The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Two War Criminals.

Consumed With Arrogance.

These two failed leaders born out of the spawn of Western media creation were schooled in the self righteous belief that they were the guys to impose regime change anytime it suited they and their globalist backers. The ends always to trump any moral means.

Well look how that's turning out in The Middle East. Notwithstanding the destruction of Iraq, Libya and the growing rise of The Taliban and IS, Syria became the next target with a pathetic sideshow in Ukraine as an ouederve.  The huge mass movement of migrants, many economic, large numbers of terrorists and a disparate large group of duped poor, has become a tool for the PTB. 

A tool meant to dilute any historic and successful societies born out of centuries of strife. History now disregarded in the wars being fought to enrich the powerful elites. An elite happy to stand with the barbaric Saudis and destroy all dissent.

We have just been given a hurrah for the farce of an Austrian puppet show used to mask the stunning defeat of "their" man in Italy. The UK's UN rep given a justified critique by his Chinese counterpart. Even mentioned by the BBC. A resolution blatantly designed to aid the rebels in Aleppo. 

That in addition to possibly providing targeting data leading to a shelling of a Russian medical site helping freed eastern Aleppo victims of human shield atrocity. Obama now desperate that Assad should not be victorious on his despicable watch. Still all of this has led to a huge backlash against the old order. Another Vietnam for the Goldman Sachs war machine and bankrollers.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

More Groundhog Day.

Effing Climate Change.

After a couple of years of reigning back on climate change hysteria the MSM have filled their doomsday, constant negativity with angst over the steady rise of democracy. That is the "tyranny" of the majority. Their open mouthed incredulity at a Tory election win, unseen in the bars of media spinster haunts across the globe, Brexit and Trump's terrific victories, have all combined to present us with folk like Adam Boulton still struggling to come to terms with their own stupid insignificance.

That loss of self importance and its associated dent in pompous self entitlement is a joy to behold. Notwithstanding the annoyance and irritation as we are bombarded with ever more increasing and nonsensical idiocy. The language manipulation is also becoming ever dafter. One example is the use of "far right" to describe any questioning stance against the now exposed leftard media. The hushed and serious tones used to report events in Syria are countered by the attempts to talk up the identical horrors going on in Mosul. That is that any horror not committed by forces out of favour is terrible and heart rending. Yet Saudi atrocities, for example, in Yemen are either unreported or lauded.

This same biased, unquestioning propaganda output is applied to climate change. The nuclear testing influence ignored whilst we are blamed for the overuse of toilet paper and greed over the air we breathe. Fossil fuels, the driving force behind the mega wealth attained by the West and its present day oligarchs, are derided and to be denied to emerging and third world nations. Places expensive alternatives, such as bird and bat mincer wind turbines are to be saturated with by the same billionaire interests. An exploitation of poverty by shameful, short sighted greed. 

In these debates the substantial issues are ignored. Firstly overpopulation by human beings create unsustainable demand on resources for food and water. Note the warmest place in the UK is always London. Also the most overcrowded. This matter must of necessity create huge areas of pollution and filth of enormous magnitude. That subsequently leading to demand for disease and illness intervention, just not available. NHS or no NHS.

So as places are decimated by the greed of warmongering, another massive contribution to pollution, people are minded to travel across the globe for a variety of reasons. All created by failed human governance and adding to the spread of poverty into Western enclaves. Places which have squandered the opportunities for balanced, sustainable nations. Norway a good example but one also now under pressure to destroy their balanced natural environments in favour of the fashion for multicultural slum invasion.

So as Trump wrestles with the reality of high office to arrive in January, standby for an ever increasing and pathetic narrative. Not least this label of "extreme right" to be slapped on any individual, group, Nation or political movement daring to preach common sense. Climate change, no longer global warming but "extreme events" to be resurrected as some cosy, leftard cuddly toy of convenience and deranged sense of moral superiority. Already, this very morning, climate change questioning labelled as far right thinking!

Let's be real about all this fearmongering. If the human race destroys itself through pollution, war and greed the Universe will fail to notice. Planet earth will continue to evolve as ordained. Eventually to become a lonely planetary speck in a mighty Universe. That or become cosmic dust when all human activity as we know it will be as nothing.

