The despair Of The British nation.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Parallel Universes.

Now More Than Ever.

A glimpse this morning gave a significant insight to the now well understood uselessness of western media and its total subservience to an Establishment control. We really do have a mythical, orchestrated drama, Hollywood style production line of propaganda fed to us as news. All obvious, real news, critical of the POB is carefully shuffled into the background.

Natural disasters are manna from heaven in the need to "bury bad news". look at Syria. So well is the Government doing in the war on rebel factions and the monster that is IS, we hear little. Even when reports of US attacks on the legitimate army take place to support Al Nusra and by association IS, shhhhhhh.....Allegations by the West get full coverage, truth nothing. At least shouldn't debate be made available? No way. 

Then consider the shocking evidence that Obama's FBI did wire tap Trump's campaign. This shown in the BBC's US Canada sites but don't let the thick plebs in the UK get to know. Likewise, keep stumm over the Catalan independence demonstrations. Not European, that, is it.

Just a handful of the parallel universe examples. There are so many more we will never get to see. Or at least for 30 years or more. Another piece of powerful evidence the EU was a stitch up from day one. The corruption so huge as to be made invisible to mere mortal citizens.

OK, shrugs all round. Except that the consequences of economic failures, western cultural decay, mass immigration and terrorist atrocities destined to become ever greater can all be placed at the doors of the now dominant, corrupt and evil scum at the top of the heap. Many of them steeped in the ordure that emanates from the German run EUSSR.

As Merkel is once more crowned Queen of Europe this coming Sunday, reflect on how gross Germany has become, yet again. Sheep as stupid, gullible and careless as their predecessors, who so greedily and readily embraced the anti Semitic horrors committed in their name. Probably convinced their Islamic hordes will ere long be dispersed as occupying forces across the Continent, doing their dirty work in furtherance of a fourth Reich but with politically correct face and race.

If that scenario is too fanciful, then why is the genocidal impact on white races in Europe seemingly the plan? Whatever, not all Universes are visible, even when parallel. Probably not even to the high flying astronauts of western Establishment classes! Hey ho

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Free Stuff.

For The Idle Snowflakes.

Our buffoonery in power lament the lack of "affordable housing" without one jot of self awareness of decades of their and their predecessors contribution to the mess we now have. The young are priced out of the "market", they wail, with their usual blind delusion of how much of our Country wasn't broken until the corporate controlled fools, Bliar very much a main player, capitalised on Labour's 1960s comprehensive failures.

A lovely phrase I use from elsewhere, the weaponising of ignorance, comes to mind. Something every Government, bar Maggie's, have done with blind relish and their very own ignorance. So now the concreting over of our once beautiful Islands is to move into overdrive. All to cope with an ignorant, lazy and teeming population of dumbed down, endemic kids. 

They, plus the swathes of third world, disadvantaged and grasping,  something for nothing like minded, mainly young males, bursting with testosterone and racially motivated violent anger, are the pressure cooker soon to explode. Not least because their self seeking somebody but me, me, me, owes them a luxury life style my generation knew had to be earnt not handed out like smarties, cocaine or booze.

Naturally, as Dioclese points out today, there's always winners. One might say the bottom feeders of the corporate hierarchy. Plus many of the political and Civil Service, even military senior figures, able to exploit the mess we now are forced to wallow in. More nuclear subs, more expensive weaponry and more corruption, so deeply embedded and subtle, as to get ever more successful, at our horrific cost.

Still, my generation knew that we and only we ourselves could dictate how our lives evolved. Sh*t, as kids and teenagers, par for the course. Suck it up or fail. Now that's supposed to be handled by others whilst the scenes of debauchery and Sodom and Gomorrah taunt the Islamic onlookers and fuel their own selfish and deluded ambition. Is it any wonder there is such a clash of cultures, as any remaining cake left has long gone stale and bordering on inedible.

