The despair Of The British nation.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Oylmpic facade.

All That Glitters, As They  Say!

An uncomfortable modern world we inhabit in 2016. The advent of rolling, incessant and banal 24/7 news is 99% biased propaganda. Albeit I do consider Russia Today to be more like 70% or less if compared to their Western counterparts. 

The biggest culprit for a gold medal award for slavish political correctness and blind worship of minority, therefore dictatorial, government of the left persuasion has to be the BBC. Even "trumping" CNN and Fox moronic productions. At first glance one might regard the complete absence of news, in favour of the relief a "great" sporting event allows, every four years,  is to be applauded, perhaps.

Indeed I have found careful cherry picking of events very enjoyable, in the main. Cycling one of my teenage passions reignited 56 years on! Add significant British success and even better. A further revelation was the spectacle of human and animal interaction in, of all things, dressage. 

However I have a very large caveat to offer. In the shadow of extreme poverty and the violence it can beget, when often intelligence is also in very tiny supply, the obscene cost of these "games" looks very tarnished. Add to that the vilification of Russian sport and Putin over drugs and the hypocrisy begins to seep under the flags and fig leaves of presentation above honesty.

Not only drugs either. Coe is damaged goods and likely very much in thrall to fraud and bribery allegations as ever Sebb Blathering Blatter is and was. Maybe the name "Seb" is an issue here. Is this no smoke without fire? I rather think it might be. So consider this further link to modern morality's fading efficacy. War, mass migration and humanitarian abuses.

As the Olympics approach a final curtain, for four years to come, the dark savagery of constant war and butchery competes for gold medals in tit for tat propaganda, amidst all sides.  More succinctly put by Raedwald than I can muster. The tragic pictures of dead children little more than further despicable spoils of media seeking wars. In all of this mayhem, the West in particular, is happy to ignore the rule of law, when it suits their support for "despot du jour" political and corporate convenience.

These mindsets are the same as those considered in the coverage of all things salable. Our very freedoms, decency and yearning for honesty are but tools to be bartered in a seemingly endless frenzy of buying and selling. Our very emotional existences are there to be exploited in attempts to deprive us of all we have, have worked for and tried to achieve in our lives.

As for the kids. Ill educated, treated like precious and innocent jewels until their spoilt, taught narcissistic arrogance slams up against reality. Despite all the glittering prizes of celebrity and sporting success trumpeted as available for all the stark fact that the Utopian myth is nought but an empty promise. One every bit unlikely for most as any lottery fortune win, is cleverly masked.

Our I-phone, keyboard generations are being addled into a future, in their post youth, now circa late twenties onward, of discarded penury as obsolete as their five minute technology. The media the conductors of this nightmare society morphing into oblivion faster than yesterday's laptop. 

How terrible that once great nations and civilisation is crumbling, through its own greed and narcissism. Olympic Games just a cover for the endless barbarity engineered in the Middle East. 9/11 but a precursor to the failed and bloody evil exchanged in Afghanistan and throughout the World. A relatively simple chap like myself able to forecast years back that Helmand and the Taliban opium needs would once again be untid at a cost of lives, limbs and colossal waste of scare resources on the back of opportunistic, meddling intervention.

Still we may yet have another week of summer to enjoy before what may be a very dark winter. or not!

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Back Home.

Our World Still Ablaze.

I am astounded at the banality of August and the wall to wall ignoring of real events in favour of the salivation over the Olympic games. Sure there's some good stuff to be watched but sadly drugs still have a Jumbo stuck resolutely in the building if not in the room. So I am wary of too much enjoyment in case it is likely to be tainted down the road.

More worryingly is the plethora of news items ignored and blanked by our self absorbed media and the escalation of censorship by subtlety. Not least the abbreviated footage of a black man's sister calling for "non violence" after her brother shot dead by, it appears, a black officer who knew him. The real speech was one of incitement to violence against white suburbs. As we see here.

Then there are email leaks showing how Soros has been able to use his wealth to run Washington global destabilisation interventionism. Some market fixing is this. You set up billions of hedges knowing full well a nation is about to be thrown deliberately into turmoil. Bingo, you cream billions as the mayhem, murder and slaughter of innocents unfolds. Some democracy, that. No wonder the evil old fart was upset about Brexit.

