The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

This And That.

So The West's deep State Is Looking Rattled Too.

The fools running (sic) our Government pretenders have today touched, as ever, on the dire straits of the NHS. Overwhelming demand beyond planning and ageing. Like people getting old is a new phenomenon. Sure those living longer is up but that's from fewer world war decimation and generations such as the "baby boomers" taking care of themselves. The other frequent suggestion is a ring fenced tax for the NHS and care system. We could call it National Insurance, could't we? Oh, no we can't. That was the initial point of those contributions but the Sir Humphreys quietly got that absorbed into the general tax take whilst leaving 89% of people still believing it was still for the NHS and pensions. 

After decades of family devaluation, promotion of State will do everything for you and provide inversely to your your dependency, selfishness, delusions of victim hood grandeur and worst of all, gerrymandered mass immigration those in the heart of deep state politics are now wringing their hands. Guess what, kiddies, you have presided over the decay and in particular the vote rigging nastiness of socialism. Now embraced by the present day Tory Party and their EUSSR get out of jail free tactics.

Still, leaving the rancid EU is still possible, just! Aided by the growing understanding of the depth our hard work and social evolvement has and is being destroyed by global Bilderberger, Common Purpose sick ambition. Italy on board big time with the shenanigans dealt them. Let's hope that doesn't fizzle out.

Back home, Jezza is hinting at a unification of Ireland. Good luck with that. Then some customs genius tells us that £20,000,000,000, (£20 billion) is the cost of paperwork under Brexit declaration forms necessary. Another fear mongering fool. I suspect we spend ten times that on EUSSR bureaucracy wages and paperwork a month. If that huge sum is a well reasoned calculation it just underlines how overbearingly suffocated our civil service actually is.

Then the fragrant looking Julia Skripal popped up yesterday. I'm thrilled she looks so well after this lethal, awful and guaranteed fatal nerve agent was administered. Our media of course cherry picked her statement to Reuters. "She refused help offered by the Russian Embassy" say our lot. here is the link to her statement. "I'm grateful for the offers of assistance from the Russian Embassy" one quote after saying she hoped to return home to Russia "in the longer term".

Now given the MI6 planted stuff that they were seeking CIA help to give them new identities, that's quite a contradictory bit of hope from Julia that she want's to return home. Make your own minds up but I reckon she put out a bit of a hint there she's under no desire to be whisked off into who knows where. Plus if she really believes she was a target of her own State of ghosts from the Soviet Union would she be as gracious of foolhardy? I think not.

More ironic load of BS. Remember those of my age, the night storage heater scam? An expensive campaign by government to con people into buying heating fed by cheap, overnight electric tariffs. Millions made a fortune over these dreadful things filled with heavy, unmovable masonry. Well, they recently did it, over twenty years or so, with diesel fuelled vehicles. Now taxed heavily. Next up wood burning stoves! Watch fuel and seasoned wood prices soar on top of the forests ruined by the demand. Some cretins thought trees grow over a few weeks, I suspect.

As for UK's forests. yet another "privatisation rip off" here in the UK. The Forestry Commission's Forest Holidays Trust sold off, then last year the victim of another corporate rape. The planning here is to decimate our forests for the awful log cabin craze which will morph into abandoned and derelict slums, when the fad wears off. Leaving behind natural woodlands and habitat empty of natural creatures. My own area of Mortimer Forest already under the battalions of giant JCBs and a terrible attack. Loathsome greed and overpopulation serviced for the grasping few. 

As for why Vlad's piccy is up top. Well, the sanctions, vilification and attempted isolation by the West and The US deep state crooks is looking sick. Merkel and now Macron on supplicant missions to Moscow, worried sick at how sanctions are panning out badly for Europe. Given also the close bonds between China and Russia there really is a shift of power taking place. As for arms deals, how America is sulking as Turkey and Iran, among others, even Saudi Arabia, are coveting Russian weaponry!

This shift not least happening thanks to the dismal failure of the American global ambitions to bring every Country into its devalued and immoral tent of dubious value and highly suspect morality. Putin's style, his large electoral support, easily as fair an election as any in the UK these days if not more so, as well as his diplomatic genius is making idiots of the West. Especially when his Syrian legitimate support is put against the illegal presences of Western interventions of these past few years. Not least Yemen.

Still we are enjoying great weather!

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Time For Serious Change.

She's Incapable Of Anything That Is Not Treacherous Compromise.

Due to lots of factors I've not blogged for a few days. Hope I've been missed! I suppose the gushing media fest, rainbow cough inducing of the nuptials left me void of anything this minor event could inspire.

Not to say the marriage of a well connected young multi millionaire to a young, experienced actress of mixed race and divorcee isn't something to be lauded. That it has driven a coach and horses through traditional adherence to vows, now just theatrical productions, or that the Christian values now giggled at on the very cusp of this union by the bride, aren't a cause for celebration. No, it's just that shadow of exploitation for pecuniary gain that sickens me.

So, back to Tess. Brexit looks almost certainly dead in the water. It'll drag on and on, be delayed for apparent assuaging of the majority vote and likely, circa 2030, end up in a second referendum. Time enough for the desired, deep state result to be guaranteed. That is if this dictatorial, unelected gestapo are still in existence. Or even Brussels itself.

Be certain of this. So long as this weak, civil service led by the nose, ghastly woman is kept in Office, we will never escape the crippling grip of the EUSSR. I met her once. She'd just been given a Transport Brief. I knew before she did. I'm sad to say, The UK under this woman, is a vassal State of the EUSSR and will never be anything but. She is steeped in a passionate, obsessive thrall  to her civil service, MI5/6 butchers and the useless despots in Brussels. None of them elected by anybody but themselves. 

Tell me, woman, where are the Skripals? Where's the evidence you use daily to vilify Russia? WTF is going on in Ukraine, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and the growing possibility of peace in Syria? This latter possibility scares you and the West more than anything. It gives huge, global credibility to Vladimir and Xi Jinping if they, as looks probable, thwart America's deep state ambition. Can't have that, can we Tess? No wonder she pulls and gurns those faces. Loathsome woman. Give me Anne Marie Waters any day.

Monday, 14 May 2018

MI5 and MI6 Steeped In Political Excrement.

As We Saw In My Previous Post.

Jawing today with his mates in Europe, this latest "chief" in the Bliar mould of MI5 hit men, killing innocents like Dr David Kelly, this latest moron to hold our lives in his very murky hands, is preaching the anti all things Russian meme, yet again. Bet the vile man won't be parading the missing Julia Skripal to back him up, though. Or aplogising to the millions he and his CIA gangsters have dragged into the illegal meddling in Syria.

Even my little blog suffers from their auto check electronic bugs and is carefully stifled where deemed necessary. We live in gross times where democracy is the enemy of an ever more controlling deep state. Believe in any integrity of men like Parker at your peril. They really are the fully paid up, shameless hit men in suits of what once was the preserve of mafia and drug cartels. Proud to copy the evil ambitions of the CIA with zero ability of decency and moral worth.