The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Media Now Really Into Fake Everything.

President D J Trump Will Have His Work Cut Out To Stop The Media Corporate Slaves.

Just look first and closely at this picture. Particularly at the very top and in the distance.

Now the meme pushed by much of the sore loser crowd is shamefully jumped on by the Daily Fail and others using some pretty underhand trickery.

There are varying statements as to when the pictures are taken. The bare, white spaces in the "Trump" picture is made up of quite a large expanse of canvas tenting! The picture also taken on the right is known to be several hours before the oath was to be taken.

As for the depth of real unpleasant nastiness we have to carefully note this typical and downright gross and very ignorant, classless innuendo. from deranged and addled coke head "feminists". This feminist movement but a crowd of men hating idiots frustrated and abandoned by relationships gone sour, if ever any at all. Add into the mix the weakness of the leftard, barely male psyches on the one hand lusting after beautiful women and on the other hand inadequates incapable of wooing any half way lovely female. Males steeped in the envy of others and so wrapped up in their own bitterness, cruel savagery all they can manage.

Those same men often represented by the Islamic creed of misogynistic fervour to match their paedophile prophet's tendencies and "guidance". Men who are ignored by these erstwhile loser feminists and allowed to rampage their barbaric lust across the Western world with not a peep from this crowd of female creepy weirdos. Long may President Trump reign and subdue the harridans and spawn of the witches in Macbeth.

Friday, 20 January 2017

A Great Day Or Not?

Only Time Will Tell

Leftard poor losers across the Western social spectrum are weeping, gnashing their molars and poncing about with their self entitled and self awarded badges of superiority. Their noses so high in the air they are incapable of smelling the stench of their own creation beneath them. By that I mean the stupidity employed in their addled brains as to bar them from any awareness of reality.

The Establishment they so suck up to has presided for decades over arms dealings, alliances with despots such as the Saudis, constant wars to impose the assuaging of their greed on so many others and the list goes on. This same establishment has failed dismally to address poverty, dictatorial Mugabe style morons and continue to laugh at us all. Their smugness, including their deluded "supporters", blind to the manner arms have been supplied to ISIS, now gathering in Syria once more. Allowed to depart Mosul freely in order to face the so far successful Syrian/Russian alliance led cease fire.

Our cretinous media have these leftard, bleeding heart snowflakes fully under control. The ever ongoing tirades, originating with Baz Obummer, against Russia, swallowed without question. Just as the terrible nastiness against The President Elect, 24 hours from now, President Of The United States of America, has wound up the most stupid of our Western people. 

So stupid they support wars and mass refugee creation, wail at perceived racism, label democracy as populism and thus to be despised. Their idiocy knows no bounds as they worship minorities and meddle with language as though it belongs only to they to manipulate as they please. As with "populism" we have racism for national pride and the natural human need to feel they belong. The tribalism of the middle ages is fine, the similarity with National sentiment ignored.

These liberal, small minded and infantile fools ignore the terrible consequences the globalism which controls them has wrought across the planet. They fall for the "climate change" scams hook line and sinker, despite the disastrous consequences on third world countries. They fall for the genetic modification of nature as a way to feed the poor when it's purely another scam to enhance the global, corporate grocery trade, for the few with most to gain, as they underpin their greed.

The self same fools rail against the populism now causing the might and powerful corporations, now partying in Davos, to fret against the rise of anti globalisation attitudes the liberal stupidity just doesn't grasp. No more so than how the very might of a few has been dented by the majority, who are beginning to realise how the manner of Orwellian success, to date, has quelled democratic will for decades.

Whatever one might think of the incoming President, what is more important is the manner of his success. An anti Establishment movement, desperate to knock out the Goldman Sachs, Soros et al, powerful and wealthy despots, to whom nought matters but themselves. The people who have taken the African model of greed, debauchery and selfish brutality and employed it globally.

Any partner, no matter how brutal, is welcomed, if it suits "their" needs. Where have gone the Guantanamo protesters, the waterboarding use demonstrations? The suppliers of arms to all and sundry and the regime change tactics used to further arms trade and commercial dominance have all, hitherto, been ignored by the fools now gathering to give visibility to the constant brainwashing of decades. Protests funded, if the protesters could but work it out, by the Establishment the Eloys fail to see controls them.

I am at a loss to see one iota of any sense or logic in the degree of undemocratic anger and likely violence now bubbling under the surface of the eloys wound up by the likes of the Clinton puppeteers. A global, note that word carefully, orchestrated nonsense. At least as suggested by the BBC fools and CNN cretins, it is global and using some, genius in his own mind, phrase, "bridges not walls". 

Yet a bridge between Russia and America, of utmost substance, might be better built than the sabre rattling threats of Clinton and Obummer. This fact ignored by our brain washed masses oblivious to the few weeks of peace in Syria since Aleppo fell. 

A defeat for the Establishment in the West ought to be welcome. An Establishment so great they appear, with some evidence, to be allowing thousands of IS terrorists to reinforce, as proxies, the Establishment cause in Syria. A need to defeat Assad and thereby Russia, to slow their loss of credibility. There are other, ignored failings of Western meddling we can consider.

Ukraine is one such Obummer, led by proxy, embarrassment. As frequently the case, the EUSSR glib sycophants, headed by Merkel, the front proxies. This intervention, its failure and loss of Crimea into the welcoming and hospitable arms of Russia, is now used to pretend Putin is the expansionist, not the terrorists of the global elite.

