The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tough Times.

Oldrightie Needs To Look After Mrs Oldrightie And Dobe For A Few Weeks.

Blogging will be sporadic for while but I will post as and when possible. Mrs OR is to have a hip re-build! OR will be very busy with caring and puppy minding!

Monday, 20 October 2014

If You Can Spare A Few Minutes.

Oh How Prescient.

Listen to warnings so very accurate. We should all hang our heads in shame at allowing our bought and paid for treacherous Establishment to take us to the awful place we are now in.

Patriotism is not racist.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday The Day Of Delusion.

So Often On The Marr Show For Losers.

Week in week pout this programme runs its thinly disguised propaganda for all things leftie and or EU. This morning was of little change with Barroso and Burnham starring as this weeks comedians par excellence.

As for Burnham and his boastful "I did this" and "I brought in this", "When I was Health Minister" and so on. Let's remind ourselves of some of his Government's track record over 13 years. Not forgetting bankrupting the Nation and leaving no money left for anything, let alone the NHS basket case construct.

The NHS under Labour embraced above and beyond any common sense, PFI, totally supported by Burnham.

Labour hate the elderly whilst pretending sympathy, even from Burnham this very morning. Two faced piece of nastiness. the real nasty party.

For all this thick piece of work his threats went little further. Too scared of what would have almost certainly been found true.

These are just three hints at the flavour of Burnham and his Party's ability to deny inconvenient truths. I'm no apologist for any of the present governing classes but for certain the socialists and their Milibad champagne quaffing, nepotistic, hypocrisy ridden cronies make me sick to the stomach. Burnham a Prince among their Satanic existence.