The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 26 May 2017

The Predictable Diatribes As Ever.

What Election?

As the hours go by after yet another politically self induced atrocity the election campaign creaks back into a torpid action of sorts. The florist millionaire creating tons of blooms scattered across the pavements of Manchester wilt in the hot summer sun. The endless worship of the snowflake media orchestra, conducted by Bunter Boulton, become moist with pleasure as their beloved, well chosen pollsters play their usual music of certainty. That they are never wrong the delusional mantra that it's all getting very tight as to the result.

As for the horror now, for the rest of their lives still real, in the deaths and serious injuries from another demonstration of our multi cultural, enforced enslavement to political correctness, little will be said. Corbyn of course will have all the answers. He is expected to crow his peculiar brand of pacifism today.

After a gross participation in parade ground, amateurish drill with a bunch of firemen, Corbyn will tell us all it's to do with our overseas military interventions and their commercial protectionism. In this he is correct. However the fervent supporters and get rich from it all participants, prostituting their parliamentary status and government lucrative sinecures were his Party.

Virtually every post I have ever written Bliar and his friends, the Kinnocks, Mandleson et al  have featured large in the impeccable manner they demonstrate how to milk the gullible and slaughter the innocent. The barbaric evil of Manchester and the rape and abuse of WHITE children nodded through with grave expressions, crocodile tears and not one iota of culpability.

The filth, overstretched and dwindling resources of these once beautiful Islands and in the main lovely people, has been encouraged by an Establishment never seen in the slums and ghettos of our towns and cities. Has anybody ever heard any politician call the mess we are in for what it is? Has any would be representative campaigned in Rochdale, Bristol and every rat infested hell hole throughout our blighted conurbation,s for an end to political correctness and its stable mate, multicultural tolerance?

Bar UKIP and any quickly slapped down as far right utterances of truth not one political candidate tells the truth as to why they are standing. Firstly for themselves and the income to be had. next in many cases to push the Establishment agenda and common purpose. The ultimate goal the suppression of all human freedom.

As horrific and barbaric as the Islamist fanatics are, they are only servile to the cause of common purpose worshipped and constructed by all our main political parties. As with the American election we are faced with a choice between very poor candidates all of whom knowingly or otherwise are the puppets of EUSSR style manipulators.

I shall vote for May as the best of a bad lot. Unless there is a UKIP choice. If, however, the British electorate is as idiotic as the French and put that terrorist apologist Corbyn into power, as our oh so perfectly infallible pollsters now suggest, we can say goodbye to any last vestiges of our once beautiful Country and its better people. 

If the zombie littered, "spice" addled, drunken and orgiastic youth  now littering our thoroughfares are bad enough right now, under yet another leftard Marxist regime it will be looked back on as decent, well behaved years. After all, for all Corbyn says, it's his Labour Party that has wrought more damage on our lives than any other. 

Everything they have ever done, from mass immigration, destroyed education and a PFI saddled, poverty making NHS construct, Labour and the left bear awesome responsibility. Sadly any alternative regime, especially that grossly disappointing coalition, with the one exception of Lady Thatcher, has done nothing to redress the grotesque failings of leftards.

In one particular fact, often worse, that of mass immigration. The very source of all our present and future ills. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. We have sown thousands upon thousands of Jihadists. We have happily let them travel to training camps, fight in terrible conflicts then welcomed them back into benefits, housing and comfort, whilst they hone their new found skills. Those terrible platitudes we are expected to endure go on. "British born", "home grown" and of "British stock. 

You know what, being British is much more than about where you were born. At least it used to be. Now it's frowned upon and any dissent as to what is all around us threatening and unpleasant get more police effort than the slaughter we witnessed last Monday. Election? what election? Will any of this below be addressed? Of course not, they're all hard working people.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

How Muted Any Outrage.

Only One Thing The Next Parliament Should Do.

What a terrible, yet again, ghastly slaughter. Yet only one attempt to lay responsibility, indeed blame, at the doors of the real culprits. That, naturally not from a Western media source. Those rubber necking jerks, Bunter chief among them, just want to stoke up faux, meaningless grief. 

Burnham style platitudes from people who began the dismemberment of our Nation, its culture and its security immediately after World War Two. Illegal wars, globalisation and enforced mass immigration nodded through by thousands of MPs without one shred of common sense. Their only concern to vilify the warning voices such as Enoch Powell's and in modern days, Nigel Farage.

Whatever this wretched General Election produces, I would ask, in an age of pretend apologies, Parliament debate a censure motion on decades of their dreadful failure. I want an apology for the terrible state our nation is now suffering. Bliar rich beyond imagination and 24/7 protection from tax payers beggared morally and financially from his criminal warmongering.