Mind you, the talk now is not until late 2019. Yeah, or some time never. As "late 2019" arrives we'll get "It's so near the UK election in May, 2020, no point doing it until after then." Since May's pathetic excuse right now is the French and German ballots, why would that not apply in 2019 to the UK's. Plus Soros is smarting so much brexit must be stopped.

Finally the migrant crisis. Violence, albeit subdued for now, still covers Europe. Corsica feeling a backlash with most of France. Germany smoking and about to burst into flames. if the present warm weather continues our own ghettos may well erupt. never mind, the cushy, expensively bodyguard secured havens of the rich and powerful elites will be just fine. Well that may be not for much longer if their nastiness and Soros funded world gets to be found out by greater numbers of those effected.

Enjoy what's left of this summer break. The bar stewards will be back ere long and the drudgery of subjugation once more de rigeur.

Sunday, 7 August 2016

State of Play

Is This August Dismal Or Is It Me?

I suspect, like many who voted for Brexit, the euphoric victory is looking somewhat tattered. Sure it's August and the Establishment is pouring their ill gotten millions of our dosh into the sunspots and exotic locations across the globe their current fashion dictates. Pictures abound of Sir Green and his huge floating palace alongside a porky and vengeful Camoron on a break prior to his next bout of two fingered gestures post his "honours" PR disaster.

It is rather ironic that this privileged man ran his short Premiership barely months as a majority Government when his erstwhile PR management deserted him. Without that weird collection of Cyril Smith acolytes, led by Clegg, to blame any paucity of decency in Government, he dropped a mega clanger immediately.

Add his lies about staying on post the vote, buoyed by his certainty of victory, via vote rigging, his total acceptance of a fear campaign and the eventual disaster he presided over for his own career, one wonders how he survived as long as he did. it remains to be seen if his chosen successor will be any better. 

The omens are not good and I feel this August annual shut down of the rich and powerful is clouded by the fear and anxiety that Mrs May may not be a PM of her word like most of her predecessors. Chubby Cam a leader of such treasonable people. Matters such as this likely to be quietly ignored by the MSM, chatterati and the newly selected PM.

Furthermore this invoking of Article 50 delay is hardly that which 17,410,742 expected when the leave majority was declared. All the excuses about taking our time are just pathetic. Since it is supposedly a minimum of two years to complete why any delay in kicking it off?

Just as dismaying and dismal are the reports of foot dragging and civil service probable collusion to thwart, with Sir Humphrey style arrogance, the new Ministry for Brexit, led by David Davis. This kind of stuff,  if such an article is to be believed and I think it is, is but one hint of the dirty tricks to come. Dismal isn't it?

Then there is Carney's act of sabotage in reducing interest rates and printing money. Every single pound produced devaluing those in existence. It's a cunning way of deflating individual incomes without any immediate awareness. Probably circa several years. Just as it was done after the banking crash of 2008. 

Here we are, eight years on, now feeling the effects. A huge drop in petrol prices hardly felt anymore. Cost of living rising steadily and any savings in mortgage or loan interest long gone when stacked against low wage rises and stubborn energy costs. Then we have the monstrous, out of control NHS costs. The crippling 20% VAT a drag anchor and the ever open mouth of civil service and government salaries and pension costs.

Yup, it's all very dismal. The one bright shining star of Brexit now flickering and pale as the Establishment continue to mask its glow. A new PM probably being coached and convinced her place in history will be to overturn the last vestiges of democracy. Siren voices will urge upon her the need to remain shackled to the burgeoning Islamic State of Europe. A direction seen as the only one to take to stop the terror at large.

So, as August drifts on, with weather as patchy as any politics, I'm off with my two precious persons, in Mrs OR and the Dobe, for a sojourn on the Welsh coast. Home and garden in the very capable hands of friends for a few days. An escape from the wretched, drug fuelled partying in Rio and the stumbling, reeling failure of the Establishment and their cronies to man up to a democratic result! 

Indeed I have been feeling a growing need to sign off blogging for good. However, I shall not give in for a while. Maybe, if we do get to pull out of that woeful, Merkel led nightmare of a project, that is all but a fourth Reich, then might be the time. I hope the coming week will be, for all of my kind followers, as blessed as I expect it for myself.