The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

The 18th of August.

Countdown To Turmoil.

As another weekend evolves, it is worth noting that we are approaching this gross period that is August coming to an end. By gross, I mean this now deeply ingrained assumption that the Establishment and the PTB have a break from their daily routine of peeing on the rest of us. Then they return, fresh from expensive and self entitled pampering, to continue their now refreshed and more powerful torrents of dousing which just days ago, apparently, was down to a trickle.

Some, with good reason, relish the months to come and the less predictable nature of the agenda now surrounding us. The EU referendum result, coupled with Trump's sinecure, a sad adjective to use but not without efficacy, has made both events fully occupy the deep state and at least, for the time being, slowed it's normal arrogant progress to dominate the human race.

Take this morning's "Russia Today" top three lead stories. The first Putin's visit to Berlin, second America and Syria as is the third. The first feature is a practical analysis of an economic, therefore inevitable geopolitical matter and displays significantly Putin's grasp of both related subjects. Unlike the deep state arrogance of American, deluded, powerful factions, who consider themselves the sole contenders for world dominance. 

The pipeline supply from Russia, both via Ukraine and the approaching completion of Nord Stream 2, a better and more beneficial "2", for the people of Europe and Russia than the HS2 debacle here in the UK. How quietly and patiently Putin exercises a burgeoning new super state when compared to the loud, self seeking manner of the West's behaviour. Especially the unelected cretins of the EU Commission and it's sot of a leader, Junker. That's before we consider the likes of that ghastly and traitorous woman, May.

The second story originates with the UN. So we can drop the faux all things Russian related is propaganda. Heaven knows, Russia has a long way to go to become like the western media self serving lot. Also modern history tells us explicitly the deep state courted Saddam's Iraq to fight a proxy war against Iran and tolerated the gassing of Kurds, even though that narrative has America's fingerprints of convenience all over it. 

My point here is that peace in Syria and Russia's legal intervention are both anathema to the deep state. Not content with destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, let alone the stupidity in Vietnam, their loss of face and more pertinently billions of dollars, is hard for the fading, dollar controlled empire of gangsters and bankers to swallow. So flirting with and quietly funding ISIS is little different to their days doing the same with Al Qaeda. Take your pick.

The third story illustrates the pique at large. What is not mentioned is the possibility of that money going to terrorists. Or at least towards missiles and air support to prevent total peace in Syria. Humanitarian consideration the last thing on their minds. Imagine the retaliation if this were an act by a perceived or desirable enemy?

 Remember, without any proof whatsoever, the West's attacks on Syria and the holier than thou rhetoric? Despite any concrete evidence. Or the cack handed attempt surrounding the farcical Douma false flag embarrassment. How's this for tip toeing round your paymasters? That beast hypocrisy takes some destroying in the modern 24/7 media world.

So the scene is set for the return from luxurious and self imposed exile that now dominates the whole of one month. My money is on an acceleration of decline of the current western power base. Too much decay in Europe to row back from. This incident a pointer. Law and order now a joke for most immigrants and so called asylum seeking but in reality economic migrants.

Not least the rape and pillaging now endemic across the Continent. Mostly kept as much as possible, low key in the tame media. Did you see this reported in 2015? Bet you didn't. That was three long years ago. Now much worse and with zero effort or will from governments to stop the continued shame and terror. Almost seemingly condoned. Indeed to such an extent, those in the know feel able to take part. As reported here.

So all in all, will the coming months bring any changes for the better. I fear not but were a hard brexit come about, I do believe we in the UK would have a chance of improvement. Add the growing swell of resentful sentiment across the Continent's people, too, who knows. With luck the EUSSR's days are numbered as is the deep state's grip on us all. That's not too say their will not be blood on the carpet, of course. Always been the case throughout any big changes in history. Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

How many Told You So Declarations Do Deep State Morons Need?

Well, Here's One Of Mine.

American and Western Peace Processes In Action

Since my very first days of therapeutic blogging I have banged on about the self interest of American global, deep state groups. All fighting and squabbling over who  gets to be the most powerful. Gangsters, state looting oligarchs of every ilk including the West, bankers likewise and the lick-spittle politicians more concerned with courting the others than anything else. 