The scale of culpability, of course, goes much deeper and infected decades of all Government hue, post 1945. The Ismlamification now runs so deep child rapists are back on our streets, no doubt pimping even more children, at will and lucratively. Probably a source of funding for the armies still pouring into European Countries.

A multicultural society is the last thing these aliens want. Yet decade after decade MPs have supported these gross, barbaric aims. Our Establishment tip toe round the reality, the anger, the horrors of their creation. An apology followed by a severe redress would be the least they could offer the butchered, the grieving, the survivors.Indeed and all of us as appalled by political, apparently deliberate impotence, as we are the horrors being perpetrated on us all.

The careless use of the word British, or phrase, "British born". That is just carefully used language to pretend their Frankenstein creation of a backward, barbaric and self inflicted politically engineered disaster of a Nation is somehow all perfectly constructed. Just a handful of IRA style dissidents. Move along, nothing to see.

So let's here a howl of anguish from the real creators of the better side of our once great nation and a demand from the next Parliament a very big, humble apology for what they have permitted and done in our name. All of them have failed us over decades with their political correctness and gross misuse of any consideration as to the consequences now reigning down on us all, except a very privileged few. Many of them in politics and Westminster.

Can't say one man didn't stand out. An apology for denying his warnings would be good. 

As it is, platitudes and yet more media run subservience to political correctness. Shame on them all. Especially those who have for so long dishonoured the title of honourable members. That will be most of them. As in the past, ever more so today.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Sickening And Loathsome.

Corbyn At His Worst Best!

Some killings are worth it. The terrible act shown above and an atrocity from 31 years ago is but one of the crimes Corbyn refused to condemn in the clip at the beginning of this paragraph. For all the grotesque twisting and turning of his, Corbyn's body language, if these are part of his "principled" holier than thou traits, let him suffer badly on June the 8th in tribute to these poor, slaughtered creatures and their horsemen.

The IRA and subsequent Bush/Bliar behaviour and criminality show us the depravity of power in the hands of some peculiar people, virtually always men. If women, as in Nazi Germany, become mentally deranged sadistic killers it's often at the seduction and behest of certain men.

Corbyn's refusal to condemn such atrocities as done by his close friends and killers in the IRA is shameful. As for Sinn Fein, dropping the first word's last letter "n" and we have a significant pointer as to their barbaric existence. As for the use of historic British State stupidity and rape of Ireland, to excuse violent evil, that just shows ignorance and brutality in itself.

The rush to cruel warmongering is too readily used by The West today and possibly it's largest manifestation was post 9/11. A reaction calculated and expected by the Islamic hierarchy led by Trump's new "besties" in Riyadh. Bush and Bliar fell for it and set off on a violent response now poised to engulf us all in further nervous horror and dread.

Assange sought to expose the evil underbelly of IRA sympathiser like courtship of violent means to control power and money for the few. He's now up there with Assad and any other dissenters. Saddam, once America's surrogate general against Iran hanged for doing no worse than the West's so called righteous warriors. Gaddafi murdered as US facilitators looked on, job done.

The list of atrocities done in our name is endless. Take our home grown lack of serious condemnation of sex abuse of children by  mainly Pakistani and Islamic barbarians. For every bright, intelligent Muslim family in our Western lands there are many, many thousands of misogynistic, gross and ignorant peasants barely able to wash themselves let alone take on cleansing behaviour.

All of our ills and decline can be laid at the door of 1960s socialist acts. Comprehensive, one size fits all education. Scrapping of National Service, abolishing of capital punishment. Then mass immigration begun until we had the nightmare that is Britain today. A Nation of despair, poverty of decency and a bubbling cauldron of resentment and one day outright civil war.

With an opposition leader such as Corbyn, lauded by the media and Sky's grumpy Bunter Boulton the scale of our dying morality and tolerance is witnessed. Our only hope is to gift supreme power to Mrs Theresa May. That a huge gamble, I know. What choice do we have? This scruffy maniac and friend of terrorist killers? Baby Farron and his gross infancy in appearance and intellect? Paul Nuttall, fantasist and disappointment post the once great Nige? 

Nope, if we are to keep the murderers or their sympathisers out of Number 10 and Corbyn has proved where his character resides, we need a whopping majority for Mrs May. Without it the EUSSR and Common Purpose will look to visit Yemen style destruction on any future dissent. As with Corbyn, any ends will justify the means. Even if cloaked in pseudo pacifism. Some killings do appear worth it. Ask Jezza. Convenient morality his watchword.