The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 18 April 2015


Labour To Clamp Down On Immigration, You Think?

Milibad, three months on! "You think I meant one thing I said during the election campaign?"

Would you credit the ease with which Wallace gurned his way through this latest pack of made up, cretinous lies. Labour are, just like all the three main parties, besotted with destroying the culture and ethnicity of white people throughout all of Europe.

Note the talk of wicked employers exploiting migrant, cheap labour? What an ass of gross proportions. His social engineering, trailer trash benefit largess is the cause of so many of our woes. The answer, it seems, is to slag of "exploitative" employers unable to find Brits prepared to graft in menial, tough work. Brits happy to sit on their KFC, McMuck fed arses, paid benefits to become professors of obese fecklessness. 

I loathe our ruling classes with a passion for their wasteful dismissal of all I was taught to achieve to get a good life. Hard work, self reliance and lack of whining self pity that somehow being a waste of space is nothing to do with me. 

However the way leftards have brought this ghastly culture and society into being still remains a mystery. As immigrants overwhelm housing, the NHS and education, swell our cities with ghettos and drag an underclass, created by Labour and socialism, further into the gutter and homelessness, is beyond me and still people vote for them. 

Do none of these people look around and realise our society is now so massively underprivileged and ruined by Labour, their future is nought but deprivation? I guess a schooling of propaganda and brainwashing has allowed the lobotomies required to be completed quietly and without fuss. What other reason can explain the mess our once proud UK has now found itself in.

Still, if Labour are wiped out in Scotland and the English come to their senses, we may yet see a tectonic shift come about. Glass half full, maybe?

Friday, 17 April 2015


Debate Or BBC Production?

So much media driven and contradictory ess aitch one tee. So all I can fall back on is my own view and interpretation of the mayhem surrounding this debate.

Sturgeon, a nasty, typical product of the socialist, churlish politics of envy. Her quite unreasonable, tribal venom poured over the "Toorrreies" is pathetic and quite uncaring as to those who have benefited so much, over the years, from the damage limitation Tory Governments have to do, post every single socialist mismanagement spells in power. How this witch is getting so much credibility is gross. I suppose this is because the SNP will be able to force their Nationalistic fervour down our throats via blackmailing that weakling, Milibad.

How Milibad's heavily coached but still weird presentation was seen as winning this joke of a BBC stage play, is ridiculous. A production designed to promote leftie bile against one sensible, decent bloke, speaking for many millions more than the others combined, was as biased as it could possibly be.

The main difference between right wing leaning people and the leftards is simple. The right believes in personal responsibility and accountability for their own lives, work and success. The leftards believe the State will, no matter how feckless, selfish, greedy and pathetically stupid their Jeremy Kyle life style might be, pick up the pieces. Be it drug programmes, unwanted children or slum creating slovenliness, all is believed to be smoothed over and forgotten by a beneficent Big Brother State.

Well, look where this leads. Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao are all examples of how, when the cash runs out, draconian cruelty and natural selection comes to the fore and the weakest, least intelligent and vulnerable are the first to suffer death and unspeakable misery.

So to listen to the three lefties shouting at each other over how they can wreck our United Kingdom's economy and the hard, long five years to slowly turn Labours' 13 years of incompetence, by most of us, was scary. The one, though isolated and vilified by the rest on the stage, Dimblebore and his handpicked carefully selected, (his words) audience, right wing representative, was a breath of fresh air. His common sense, unwillingness to surrender to the bullying, baying set up against him, was very worthy.

Also, can anyone explain this. UKIP is classified as "far right" for their passionate defense of the United Kingdom. The leftards rail on about how nationalist fervour is an evil, nasty way to feel. The EUSSR promote this vilification for their own ends, of course. They, the EUSSR, Merkel led Commission, gave BSYB an enormous bribe  in return for a friendly policy for SKY to promote the EUSSR. That alongside the BBC's own nice little sweetner.

Now this labelling and vicious approach to blacken UKIP, through their Nationalistic approach, is not directed against the SNP! UKIP wants the UK to be its own, united masters and not infiltrated and robbed by the EUSSR. Scottish nationalism wants all the goodies the UK provide but their own, small fiefdom in order to have a one party dictatorship without any competition from "English" based parties.

SNP nationalism is far closer to 1930s Germany than anything else and certainly nastier than anything UKIP are about. How come this never gets mentioned? I suppose, because in the blinkered world of stupid socialists, human nature doesn't exist. Sturgeon's total left wing credentials are enough for the BBC and Sky, EU bought and paid for media, to back her.Nazi means National Socialist German Workers' Party. Is it too far a reach to say National Socialist Scottish Workers' Party.

Maybe we shall have to fight Culloden all over again. That or vote for a Tory/UKIP coalition! 

One other salutary illustration of our loss of any democratic representation is doing the rounds and is a very deep cause for thoughtful consideration. The SNP can achieve 46 seats with 1 million votes, UKIP 1 seat with 5 million seats! So much for democracy.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Child Abuse Industry.

Should The Pimping Of Children Be Taxable?

In the middle of a faux election campaign child abuse is totally ignored. Given that  the EUSSR decided drugs and prostitution are worthy of a tax levy then, since child exploitation by adults is as rife and commercial, should this also be added to the Sodom and Gomorrah nature of our authoritarian shite in the upper echelons of our paedophile practitioners and powerful.

After all, it's all about money, this election. So where money is regularly changing hands as frequently as kids are passed around like chattel,  I would expect such a successful industry heavily supported by those in power and the wealthy children's homes bosses and owners, to receive endorsement from the political classes. "Vote for us, especially Asian child pimps and groomers, we'll make your industry even richer and no tax, as a promise"!

How ironic as one of their own, this very morning, is calmly let off facing charges as a Rotherham children's Home worker relates, in fear of her safety, harrowing details as to how children were and still are farmed out for rape, abuse and the terrible halitosis that is the stench of this activity.

Not one Party leader has vowed to stamp on this grotesque and systemic abuse. Jenner let off purely so he doesn't rope in those he shared his sickening depravity with and who probably are yanking the strings of election campaigns safe, in their cocoon of invincibility. At least UKIP did mention child safety, albeit briefly. The rest, sworn to silence between them. 

Where, one wonders, are their wives and daughters. Or the women candidates? Why do they fail to push their anger and disgust on these matters? Are they all as tolerant of this "trade" as Harperson?