The despair Of The British nation.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

To Think We Have Thousands Of Such Creatures Here.

I Never Thought Child Sex Grooming Evil Could Be Surpassed.

Asian child molesters roam relatively untouched to practice their racist envy and nastiness through the violation of children for vicarious self gratification. Now they take their depravity and evil doctrine, under the banner of Islam, to slaughter children in cold blood.

This scum fail dismally when pitched in battle against western forces in open warfare. Thus these cowards take on unarmed and innocent children, to assuage their perverted lusts for God alone knows what. Sure western capitalist Bilderberger lust for power is not dissimilar but their secretive abuse of power is at least less blatantly evil than this act of physical depravity.

Any fool, even at the very top of our Establishment, who fails to understand the millions of susceptible, even like minded and ignorantly gullible, evil shits we have welcomed into our homes, for reasons of, mainly, Labour gerrymandering, won't one day follow this horrendous massacre of our own children, is thick and stupid. We've already had a taste in the London bombings and Gunner Rigby murder.

Remember that well worn and so hackneyed phrase, "keeping our streets safe? What an example of the utter incompetence of our post war leaders, except Maggie. The only leader after Churchill's second term to have cojones. 

As for the United Kingdom, it is now very fractured. Awash with enemies and traitors and an Islamic horror show of murderers and freaks, roaming at will, plotting the inevitable mass destruction of so many people and children. Before we know it these cretinous creatures will hold us to ransom and demand our servitude with nuclear weaponry happily set on a hair trigger of "martyrdom".

God bless the Bilderbergers. Our one real ally, Putin, in the war on terror has been alienated, along with a now long lost friend, common sense.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Modern Dilemma.

The Pace, Not The Inevitability.

Despite the enormous bail out sums given Banks and years of austerity, the decline of Western economies, though slowed, is still decaying. The rot is most definitely stopped. Is this part of Bilderberger conspiracy? Or just the deluded madness of individuals who believe they can rule the Planet? Probably something of both.

I had, over previous weeks, wondered if the vilification of Russia had a Machiavellian hue. Present evens hint that may be so. Not least the kow towing of Western  but stupid, PTB Bilderbergers' obsessive mass migration and Islamic implementation. A work, such as this worthy volume, might be easily dismissed as  a conspiracy theory, just as resentment of immigration is still targeted as racist. Ironically the Left go along with this brainwashing, without any sense of how ridiculous their support of a capitalist global ambition, now run amok, is not, in any remote manner, good for the masses.

So what should we make of the Bilderberger future planned? It is my belief it will never happen. Not least when you see the disparate, greedy and less than brilliant members of 2014. Those set to party in luxury and fawning sycophancy  
in Copenhagen. 

Add the obscene wealth of the few families owning most of the world's riches to those in hope of joining such a future global ruling class, all from The West, their attitude to Putin, China and the possible groupings capable of thwarting the Bilderbergers becomes more understandable. What is hard to understand is the likely outcome to the arrogance portrayed by people who consider themselves invincible and immune to criticism.

That gross lack of any sense of reality will not seem obvious in Copenhagen. Nevertheless, unforeseen and anarchic, revolutionary uprisings may be one area of unrest. Right now the German population, long scared of their past genocidal guilt, are feeling hard done by. As we can witness right now. 

Indeed throughout a bankrupt EUSSR, the resentment is growing and violence bubbling. If there is one common thread in history, as to the failure of Empires, it has always been the inability of Emperors' to grasp the impossibility of the scale of their ambitious delusion.

Sadly the dangers of confrontation and medieval, primitive, desire to destroy covetousness through ownership and dominance, is also capable of total annihilation of the human race. Again the belief that immense wealth and power is sufficient to rule the World falls short of the reality of it being unreachable. 

In a nuclear wasteland, were there to be survivors, few would be thinking of a slap up, self congratulatory sense of importance, jamboree and sycophantic preening weekend in a ruined Marriott Hotel. Most likely eyeing up a cannibal steak fest rather than a malt whisk nightcap and expensive whore at someone else's expense and enslavement.

Monday, 15 December 2014

My Giddy Aunt He's Dumb.

Milibad The Terrible!

Choking on his own fibs?

The jabber de jour from the would be "great leader" is about immigration.. The same day he and his cronies are caught using the Snotty handbook of their real attitude to their core old Labour voters. By this I mean the Telegraph scoop discussed by the ever excellent Raedwald.

In today's jabber the Gromit owner, our Wallace, pretends that all will be well in HMS World Flotsam when he regains the bridge he and Labour last drove, Costa Concordia like, onto the rocks. 

As for the belief that the political football that they, in the main, have made the NHS, is somehow safe ground for electioneering is pure, deluded fantasy. Evidence of this delusion a matter of record! I am at a loss to work out why the media and opposition parties fail to bring up the utter, genocidal reign of the Labour years lack of stewardship of this "safe ground". 

Add to that their dismal PFI scams, to line their wealthy backers' pockets and appear to be providing posh new hospitals we still, today, cannot afford and the endless list of Labour inadequacies in power become apparent, even 4 years on. 

So let's give long and careful thought to how come this Union controlled, dinosaur Party, run from a London class of troughers and nepotists, such as Milibad, Harpie Harman and their merry band of hypocrites like Burnham, drawn from the list of credible regional accents, have such sway, still, over our lives. 

People from an Establishment able to pour scorn over once treasured patriotism and National pride. From Cleggeron, via Camoron to Red Ed Milibad, we have a group of ineffectual, EUSSR sell out traitors, still pretending to rule over us. As awful as Milibad is and justifiably loathed, it is but an old Rizla paper which now differentiates any space between them. Useless, ineffectual and utterly disinterested in what their electorate seek to see their Nation be. God willing they'll find out next May, if Camoron's stupid five year Parliament bill isn't repealed before then and we get to kick them sooner.

One thing is for sure, whatever jabber des jours are trotted out ad nauseum, until next May, not one word will have a jot of truth. Especially from Labour.