The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Well Wa da ya Know?

A Lone But Intelligent Article.

For some time now Obummer and his muppets in The Western world have sought to vilify Russia and Putin. Their use of hypocrisy over Crimea and Syria its usual self. Bomb Mosul's human shields to pieces, or Yemini people, just tickety boo, Ya know. Hell, our crap and mess in Iraq and Libya, so what?

Yet a legal ally of Assad, Russia, vilified for daring to assist a legal Government, recover lost lands by consent of their people, Crimea, that is just not acceptable to American Corporate hegemony. Killary Clinton just can't wait to hover her pudgy, evil fingers over the nuke button. Doctor Strangelove in drag.

Than God we sensible and pragmatic souls have an ally in the otherwise pathetic, bought and paid for, buggered,Western,slavish media. The same magazine also had a superior approach to Brexit. So comforting in the face of the gross distortion of the BBC/SKY and the rest of the Western buffoons we suffer. Boulton possibly the most odious and grotesque imaginable. 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Establishment Still Winning.


After the euphoria of the referendum vote we are slowly being forced back into our enslavement. The EUSSR edict has been issued to the media produces just one indicator of the increasing confidence of the PTB. Today we are told of yet another quiet step towards nullifying the will of the people. A constant drip, drip of creeping return to pre-Brexit arrogance, smugness and self entitlement of our despotic Establishment.

We see the same gross and biased manipulation of the American election. Two ghastly candidates with one mired in criminal, treacherous email and corrupt scandal lorded to the skies. The second candidate so feared by the Establishment and dreadful banking dynasties as to be vilified and hammered for being on the Planet. The likely outcome skewed by electoral fraud already dry run on Sanders.

Then there is Obummer. A more lame Anas Rubripes you couldn't find anywhere. A guy seemingly more than happy to watch his Saudi butchers do their thing in Yemen, terrorists behave as proxy, genocidal scum in Syria on his behalf and comfortable with slaughter in Western Aleppo whilst vilifying the legal Government's efforts to dislodge the human shield cowards in the east of that city. Assad voters dispensable, murdered with hypocrisy. 

Then, back home in good old Blighty the Establishment have, as I forecast many, many months ago, have circled their wagons and seen off the victims of child abuse by their entrenched molesters in high places. As Leon Brittan's family cry foul and Cliff Richard weeps self pityingly, any hope of bringing the friends and confidantes of Cyril Smith to book fade by the minute. Is it all a myth? I very much doubt it. Indeed this destruction of any meaningful enquiry has been a master class in cunning nastiness.

The same approach to the foregoing subject employed over the mass rape of white girls and women by migrant, Asian and mostly Muslim peasants and riff-raff dregs of humanity now rampaging fearlessly and untouchable across Europe. The link above and any internet search comes up with these horrors. This is the true face of the real Europe and its political disasters. It dates back to 2006! We're ten years worse off today.Do we get to hear of it on our media? In press conferences from Downing Street or Labour and Corbyn? Not a whisper. Can't upset the Muslim vote, can we? Nope. They and our media are to busy glad handing the refugee "kids" being dumped on the UK by France.

Children? taking the piss if you ask me.

As this bloody decline of civilised decency accelerates, our lot cover it all up employing ignorant and stupid rants against Russia. One nation with a leader proud to stand up and show strength and character on behalf of his own people. yet his legal presence in Syria is slammed by Wiggy Kerry, bawled out buy Buffoon Boris whilst they hypocritically tut demurely over Yemen and Saudi aggression. 

Quietly those same morons tacitly prefer ISIL to Assad, in the pathetic belief that, post job done, Assad and Putin seen off, they can rein in those gross excuses for human beings. Sure, like the fools did over Al Qaeda. I really can see a time when Europe is ablaze like the Middle East and millions of whites fleeing East in the hope of sanctuary in Russia. Just you see. Women and children first, unlike the lot in Calais.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Shame Of Being A Westerner.

Coupled With Living Amidst Snowflakes.

Raedwald expresses my own despair today, found in this link, with a neat debunking of our grossly biased and manipulated media. "Russia Today" has its own glaring bias at times but is interspersed with self deprecation and often excellent and proven examples of American and the Western morons who masquerade as "diplomats". John Kerry above as ineffectual and intellectually challenged as most of Obummer's appointees.

In Raewald's post and the comments attached, we can see a degree of sense and understanding of the historic debacle American interventions cause. particularly when done at the behest of the Saudis. If anyone has guilt at the plight of the massacre of innocents, not just in Syria but the whole of the Middle East any attempt to assuage that guilt should follow the path to Washington's door or any of their puppets residing luxuriously in Europe.

Virtually all the ills now afflicting the human race can be traced back to the ghastly belief held by the American Corporate despots that they alone are entitled to garner the wealth of our Planet and woe betide any criticism. No ally is spurned in the quest for geo- political dominance. As released in leaked emails just today IS is seen to be bankrolled by Saudi money nodded through by Obummer.

As highlighted over at Raedwald's the terror spreading across the World is of American interventionist greed and acquiescence to any atrocities as long as they are by "friends". That Russia's presence in Syria is at the behest of the legal Government is never mentioned. A factor also ignored by the thousands of pious, ill informed snowflakes of our present molly coddled liberals.

Never mind using Calais to bring about celebrity crocodile tears, Benedict angst and a legion of idiots parading their challenged intellects for self centered purposes, if they really did any in depth research it would be our own Parliament and The American Embassy we would be vilifying. If our clown of a Foreign Secretary does not realise that he's a bigger and more stupid a man as can be.

Still, when you have Johnson, Parliament and Kerry urging that more effing bombing is the answer, not our dropping the manufactured nastiness and regime change crap already failed, from Vietnam to Libya, what hope is there for peace? Even more bizarre when they openly talk of shooting down Russian aircraft. How clever is that potential nuclear outcome and what does it tell us of how we are led in this modern day?