The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Day After One Terrorist Dead.

Another Opportunity For A Faux, Guilt Free Fest Of Useless Outpouring.

A terrible price for our uselessness as a culture and post war awful incompetence of the Establishment and political class was once more borne the brunt of by innocents. Just as the horror of 9/11, a memory fading with time but not its fall out and weak, pathetic and inadequate responses.

Am I alone in my sorrow for those killed and maimed by a once unavoidable atrocity but now, as that little man, Khan says wimpishly, a "normal occurrence"? Just last September the fool made a comment smugly aware his station in life and its accompanying power, status and riches will probably never be touched by those attacking our very existences.

As for the ghastly self congratulating House of Commons performances this morning, I despair. The sickly self importance of a mostly motley crowd of ghastly people was gross. A theatre and TV production of empty, self seeking rhetoric by people who stood carelessly by as McGinness was just hours before praised to the heavens for his "peace loving" conversion.

I wonder how long these two faced lackeys of the Establishment global elites will take before, under an islamic caliphate, they will trot out similar weak and unfelt emotional but insincere clap trap. Bar the odd decent Member much of the Mr and Mrs Dromey/Harman pair's depth of "poor old us in This House" egocentric stuff, was utterly ghastly and despicable in its utterings. The May address like something off a production line of such addresses. As meaningless as the unknown author or plagiarist.

It was, as always, a litany of tired old phrases. Any elephants in the room long shot and disposed of. Like that jumbo called Schengen. An animal we offered a home to whilst pretending, as elephants in rooms often are, it didn't exist. As for hatred and vitriol. How about that orchestrated against leaving the herd of elephants that is the EUSSR democratic trampling bunch? What about the degree of ill mannered nastiness directed by legions of politicians and media against the newly elected POTUS?

Then there is the stuff from Juncker full of threats and dire consequences and punishment against the democratic vote to quit his concentration camp. The whipped up hysteria and military pen knife rattling against Russia. An ally, if properly and diplomatically courted, would go some way to helping cut out the cancer of Islamic terror. Instead we get this gross stupidity, and Obummer legacy. An outgoing President as guilty as Bliar, Bush and The West's destabilisation of the Middle East. 

The list of our encouragement of imported terror cells and insurrection is endless. Yet not once is there any hint of culpability from that platitudinous bunch at Westminster. Not one hint of their tacit acceptance of mass immigration leading to millions of racist and religious fanatics roaming our towns and cities. 

Some Lord or other whinged this morning about insufficient resources to track the huge number of potential careless drivers across the land. Join the endless queue, mate. The NHS, schools and that vast new industry needed to serve a multicultural, poverty stricken Nation of misfits. 

We are overwhelmed and those packed representatives, desperate for a chance to perform before the world's media, from their privileged green benches today, are almost to the last one, an unpleasant Chamber of failures. After the second World War we gave away the peace spectacularly. Now there are flocks of chickens coming home to roost.

As for the media. Their posturing, led by that affectatious, oh so smug cretin, Boulton, ably supported by home wrecker Derbyshire, were quick to ignore all the elephant corpses disposed of. Fully signed up for The BAFTAs and hoping this terrible incident might enhance their ego and stock. All they need to do is follow the "democracy must not be challenged" rubbish, as the body count rises. 

Much can be seen in our media of fawning aggression. By that I mean that we, the viewing public, shall not, on pain of vilification, question our great leaders and their powerful, tame, propaganda machine. Our friends are those we are told must be. Like McGuinness or The House of Saud. Our enemies likewise. Even if once they were lauded as our friends. You know, Saddam or Assad for example. Or Erdogan.

Someone might possibly ask what, if I'm so clever, would I suggest. Well, close all borders in the West to any freedom of movement or at least not without thorough scrutiny. Get rid of illegal immigrants from across Europe and the US. Saudi has a ready made centre for any Islamic folk, for starters. Reportedly 3 million places.

Additionally stop kowtowing to minorities of all kinds. Live and let live must be a two way process, with democratic majority the rule. The magnet of benefits and cash never earnt stopped immediately. As for human rights. They should be seen as a privilege to be worked for. If an individual commits a crime such considerations should be suspended or even withdrawn.

