The despair Of The British nation.

Monday, 1 September 2014

Always About Money.

Despots Boardroom Bribed.

Whether we look at The Middle East and ISIS, backed by The House of Saud, discussed here, or the Ukraine and the money flowing to Kiev's less than savoury, Nazi links, or the despicable backing for that murdering scum, Mugabe, we, the masses are becoming more and more inconvenient.

There is a global government in all but name. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is fact. Why else have politicians chosen to save banks by using money supplied by gangsters and drug barons? Discussed here. Western media follows this line and virtually every news item is given a slant designed to obfuscate, mislead and hide the dominance of the powerful corporations shaping our future. A future wherein only those eligible for nepotism from the cartels, comprised of tame, political, EUSSR weaklings and other bought off "Mugabe" types. 

Naturally there are just as horrific forces aligned against the West's global ambitions. China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the harnessed, primeval Islamic forces created to do the Saudi dirty work in genocidal destruction of the Shia, highlighted earlier in this post. 

The patient seduction and careful leading of the West's populations, towards the slavery deemed the only way to control the mass explosion of the human race, contrasts with the more sadistic methods of culling, exercised by Islamic wannabe world rulers. In this matter, both philosophies have the same goal of global dominance by a self selected few.

I suspect the collision of the two opposing forces will be fought both violently and economically. The mass impoverishment at best, death at worst, of most ordinary people, will be the outcome. Is this not what we are witnessing right now?

As for the ultra wealthy, on both sides of the struggle for total control, they will eventually join forces or destroy the Planet. A coming together would create joint policing, thus still a need for arms trading, common interests in energy, food and water needs would create gigantic global entities. Banking will rmain a central HQ command centre for holding huge assets. So protected as to be royalty.

Once more I suggest one glimmer of hope. Large Nations, with huge land masses and resources would seek to protect their holdings and National independence. China and Russia but two. Such irony when the demonisation, over so many decades, of both Countries, has been the meme pushed to feed the voracious appetite of the arms dealers.

As an aside, the nastiness, vindictive bullying of the UK police and NHS Authorities over this little boy and his devoted family, is a glimpse of where the process of enslavement has come, thus far. The refusal of the family to accept what is probably an economic reason for dodging further expensive efforts for the child's treatment, has left them hounded across Europe, incarceration of the parents and scary isolation of the dying boy. This unnecessary, ludicrous and alarmist behaviour by plod has probably cost more than the treatment may have done. This cost remains in the exercise in embarrassment control we will now have to suffer. Hopefully kicking off if the Spanish Judge shows more common sense than our pathetic lot.   

All about money, of course. A desire to keep quiet a new treatment reserved in the West for the despots with the cash to fund it. Can't have the masses properly looked after, can we? 

These same, wealthy to excess, are and will become ever more, the same people funding murder to create a supply of organs. As would become the norm in the brave new world of corporate elitism.

Can this be stopped? Only if some strong, decent leadership, with more than self interest at heart, were to arise. An Anglo Saxon Putin!

Friday, 29 August 2014

The Gospel According To Nato.

We Need New Believers.

Money, money, guns, more money. That's what this USA puppet is blathering. Rather than work with their arms and commercial competitor, Russia, the idiots in The West are happy to do the even dirtier PR work of the arms manufacturers and suppliers. No matter the humanitarian carnage. 

The US laid waste to Vietnam and arms suppliers cleaned up. Since then they have been donating weaponry to terrorists and rogue states in the Middle East. Very expensive and a huge waste of lives and trillions of dollars.

So a new market needs to open up. Ukraine is ideal. Counter the growing economic strength of Russia, give the EUSSR and NATO cause to spend on the latest military hardware, from guess where, then rope in as many other EU puppet regimes to bail out the dismal economies of Europe. What did happen to MH17? Ask the CIA.

Collateral damage, so what? We wrecked Europe once before and cleaned up. Well the Rothschilds and Co. did. That Gatling gun syndrome is back with us! Just put that into a post search here at Oldrightie.

Munich in the 1940s

Thursday, 28 August 2014

You Wait For Something.....

Then It Happens.

Douglas Carswell leaves the Conservative Party, hacked off with the facade of euro scepticism promoted by his duplicitous and deceitful Party hierarchy. In return the Establishment, supported by the likes of R A E North, with his own chip on the shoulder to nurture against UKIP, piles in with the anti UKIP concerto, directed by Brussels.

However, I for one admire Carswell's stand in seeking re-election under his new colours. Most "floor crossers" hang on for as long as they can, to fill their coffers with salary and expenses, pensions and selfish grasping. I suspect the vitriol directed at Carswell is little different to that aimed at Churchill's musical chairs.

It would be fantastic were Carswell to save us from Europe, just as Churchill did. Fantastical as that might seem, his defection could, we can but hope, spark a sea change in UKIP's fortunes every bit as much as the wonderful first place in the EUSSR election.

One final thought. The alacrity his joining UKIP has replaced Rotherham in the headlines and the rapid camera hugging by Camoron and Milibad proves, as if proof were needed, that such events are deemed far more worthy of their time and posturing than the dreadful society they have fervently assisted in creating. Suffer the little children not important unless belonging to parents easily able to forget them and leave them in a gastro pub.

Sadly the rise of UKIP is probably likely to be too little too late. Allah be praised the cry more likely to be the future of an Islamic State soon to reign supreme in these Islands and throughout Europe. At this point the rape of young children will be no longer be an offense but a right for those doing the Mullahs' bidding.