So I'm going to be smug and point out to this modern world of collusion in decline and leftard gross ignorance. I had it harder than any snowflake of today. I earnt a life of great contentment and happiness in a home that, though not everybody's cup of tea and bloody tough to look after, is my pride and joy. 

You idiots carry on playing revolutionary Islamic dupes or debauched, drunken, drug addled fools, just don't keep whingeing you're hard done by. Forget the sacrifices of your predecessors, for you will never, as you seem prepared to accept, hold a candle to those who fought for that which you and your political, so called, representatives, squander so carelessly.

My life's work is here. Very hard earnt.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Sunday And A Day Of Rest

Well, Supposedly.

I say "supposedly" since a brief glimpse of the Scottish dwarf with the clown faced Vince Incapable reminded me it's conference season here in the UK. Cable seen to be marching triumphantly up a rather scruffy set of steps to the rapturous, stage managed greetings of circa four or five adoring LibDum remnants. This nonsensical and irrelevant bit of theatre kicked off my theme of clowns for this post.

Now we were once educated to believe clowns were to be sought after to entertain young, childish minds and make children laugh. Indeed it has become my belief our political class have decided that clowning around might be a way of penetrating the fog of weaponised ignorance most young people of today drift mentally into around puberty. Aided, of course, down the road, by various street cred, narcotic, recreational pharmaceutical pick me ups. Hang the consequences of the higher the "pick up" becomes the harder and more painful the subsequent drop.

However this adoption of a friendly and amusing clown persona has its downsides when the comedy turns to an evil dereliction of any competence and protection of society and national security. The gleeful rubbing peoples' noses in mass immigration overwhelming horror that has forced our hard won, precious resources from the rubble of world war two, a mega illustration of the type of clowns our establishment figures have become.

People hell bent on washing away all decency and social cohesion in a divide and conquer strategy, none better operated than by the German run circus that harbours clowns like Juncker. As yet another of the endless terror attacks falters in its execution, mercifully, we have once more the hushed tones of reverence trotted out. As ever by the dwarfs, so popular as clowns in the Big Top, once upon a time, now represented in the media as the warm up for their more senior entertainers.

he Daily Fail headlined yesterday that the internet giants have "blood on their hands". Idiots, if I have a weapon at my disposal, that weapon is as nothing unless I choose to employ it. surely the more unpleasant ordure is that thrown by the bucket load at us all by the clowns of my theme.

Just remember, as they posture before their dwindling supporters at the forthcoming conference gigs, the evil they represent. The warmongering beneficence always available when their act du jour demands life destroying armaments in spades. The pathetic, puerile responses to the terrorism in our midst perpetrated by the same cult followers that rape and torture our kids at will, for their own, rarely punished adequately, gratification.

It's surely not too hard to view our present political establishment as the frightening and scary clowns they really are. Just occasionally their strides onto or is that into, the stage of the "Big Top" but boy oh boy do they get the serious dagger and vitriolic violence of the clowns they threaten. 

The momentum thugs of the Corbynistas but a smidgeon  away from Hiler's Gestapo enforcers. The Hammond hangers on little more than the rump of Tory remainers hoping to deny this last vestige of people power no doubt, behind the scenes, heavily into unholy alliances with their Labour like minded traitors to democracy.

For all his personal and very human weaknesses Farage withstood the antipathy and threats of the Circus establishment at home and in Europe. Cost him a great deal though, I'm sure. Also, sadly, he's failed to endorse Anne Marie Waters for the UKIP leadership and I fear she will be, in some way or other, frozen out by the weak and now unrepresentative UKIP leadership. 

People prepared to sink without trace. Slink off into the history books as the power and frightening might of the more experienced and scary clowns hold sway. So before this all evolves let me leave you with a taste of what might have been but which we shall probably lose forever. A serious and representative political voice of our once great Nation now becoming the kind of overpopulated cess pits so typical of many Islamic governed regions.

What a breath of fresh air this lady is.