So powerful is the grip on the gullible minds of the leftards, troops shipped to Poland from America, backed by aggressive, supportive voices from the EUSSR, that the claims this is to counter Russian expansionist ambition are believed! The tame media spout the propaganda and fake news dictated by their masters and far too many fall for it all. The Orwellian speak reigns supreme in populations for decades dominated by the infantile thinking of faux socialism.

What millions of people, my humble self among them, passionately desire is a world at peace. After decades of American, corporate led, bankster bankrolled interventions to further, not democracy but arms led commerce, sensible folk are stirring and noticing the shackles made from their own subservience.

It is without doubt the stirring of common sense that firstly voted Brexit and secondly Trump. The Establishment is mighty and are garnering the fools brainwashed like scientologists, to protest against the very things their muddled psyches once felt was so wrong in the world.

So brainwashed are the huge number of intellectual pygmies they troop to protest as mindlessly and as duped as the sad souls trudged off to the "shower rooms" beloved of the Nazis. They welcome the mass movement of refugees without one seconds thought to the losses these people endure. Given a choice they would sooner have stayed in their homes, lived with their friends and enjoyed a peaceful life. Their displacement is as much down to globalisation and Establishment led interventions, as is the rise of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

The leftards defy all logical awareness as to the consequences of tolerant appeasement. Slowly but increasingly more frequently, this weak appeasement is spreading fear, brutality and violent rape across the Nations taking them in. Sweden now gifting their young women as sex slaves to the swarms of unaccompanied men, welcomed so airily and self righteously by their own leaders and the misguided softies.

As in Sweden so across Europe. Germany, Austria and France at the forefront. All the time kowtowing to political correctness and this neverending cycle of media collusion to suppress the horrors now rife across our near Continent. A major weapon employed by the Establishment, is the hijacking and abuse of common decency to exploit millions for the advantage of the need to control all not regarded as one of "them".

The present major awakening of millions of hitherto, as the soon to be President says, forgotten, is a real opportunity for the World to come together. If the self interest of the Establishment is not sidelined but the revolution in awareness continues to grow, violent and global conflagration may well result.

It saddens me that the huge but still outnumbered losers across Europe and America are unable to accept their defeats in 2016 graciously. If the Brexit and new President are, we can but pray, successful in ending conflict, creating fairer global interaction and helping the fractured, overcrowded human populace survive, will the leftard sore losers come round to accepting the majority will in making it happen?

Unfortunately the language of anger and the vile tactics at play, particularly by the Western, manipulated and biased mainstream media, make my dreams unlikely. Yet in all fairness, one year ago I never believed Brexit and President Trump could happen. So perhaps there is still hope.

As for bridges not walls. There should be a distinction made there. Bridges to welcome friends, walls to keep out our enemies. Mind you we might reasonably suggest that the Trojan Horse Cavalry is already in place. In which case we'll need those bridges to escape! Or our grandchildren will.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Such Fun.........

Trevor Phillips On Baz.

I make no apology for featuring this nastiness once more

This rude and ignorant yesterday's man, full of racist bigotry should, if he has one jot of a brain cell, regret so very much this nastiness churned out to a public gathering happy to go along with a lack of decency that even back then was shameful. He's not laughing now.

Not only that the respected Trevor Phillips rubbished Obummer's legacy in The Sunday Times yesterday,  showing forensically how more racially divided the USA is today than it was eight long years ago. One cannot help but hope the many, many sycophants at that gala dinner now see the ludicrous folly of their attitudes and rudeness.

Not least as, in a few hours time, or three days or so, President Elect Mr Donald Trump becomes President. How embarrassed if not downright petrified must be all those, in America and abroad, who so readily joined in with Obummer's bullying, childish, cowardly performance back in 2011.

However the likes of the EUSSR, the pretend leftard, faux bleeding heart socialists and their cheerleaders such as Streep and that gross Cumberbach have most to fear. That is if, as I suspect will happen, President Trump helps put the world back on its feet. Particularly if he joins Vladimir to denounce all violent and armed groups across the Planet as no more than anti democratic terrorists. Then those so happily ready to condone the atrocities in Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria will be exposed and seen as naked in their hypocrisy.

In a similar vein the Gove meeting with The President Elect caused a stir of anxiety. Not least in the ranks of the tattered reputations of the BBC moronic news rooms. Now their fake news and unconfirmed reporting as factual tricks and unpleasant bias is so very obvious, they look evermore beaten and dilapidated. 

Much the same applies to the deservedly on the rack Merkel. Then there is the NATO issue. As the real sabre rattling continues, right up to the inauguration, with thousands of American troops and tanks needlessly and expensively shipped out to Poland, to stir up as much as possible the aggressive pot for the new President to sort out, nobody points out the stupidity of this move. Any similar move by Putin to counter EU aggression, such as in Ukraine is vilified. yet when Khrushchev looked to put missiles into Cuba we flirted then with nuclear holocaust.

If Clinton had won that election I suspect we would be in even greater danger of escalation in Ukraine and on the Eastern European borders. She determined to follow Baz's idiocy and personal vendetta against Vlad out of a hidden agenda of spite and arms dealing opportunities. By the way, where is the Witch? Roll on Friday.