The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

EUSSR Is Abusive.

So Many Abusers On The Payroll. 

I am moved this morning by yet another round of daily, quietly funded, gross subservience by the abusers of position, BBC. This morning's headline, slapped across their "propaganda home page" was yet more regurgitated, years old, garbage. That headline now replaced with a hallelujah dig at Government failure to actually reduce the ever more onerous and burdensome, unchecked population growth.

Surely the required skills can be found in these huge numbers of beneficial additions to our workforce? However, in all things logical, EUSSR PR funding is so vast as to guarantee any spin necessary to brainwash we Eloys which way or the other to bow down with humble gratitude to our EU masters.

However, even with the backhanders accounted for, €664 million buys huge swathes of  brainwashing capability. How this blurb got onto the BBC pages, hotly pursued by a TATA executive mouthing off on the same pro-EUSSR mantra and pre-referendum, can surely be found in a huge office in Brussels. One wining and dining, cajoling and bribing all and sundry to state their self interest, in return for who knows what.

We can be certain these "tasters" are just early, drip, drip, softeners. Heaven only knows the budget set aside from our extracted VAT and taxation, in order to ensure the overwhelming "do as we tell you" badgering and scaremongering closer a ballot. 

One thing which will not feature is the comparison with using our own money to fund our demise and the many times in history people have been forced to dig their own graves. How good would it be to throw the dirt back in their faces and vote NO to this growing subjugation at the hands of corporate, Common Purpose nastiness? Or are we condemned to finish the pit in which we are destined to be consigned? Or at least our children and grandchildren.

Does any one person believe Cameron and our Establishment have the slightest interest in stopping us shovelling our way to the extinction of freedom? Not when EU regs allow these earnings, to be subsidised by thee and me. More digging of our own graves, is it not? 

Such shady practices have become business as usual with the seemingly unstoppable EUSSR project. Will a NO vote, (or YES to quit the EUSSR), even be an option? I suspect the EUSSR will pack the UK with people suddenly allowed to vote on the issue in return for residency, benefits and and the holy grail of EUSSR patronage. Their eventual subservience unspoken of as the Establishment grow ever richer, more powerful and draconian in their demands. Not unlike the NAZI occupiers of the 1930s and 40s.

We are also programmed to dismiss this argument.  Yet Iin doing so you just carry on digging that grave called freedom.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

A Beautiful Interlude.

The Joy Of nature Through Special Talent.

Due to the inadvertent use of one of this photographer's image, in December 2013, I had cause to apologise. This has been most graciously accepted and with serendipity, led me to her work. The link below the beautiful scene above. 

A visit to her pages are a soothing balm and refuge from the more discomfiting world of political ineptitude. A pleasurable relief that such gifted people abound. 

Enjoy as I have and will continue to do so. 

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Whither The Swarm?

Soon, Perhaps, The Cotswolds?

This crowd of sad flotsam and third world migrants took over Park Lane circa three years ago. I wonder if their number has soared since and do they still squat in Park Lane? Probably not. More likely dispersed into the slums and ghettos which swell daily in and around our Capital.

My wife often remarks on the panic in that, well educated but banal, dim wit Turnbull's face, of abject fear, during the rioting of 2011. As he sat on the cosy BBC Breakfast sofa reporting on the violent unrest he suddenly realised it was but a short distance from his "middle class ghetto", thought to be immune from the consequences of the chatterati's liberal love in of all things migrant. As many must have been taken aback at the slum dweller's occupation of Park Lane.

Well the ever more obvious and glaring failure of the EUSSR's Schengen agreement to abolish EU border checks is beginning to bite very hard. However the utter stupidity of the pathetic bureaucrats, so ensconced in their selfish bubbles of smug arrogance, will take many years before the truth dawns. Not even the ever growing rise of extremism, replaying the history of the 1930s, will be recognised.

It does beg the question, what will it take to tear down the straw barricades of globalisation and corrupt capitalism? This recent stock market turmoil goes virtually unremarked by the globalists, shrugged off as a China problem the West can apparently ignore, whilst their Western corporate reach remains seemingly so much greater. That may be true just now but not if a major power feels marginalised and chooses to flex their muscles. Especially as Europe begins to be unable to hide significant cracks in its experiment of social engineering and ethnic cleansing of white populations.

As for what will it take to get real action from political conspirators in this federal, gross ambition? Perhaps a huge demographic change in their heartlands such as the Cotswolds. Chipping Camden turned into a centre for migrant housing on a grand scale. George Osborne does wish to have such rural development for the good of the rural environment. (?)

So how about we begin with the Cotswolds and see how, twenty years on, two or three new, large towns, wholly occupied by disadvantaged, poverty stricken migrants fare? Assuming the success of these new, vibrant, multi cultural, once rural developments and the joy with which the wealthy former inhabitants embrace the new spectacle of defecation, urination and crime, so beloved of Tower Hamlets' cultural excellence, role out across swathes of other beautiful rural settings, would be unarguable.

The Lake District, Home Counties, Cornwall, Devon, The Peak District. Easily filled with the migrant numbers pouring into Europe and travelling virtually unchecked across every corner. Once the success of the Cotswold experiment is realised, sorted. Britain alone becoming home to 200 or even 300 hundred million consumers. Job done, off to some more palatable location for those made rich from the chaos.