The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015


The Latest Labour Hypocrite To Strut Centre Stage.

I had intended to post on this hero of the working class, whatever that "community" might be, if it even still exists and the man's inevitable progress to wealth few can ever achieve. Especially when the main vehicle for this grasping bunch of hypocrites is the tax payer funded trough.

However I came across this demolishing of Burnham piece I couldn't come close to matching. Read it after which is revealed it's origin.

The Westminster groupthink, which recently had Ed Miliband walking into Downing Street, has a new favourite: Andy Burnham.
Labour MPs talking among themselves and to journalists, journalists talking to each other in Westminster bars and on the conveyor belt of rolling news comment slots, then bouncing off MPs and vocal activists on Twitter – this is the echo chamber that got the result of the general election so badly wrong and has now reconvened to similar effect for the Labour leadership race.
Andy Burnham certainly has support in the PLP, almost half by some accounts, and an active briefing operation shaping journalists’ perceptions. If the leadership election was to be decided among MPs, journalists and Twittervists, he justifiably would be a runaway favourite.
But party members are also involved. Over 220,000 of them. And they do not even vaguely resemble any of the participants in the Westminster groupthink bubble.
Instead, Labour’s members are like the general public.
According to internal party estimates, over 95% do not attend a single party meeting in a year, deliver a leaflet or knock a door. They are not consumed with the minutiae of politics or deeply tribal.
They’ve just made a choice to join Labour, as many people join clubs and societies without any sense that this membership defines their life.
Under Labour’s new leadership election rules, it’s one member one vote. With a membership that reflects the public, the same priorities which so recently decided the general election will similarly shape this race.
Economic competence and the preference for prime minister will be the key criteria against which contenders are to be judged and on both counts Andy Burnham’s candidature is critically flawed.
Over the weekend, Burnham made some tentative moves in the right direction on the economy. He conceded that the deficit should not have risen faster than growth in the late 2000s, under the last Labour government.
But after two shattering election defeats, a few circumspect words are not enough, particularly given the chief secretary to the Treasury in 2007 and 2008 – the cabinet minister responsible for public spending – was one Andy Burnham.
What might just have worked in 2010, will not in 2015. To tackle the deeply entrenched public perception of Labour’s proclivity to over-spend and his personal credibility problem, Andy Burnham needed to go much, much further.
Over the course of a relatively long leadership race, his inadequate efforts on the economy will be mercilessly picked apart in media interviews. It’s what Andrew Neil lives for. Kirsty Wark must be praying for another chance to monster him.
The other candidates’ campaigns will brief about Burnham’s weaknesses on the economy and zero in on his vulnerability to Tory attack as the man who spent all of the money, in Liam Byrne’s infamous note.
The impact on Andy Burnham’s support among party members will be comparable to that of the Tartan scare on Ed Miliband’s support among the public.
On leadership, the critical measure for Labour’s contenders will be who is most competitive with David Cameron on preference for prime minister.
Ed Miliband trailed Cameron by double digits and it proved an insurmountable barrier at the election. Labour cannot repeat the same mistake.
Polling is yet to be conducted on this question (the few polls so far have just been on the choice between candidates with the overwhelming majority of people too unfamiliar with the contenders to express a preference) but Andy Burnham has already been defined with the public.
He, and Yvette Cooper, have been in the public eye for over a decade, as cabinet ministers in the last Labour government and then shadow cabinet members under Ed Miliband.
When voters see both Burnham and Cooper, they see faces associated with Labour’s defeats at the hands of David Cameron in 2010 and 2015.
Burnham in particular was the health secretary when the travesty of Mid Staffs occurred. Once again, other candidates’ teams will ensure his vulnerability to Tory attack as the man on whose watch Mid Staffs happened, will be front and centre, in media coverage of the campaign.
When the polls are conducted, if Andy ‘Mid Staffs’ Burnham, doesn’t trail David Cameron (or Boris Johnson or George Osborne) on preference for prime minister, by double digits, it will be a miracle.
Andy Burnham is currently setting the pace for the the campaign. His team are briefing out a succession of prominent supporters from the PLP each week and will continue to generate momentum and decent media coverage.
But over summer, the campaign will move on from being a PLP popularity contest to focus on the substantive differences between the candidates. At this point, the decision on his candidacy will crystallise into two simple questions.
Do party members think that Andy Burnham, chief secretary to the Treasury in the Labour government on the eve of the crash, is best placed to overcome the Conservative onslaught and convince voters that Labour can now be trusted on the economy?
And do party members believe that Andy Burnham, secretary of state for health at the time of Mid Staffs, is the candidate most able to cut through Tory attacks and persuade voters that he, rather than David Cameron, or whoever replaces him, should be prime minister of Britain?
The answers are painfully obvious, perhaps more so to party members than the Westminster village."

How damning is that? Source taken from the very heart of this rump of a floundering Party. Labour-uncut.

As for a lighter note, 

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Briefly Unoppressed.

What A Change.