This post from 4 years ago could be written today. Posts from the very beginning of my efforts, likewise. One difference is a rare hint of nervousness from a Rothschild. I suspect when he refers to a NWO, he means the decline of his place in NWO project. Many, such as myself have always loathed this privileged sense of entitlement so much part of that NWO.

He's right of course. Not least post Vietnam when the might and cruelty of that venture failed so badly and suddenly and to this day, things would never be quite the same. As 9/11 has proven. As much as an attack based on terrorism it was also heavily meant as an attack on the might of the New World Order's financial wealth.

If you doubt this suggestion consider Afghanistan and the billions squandered there. Stupidity and arrogance identical to that of Vietnam. Iraq just the same. As predicted many years ago and warned of by Russia, Afghanistan would become another "Vietnam". Likely and so it is beginning to become, another failed meddling interference in that Country to rival any in history and possibly take the award for the longest and most costly.

When the NYT rag gets nervous it really is time to take note. Not least when you realise a budget for the current USA's expenditure signs off on $716,000,000,000 for the military. It'll make many NWO individuals ever richer but won't win the war in Afghanistan or even the Middle East. Particularly the hypocritical argument they are looking to reinstate the "internationally recognised" government in Yemen. So how come they tried the opposite in Syria?

The stupidity of these powerful entities is breathtaking. Who said the definition of stupidity was making the same mistakes over and over again expecting a different result? Albert Einstein. Too insignificant for the deep state cabals is Albert. Or the gangster elements  happy to manipulate, along with the CIA, the poppy fields whilst their other pals play conquering heroes for the time being.
As that famous song tells us, 

Sunday, 12 August 2018


More Rubbish Twisting, 1984 Style, Of Language.

Let's firstly educate the thickos in the media corridors of smug delusion. The definition of "phobia", a noun meaning an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. Synonyms, abnormal fear, irrational fear, obsessive fear, fear, dread, horror, terror, dislike, hatred, loathing, detestation, distaste, repulsion revulsion, antipathy aversion. Now 

Now if we consider the picture above of the murder of Coptic Christians, the London Tube and bus bombings, the Manchester atrocity and the mowing down of innocents on London Bridge, it is not irrational to be wary or fearful of Muslim perpetrators. That's before we express our resentment at an unwarranted and despotic enforcement on us all of mass immigration.

The social engineering methods employed, as Blair's Labour apparachiks told us, to force multiculturalism down "middle class throats", sic, together with swelling their voter base,as shown in the last election, conspire to give the only obvious reason for aversion and antipathy to the state of our Nation today. Hardly phobia per se, is it?

That the frequent drain on our centuries old evolvement into a society at one with itself until the 1960s, is heavily damaged by mass immigration and the inevitable clash, not integration, of so many people prepared to not bite but devour the hands that feed them, is hardly a phobia. That we now have a police force more concerned with chasing down "hate" crime, except when directed at white people, is yet another symptom of the awful status we now endure.

Only last evening, Muslim related or not, ten, note ten, people shot and wounded at a Manchester "Carnival". Carnivals when I was young were never anything but innocent fun and pleasure. The worst behaviour the odd over imbibed bloke set for a strict berating by his nearest and dearest at worst. Some wonderful aspect once more of our multicultural Utopia.

Add sex trafficking, Establishment and police collusion in the the brutal rape of children, mobile letterboxes down every town pavement hiding who knows what under those masks getting more attention than the sick treatment of young girls, beggars belief.

So if resentment, horror, fear and revulsion are all to be regarded as far right phobias and to be vilified, ridiculed and suppressed, forgive me but this approach is heading towards a terrifying clash in the future. Already we are bereft of the widespread decency, respect for animals and patient resignation we once held for our societies excellence, tolerance and patience. Never to return, sadly. perhaps I suffer from fondmemoryphobia". 

Still, I did live those memories and have striven to put them on paper if only the odd person passing by might gain a degree of comfort in sharing. Great therapy, if nothing else.