  we?

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Despicable Establishment.

King Of Appeasers.

As the "overwhelmed" British infrastructure fragments under the relentless masses pouring into our generous benefit largess, the various pretend antagonists of the political Establishment trade pseudo confrontations whilst secretly courting the votes they believe are there to be stolen. Note how each and everyone of the lofty dwellers of privilege never happen to inhabit areas blighted by their blind and desperate need for power.

Cameron's words above are typical of the manner public prognostications are tailored by all of them to suit the audiences they address. Their carelessness and disdain for "white Christian" people the glaring exception. Even when immigration has been forced into the spotlight after decades of suppression under the label "racist to complain" mantras, the platitudes and constant pressure for truthful statements to be apologised for,  goes on.

Decades ago Enoch Powell warned over immigration and the dangers of EU membership. How prescient he was and how not one other successive Parliamentarian has told one iota of truth on these subjects. This mass immigration policy was designed to neuter returning forces anger at the disastrous consequences of two world wars. 

The manner of terrible devastation on ordinary peoples' lives, set against those who profited hugely from conflict on both sides of the Atlantic, remains today. Decisions such as globalisation and the watering down of National identities has been policy for all of this time. The alliances between bankers, corporations, gangsters and politicians gets ever more dominant. Facades of morality and truth just sops to a gullible, brainwashed, dumbed down electorate, to date clueless as to the disdain made public only by gaffes such as Cyclops, Snot Picker, Messiah reborn, Brown.

The perceived love affair with Islamic migration believes the Establishment can control those Muslim self interests, as they believe they have already done to Western society's.  The smug, self-satisfied attitude beggars belief, when we witness the failures in Afghanistan and The Middle East. 

Yet the project and Common Purpose marches on, oblivious to the Mad Max scenarios slowly unfolding. Within 30 years the turmoil, tribal, class and racist horrors unfolding elsewhere, will erupt throughout America and Europe.

 We have only ourselves to blame since we gave them the representative powers to abuse us and failed to take those warped individuals' vote away. At least so far. Is it now too late?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Am I Alone In Finding This Suspicious?

Why Now?

I loathe this culture. One happy and smug in its misogyny and pedophiliac behaviour of subjugation. I also detest its cunning nastiness and feel this sudden "disclosure" that their children are abused as freely as white girls very dubious.

For my part I have always believed the grooming for rape and abuse of young white children was  possessed of a strong racist covetousness, as much as any other factor. If not more so. Furthermore since these animals always choose their own race to marry, as often as not, to reduce their own marital gene pool would go against so much of their cultural deviancy. 

Whatever spin might be spun we know this. The aiding and abetting of this horrific and imported mass abuse culture against young girls has been allowed for decades. For if the authorities need to promote the rubbing of our noses in this ghastly and unsustainable social engineering, on a par with Hitler's pursuit of a specific racial dominance, this atrocious and sustained abuse could not be permitted to blot the mantra of Utopian enforced integration.

My loathing for these immigrant hordes and their despicable and stone age attitudes may be massive but it still is a minor matter when stacked against those who have conspired to bring it about. From Brussels, via Berlin and the worst offenders of all in Whitehall and Westminster my hatred formed for their treachery trumps hands down those committing the crimes. 

How our political class has the gall to court our vote next May beggars belief. Just look around our towns and cities and tell me the decay, poverty, criminality, drug taking and gangs roaming the orphanages and ghettos are worthy events to seek office on the back of and I'll ask how on earth these moronic imbeciles sleep at night.