To know hardship, be aspirational but knocked back by some £100,000 of pension savings, by Labour, by life's cruel fate and yet still strive for contentment and the retention of hope, for a final few years of peace, is never easy. Particularly when faced by the socialist, draconian, delusional Labour mantra of unfairness and redistribution of everything, including hope and total government.

This May we witness the backtracking, hypocritical machinations of that awful socialist elite. Suddenly forelock tugging to the Nation who violently rejected decades of class war and the politics of unaspirational envy. To see Harperson cowed, slumped and beaten, despite Marr's promise of cunnilingus as a balm and sop, was quietly pleasurable.

We are now some three weeks into the postmortem of a Party just days ago telling us that that son of creepy, weird, Stalinist, refugee, interlopers walked on water. Telling us all his brotherly back stabbing, aided by "king maker" McCluskey , was somehow Christ eternal. Well look at the victor, Cameron. Well bred, bright, intelligent and genuine in his desire to help everybody. 

Naive, perhaps. Loathed by the leftards for sure. Possibly as great a triumph against those same irrational and IS like Maggie nasties. Whatever your station in life, your age or gender, this is a time of hope and even of joy. We are to have a say on the EUSSR. We have a reasonable management in charge unhampered by a bunch who claimed Cyril was John The Baptist.

Best of all, the left is in disarray.They are telling us Burnham is the next Messiah. Sure, we all believe that, especially in Mid-Staffs. If he does become the next dismal offering from those who insist they know best about everything, God be praised. The man is a parody of all that is stupid about the left's illogical obsession with making everything unequal somehow equal. As long as their superior, lofty hypocrisy gives them power and wealth above all others.

So, this weekend, I am full of hope. I pray that will seep into all our citizens and they desert the left in droves. Have a great five years of potential common sense, as Clegg and Edstone are consigned to the dustbin of failed leftard philosophy! If that's too long, enjoy tomorrow, free to aspire without guilt.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Sky Guilt Ridden Promotions.

Remember The Poor Woman Hounded By Charities?

As a caring sort of bloke, who carefully donates to chosen causes, supports my wife's NGS open days and generally concerned about the human condition, this dreadful possibility resounded heavily. It also made me think of the corporate nature of modern charities.

Sick of BBC bias, especially their EUSSR less than subtle, blatant leftard agenda, funded by the EUSSR and licence fee, made me seek to follow Sky 24 hour news in preference to the BBC 24. However the every 30 second, so it seems, endless advertising, their EU bias sold in return for mega commercial TV deals on the Continent are as off putting as the BBC outpourings.

Then add the endless stream of begging bowl advertising and it becomes unwatchable. The centuries old cruelty, bullying, misogynistic cultures and tribal, medieval, unimaginable viciousness, especially throughout Africa but typically the overpopulated and poverty stricken parts of our Planet are a feature of my whole life.

Even the slums of industrial Britain and the grime laden, grim cities and their back to back, outside toilets were luxury compared to those countries still little further forward than the middle ages. Why this is so seems a weird conundrum when the wealth, charitable billions and foreign aid's unending largess must, over my lifetime, be in the trillions. All to no avail.

Yet hour after hour Sky push out expensive advertising full of undertones of accusation that unless I give a fiver a month for some, a couple of quid for others and own up to condoning FGM in the UK, global abuse of young girls and supplying arms and private jets to despots, I am less than decent as a human being.

That those promoting this charity pistol to the head are themselves pure as the driven snow and worth their six figure salaries and then some, sickens me. Sure I can turn off and I do, frequently. Of course I can junk the junk mail but every so often something catches the eye. As the endless confidence trickery looks to do so. More so where animal cruelty is the subject.

As for the bleeding heart industry. That is not confined to adverts. This terrible mass migrant trade now, a daily feature of news broadcasting, is but one example. As though, so it seems, the undercurrent suggestion by the broadcasters is its all my fault. Me and the rest of the Western nations who have forged, through war and sacrifice, a relatively good lifestyle for most of its citizens.

However my hard earnt, reasonable life has been the cause of every ill, abuse and cruelty perpetrated by others. Islamic related atrocities are just savages kicking off out of rage at my white skin and centuries of evolving, as they stand still. 

It would appear I must hang my head in shame as these butchers rampage throughout the Globe. Yet they are sacrosanct when compared to "Buddhist mobs" or dare I say it, conservative Conservatives, who seek practice, when PC is not looming, what they preach, as a way to promote a better way than the tribalism destroying other communities.

So, in summary, I would ask the punditry, chatterati and leftard peddlers of guilt to get stuffed. I'm sick to death with the constant barrage of blame and accusation that somehow all the scum on earth are only able to exist because they are hard done by due to "white supremacy". 

It's just the human condition and its variability. Accidents of birth, nothing more or less. That and the fact that some cultures are less advanced than others. An issue used as an excuse for the most inhumane, barbaric behaviour one can imagine. Seemingly much of it driven by Islamic ideology, hiding the inherent, underlying fact that it is little more than racist, chip on the shoulder envy. Funny how it has so many facets of the socialist driven atrocities perpetrated by the likes of the Nazis.

Spreading this nastiness over the whole world doesn't seem a good idea, to me. Tell that to our leaders and the EUSSR!