The only people affected will be those destined, regardless of any tree hugging vanity and superior but deluded hand wringing of today, to live through the death throes of human existence and the natural deterioration of satellite earth. This round the corner of a Killary Clinton approach to diplomacy driven by nuclear armageddon or the natural and millennia long, drawn out and natural death of the Planet. 

Climate change is a vanity driven science and arrogant belief in human superiority over nature. The irony is it's driven by those who regard their intellect capable of King Canute like showmanship designed to fool their perceived lesser mortals. That'll be extreme right wing thinkers. You know, those tyrannical majorities.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Establishment Still In Denial.

Here There And Everywhere.

Hardly reported is this push by the legal Government troops. The fall of US backed Al Qaeda forces in Eastern Aleppo could come at a high price to the American, ergo global, Western Establishment. Not least if American supplied weaponry and documentary evidence of the now discredited CIA meddling across Planet Earth is uncovered.

The Syrian conflict perhaps an intervention by Obummer too far. As for his media, all you get is "civilians flee Government forces" clap trap. As manipulated and false as the manufactured persona of Ed Balls TV debacle these past few weeks. There is ever increasing footage of civilians telling of their enslavement at rebel hands. We should be seeing even more these coming days.

In the main, a victory in Aleppo will bring significant relief to those citizens persecuted and murdered by the rebel forces unable to accept a legitimate election ballot. Not unlike the now "tyranny of the majority" disgraceful phrase used by a number of "remoaners" and whipped up by disgruntled despots in the Killary camps scattered about the USA.

Just take this thought on board. In the UK our PTB are totally incapable of rooting out child sex abuse. Ask yourself why? My main suggestion is that so endemic and systemic is the glut of perpetrators at the very top of the Establishment, they verge on unstoppable and unaccountable. Like Banks, supposed to be too big to fail or fall.

Meanwhile the endless whining of the EUSSR funded fat cat crew, embarrassed by their defeats at the ballot box, daily announce ever more made up rubbish from fantasy political factions and sore losers. Today's ridiculous offering is to be found at good old Aunty Evil's gaffe. At first glance the smoking gun for continued EUSSR enslavement. In essence little more than a pathetic rear guard action as the pressure mounts via French, Italian and other nations' upsurges of common sense and awareness of the despotic nature of the EUSSR plans for our subjugation.

Still we get Marr spouting the well rehearsed anti democratic drivel and parading people like Thornberry. Corbyn continues to get coverage for his ever increasing delusion of a socialist Utopia. Coverage tempered by the certain knowledge that the real luvvies of Labour, duped by that morbid character Edstone and still yearned for by the BBC, are as much reviled by the electorate as Corbyn. He credited with a stupid but morally better appearance of a more, albeit dubious, morality. 

Mega set backs for the fools are treated with a superior disdain. Bliar trumpeted as a White Knight desperate to rescue the tattered reputation of a failed, bloodstained, arrogant elite. An American Democratic Party now consigned to the gutter. One their oxymoron of a handle deserves. So it goes on, this whirling and thrashing about of a discovered elite. A sixth sense as to their corruption and evil. Characteristics  every bit as despicable as any terrorist, barbarian atrocities visited on the poor and the innocent.

When the only sane, quiet voice to be heard, if listened for carefully, is Putin we know something major is afoot. Evidence to be found in the claims, ludicrous to a fault, of Russian interference in every single corner of Western life. That pathetic and outdated EU Parliament, a front for the gangsters and Gestapo forces marshalled by Merkel in the heart of Brussels, passing a nonsensical bill against so called Russian propaganda.

A nod to that clown pushing fantasy land Obummer policy excuses is more deserving of the attention paid to Putin and Russia. I am certain that any intelligent man, of which Putin is ranked among the top of a sharply pointed pyramid, would watch Kirby with a wry, comfortable smile as the idiot mouths and spouts drivel of infantile proportions.

The fools just can't see that a sea change in understanding was unleashed with the internet. There are now millions of pages of material on which to base thinking and provide understanding, at the touch of a button. It's not Russia, China America or the dumbos in Europe, in control of propaganda anymore. It's now possible to call people with twisted and illogical agendas out. This is what is happening and why the Establishment is on the ropes. With luck they'll suffer ever greater blows until forced to retreat totally.

A successful Trump Presidency may well help the demise of the gangster led politics now endemic in the The West. Here's hoping!