The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Gospel According To Nato.

We Need New Believers.

Money, money, guns, more money. That's what this USA puppet is blathering. Rather than work with their arms and commercial competitor, Russia, the idiots in The West are happy to do the even dirtier PR work of the arms manufacturers and suppliers. No matter the humanitarian carnage. 

The US laid waste to Vietnam and arms suppliers cleaned up. Since then they have been donating weaponry to terrorists and rogue states in the Middle East. Very expensive and a huge waste of lives and trillions of dollars.

So a new market needs to open up. Ukraine is ideal. Counter the growing economic strength of Russia, give the EUSSR and NATO cause to spend on the latest military hardware, from guess where, then rope in as many other EU puppet regimes to bail out the dismal economies of Europe. What did happen to MH17? Ask the CIA.

Collateral damage, so what? We wrecked Europe once before and cleaned up. Well the Rothschilds and Co. did. That Gatling gun syndrome is back with us! Just put that into a post search here at Oldrightie.

Munich in the 1940s

Thursday, 28 August 2014

You Wait For Something.....

Then It Happens.

Douglas Carswell leaves the Conservative Party, hacked off with the facade of euro scepticism promoted by his duplicitous and deceitful Party hierarchy. In return the Establishment, supported by the likes of R A E North, with his own chip on the shoulder to nurture against UKIP, piles in with the anti UKIP concerto, directed by Brussels.

However, I for one admire Carswell's stand in seeking re-election under his new colours. Most "floor crossers" hang on for as long as they can, to fill their coffers with salary and expenses, pensions and selfish grasping. I suspect the vitriol directed at Carswell is little different to that aimed at Churchill's musical chairs.

It would be fantastic were Carswell to save us from Europe, just as Churchill did. Fantastical as that might seem, his defection could, we can but hope, spark a sea change in UKIP's fortunes every bit as much as the wonderful first place in the EUSSR election.

One final thought. The alacrity his joining UKIP has replaced Rotherham in the headlines and the rapid camera hugging by Camoron and Milibad proves, as if proof were needed, that such events are deemed far more worthy of their time and posturing than the dreadful society they have fervently assisted in creating. Suffer the little children not important unless belonging to parents easily able to forget them and leave them in a gastro pub.

Sadly the rise of UKIP is probably likely to be too little too late. Allah be praised the cry more likely to be the future of an Islamic State soon to reign supreme in these Islands and throughout Europe. At this point the rape of young children will be no longer be an offense but a right for those doing the Mullahs' bidding.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

The Arrogance Of The Untouchables. Caution UnOldrightie Language.

From Passive Abuser To Police Commissioner.

What the fuck does it bloody well sodding, (pun very much intended) take to shame these pieces of unbelievably nasty, grasping top of the pile, of shit that pass for Britain's powerful, cretinous, aresholes? Mrs May is said to be piling pressure on the scumbag. She should be demanding he be criminally investigated and with luck, exposed to what hardened criminals subject such detritus to in jail.

The excuses trotted out are but what millions have railed against about mass immigration of third world, Muslim brainwashed animals. People so intelligent as to sanction the stoning of women for expressing sexuality. Note, I doubt any of those sexy, free spirited women are mutilated and circumcised victims of the endemic misogyny beloved of such stupid, middle ages stuck, crap animals masquerading as human beings. 

Yet this backward, primitive behavior has been lauded, legalised and promoted over the tenets and teachings of a society which once embraced the foundations of Christianity. Successfully.What socialist, nose rubbing, bullying and victimisation of the pliant, lazy, ignorant trailer trash has achieved is at the expense of trading young, vulnerable, mainly female, children for the gratification of stench ridden, aged, Muslim scum.

Men who have supported and promoted their bullocks to procure control over every corner of a once proud Nation. Men now rampant throughout Europe, as untouchable as the likes of those filth such as Wright happy to sacrifice thousands of children to their own ghastly lust for power, control and gratification. 

I'm certain that Wright is every bit a beneficiary of this cruel and barbaric trade in return for turning a blind eye. Rotherham, hunting ground of ten ton Cyril Smith, fond of buggery on an industrial scale. No matter, loved his Mum. As, presumably, did Savile. What an unmitigated shambles of neglect and arrogance by our so called leaders.

Yet, as I post, this will all be soon forgotten. MPs, Cabinet Ministers, Judges,  Policemen, social worker pimps will continue plying their own sick requirements.  Tell you what, sack them all and then pay them billions to run better, even more secret brothels, selling kids. Just tighten up the security. Vet the jihadists behind the torture, rape and killings of white progeny more carefully in order to maintain the UK wide capability of destroying any vestiges of white existence.

Meanwhile, at the top of the pile everything continues smoothly. Pretend to care, be a socialist, promote Labour, Tory or even that pathetic group of puerile, deviant group known as LibDums, even as they parade their shit achievements of destruction. All we can take solace from is that the Kyle trailer trash deserve and need their comeuppance.

Still, sad their innocent Baby Ps have to die so terribly. Brutalised as much by a State run connivance as the brutal scum doing the sadistic killings. Thanks Bliar, Brown, Camoron.

This hell on earth of multicultural, political correctness is now proven. You created it with deliberate, nasty, power grubbing motives. I hope you all rot in hell. Meanwhile Bliar goes  from riches to riches. They all do. The pimps of our children and our innocent. How dare they they ever speak with authority. Janitors in the filthiest, rotten corners of the planet are better human beings. for wallowing in others', not their own bowel movements.

As for Islamists and Islam. A pox ridden excuse for a religious philosophy as it's possible to get. No wonder their apologists, mostly socialists, relish their cosy relationships with this immature, misogynistic, scum swamped, creed. They have no place on the planet, let alone their infestation of my Islands. A pox on all of these racially driven, grotesque paedophiles and their alliances with our own inbred deviants. ISIS but one consequence of our own paedophile dominated hierarchy.