The despair Of The British nation.

Friday, 21 November 2014

What Voting For UKIP Might Achieve.

Reasons For Voting, UKIP 1.

Sorting out the scum and those prepared to get rich defending them. People who now roam our streets at will, share their spoils with senior police officers and Establishment figures, in return for protection. A culture alien in commitment and alien in primitive and uncivilised paedophile immaturity. Deportation is long overdue.

When I say alien to the rest of us, that excludes those in power who for decades have been part of these obscene inadequates and deviants. They are known by some and it's despicable they still remain unexposed.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

LibLabCon Panic!

What Joy. Long May It Last.

Sorry it's not a white van! Another mega rich, hypocritical Milibad obese flagship found out. Just as Snot Picker Gordo showed his credentials for hating his own supporter, Mrs Duff, so Milibad's and now Burnham dragged into the limelight on QT. Burnham, the man who presided over a white genocidal NHS and now claims he is the answer to his own self important incompetence.

Then we had Newsnight trying desperately to pee on UKIP's parade, only for the the Thornberry mega but truthful gaffe to hit the fan. How far up their coke orifices these people are they have so readily forgotten the EU result. One wherein the chatterati's vilification of UKIP only fired people up to support them.

Well, the Rochester result may well do the same. A landslide bolstered by the failed Labour and LibDum support looking for a home to bed down in. If we now throw in the SNP North of the Border and its threat to Labour's ability to win a goldfish next May, it all looks very interesting.

Still, that's a few months off. Let's savour tonight's probable result. One which should blow another hole in that hulk of an Establishment ship long overdue for the wrecker's yard.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

UK Youth?

Well Some Are, Possibly

How depressing this childish stupidity when we, as a Nation, have been bankrupted by the socialist years. Sadly there remains not one Party or leader, par maybe Farage and UKIP, with one iota of common sense to change the awful legacy of decline embraced by our EUSSR masters.