One last thought. The rot infesting curse of our Establishment's loss of any integrity needs rooting out. The CIA and other agencies in the West need purging. People like Bliar and his disgraced cohorts need bringing to book. Just as a huge swathe of that Mafia EU needs sorting. The West is corrupt, degenerate and very, very compromised. Thus all those words pouring forth are but empty, blind, self interested smoke screens of very black, polluting filth.

Of course nothing will change. At least not until an IS flag is unfurled over Downing Street and The Palace of Westminster gets the Palmyra treatment. 


Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The Gloating, Goading Filth Of The BBC.

Any Violence Against The English To Be Glorified.

If ever a face epitomised the vile nastiness through an expression, the one above fits to a tee. We are enduring a vitriolic tirade day in day out over the failing of the British people to cower before the establishment mouthpiece. No doubt huge bonuses, promotions and wealth through notoriety and bias reduced as the people charged with the propaganda has failed spectacularly.

Rather than keep President Trump from becoming a reality, they added fuel to the resentment of a bullying, leftard mantra alienating millions by its hectoring, smug delusion in its own superiority. The total certainty and slavish belief in polls, as the holy grail of soothsaying, kept the Brexit flame glowing in the dark of a mushroom cellar. One built by the cretinous Camoron crew in thrall to a global Establishment. One soothing the anxious furrowed brows of the Merkalite Sturmbannfuhrer SS at a cost to us all, no doubt of billions.

Still these grotesque modern purveyors of snake oil carry on oblivious. Probably smirking at the letter from MPs flagging up how millions feel about a tax funded propaganda machine to make Goebbels envious and seemingly an amateur. Yet this very week a murderous, evil butcher of a thug died comfortably in his bed without a trace of remorse for those he tortured brutally and sadistically to satisfy his own twisted awfulness. One befitting a whole series of "Criminal Minds" lust for cruelty.

The death of McGuinness is perfectly summed up by a noble and much maligned Englishman, Norman tebbit. A man even the BBC have a smidgen of fear for his outspoken truths and common sense. 

I feel that of all the decades I have been forced to swallow the unpalatable, vomit inducing outpourings from Bliar's BBC this past few hours of hero worship, pushed to the hilt by this home wrecker of an interviewer, Derbyshire but one example of the very worst of this organisation of terrorist apologists. 

If ever history seeks a present day version of the worst of propaganda pushed by the West's tame media, this full on beatification of this little piece of nastiness and his peaceful and for millions timely, early demise, screams foul. 

The atrocities and civilian slaughter in Mosul is ignored ignored, though even greater than anything seen in Aleppo. The latter used as a bloody cudgel to hammer the legitimate regime of Assad and his Russian ally but the propaganda dropped when its a Western turn at the machine gun nests and cluster bomb forays. Hypocrisy now a currency of choice and desire by our erstwhile but smelly leaders.

A hypocrisy happy to savage any Nation or cause so long as its conducive to Western arms dealing and lust for power over others. Am I alone in seeing the double standards applied to McGuinness and his dreadful sidekick, Adams whilst seeking to depose an elected ruler in Syria? A plague on all their houses but the greatest on our media led by those little minds in the BBC.

On a further topic.

This Gina Miller woman is now pontificating over the fate of the United Kingdom. I can tell her now, it will be stronger post Brexit than any time since Bliar and Brown sought to use devolution to destroy any opposition to Labour's time in power. Look how that's turned out. 

If I might offer a crystal ball prediction. If any part of the UK does secede, it will be Northern Ireland. Only if, however, the Irish wish it. Again very unlikely! So this Gina Miller can go play elsewhere in Europe. Perhaps when Marine Le Pen invokes a French Article 50 notice.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pudding And Pie.

Same Old Same Old Establishment Greed And Troughing.

Privilege is everything about our declining Sodom and Gomorrah. That this child now basks in undeserved riches and fortune after demolishing millions' hopes and dreams is only a face that could be one of thousands who run our lives.

As for "private lives" are private. Now when we are paying them or when their appearance looks decidedly fuelled by substances, as below.

I am so tired of the puerile inadequacies of those who would rule over us and their mantra of "let them eat cake" smug air of superiority. Still there are far better creatures on this planet including those of a pork variety.