The despair Of The British nation.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

The Hypocrisy Kills Many.

Hypocrisy And History.

I hope censorship is not exacted on my blog today but I suspect it may well be. However the comparison of the two tragic child deaths, where one is exploited to gain sympathy for leftard ideological purposes, the other has been wiped from the media without one jot of consideration for the hypocrisy involved.

The horror now engulfing Europe and even Russia has but one source. Racism dressed up in a joke of an ideology. One that condones the subjugation and rape of women and children and stones the victims of rape. A culture headed by the Saudi Wahhabism  but manifested by the all consuming racial hatred of whites and their history of evolved cultural success.

A history, like all human happenstance, steeped in brutality and bloodshed. As the present day leftards show us hypocritical ignorance is a guiding stench that still holds our Establishments in thrall to the brutality many, especially white cultures, have long forsaken in favour of a short lived decent take on existence.

As slavery grows ever more prevalent and global, corporate led marketing takes hold through drug and prostitution driven commercial power, not least where banking reigns supreme, hypocrisy grows in magnitude. The leftard forces cheering on the perpetrators of all they see as condemnation of such horrors.

Take this destruction of historical memorials to past, once heroically regarded, figures in the USA and in the UK, this attempt was thwarted. Again hypocrisy, by either rubbish modern mores applied to history or by sheer stupidity and ignorance, prevails. I am always puzzled by the slaughter of native American Indians by wave after wave of economic migrants is so rarely highlighted.

Then, as of right now, one thing that appears to unite multicultural coming together is a shared bloodlust to destroy a perceived common enemy or threat to their own supremacy. Racism here a powerful driving force. Here, laid bare could be regarded a blueprint for the Islamic slaughter growing ever daily in our midst.

Yet these North American atrocities have taught us little. Sure we in the West have, by and large, accepted the wrongs of the past and carved a better world for the majority out of these dreadful sins of the past. 

However the sympathy now shown by our Establishment and media, for all things Islamic is no different to the manner the North American genocide was determined as the fault of the indigenous peoples trying to protect their hard won civilisation and relative tribal unities. We in the West are facing extinction of our race, civilisation and very existence as did those victims in North America.

As those Indian tribes were all to be wiped out, so now the call is for the destruction of all white races throughout the Globe. Why our Lords and Masters think they will be spared is beyond me. As powerful figures from the Muslim world creep into huge, powerful positions across Europe and America. As their storm troopers land on our beaches and flood into our towns and cities, virtually unchecked and even rewarded, the hypocrisy of the leftards reflects the same greed for power lusted after by the "Founding Fathers".

As is often said, what goes around comes around. Hypocrisy seemingly driving the grist. 

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tiresome and Endless.

Terrorists Murder And Their Pals Rape At Will.

I find it impossible to determine which disgusts me more. The platitudes and same old, same old, tired phrases trotted out by politicians or the slaughter meted out by racist mongrels and their debauched religious filth.

I note no Cobra talk fest called for, it is August of course, can't have the arrogant fools' hols interrupted over a handful of ordinary tourist murders, can we? Not only that, it's so regular these days what's the point of another eulogy to the futility of powerless idiots anymore.

"We" must consider the sensitivities of these crack head jihadist scum and not for one second consider their crazed, Islamic ideology as anything but enriching. The ode to multicultural decay and the importation of millions of savages into our midst must not be called out for the self inflicted horror it has become.

Open effing borders, free movement and one big happy family of Muslim dominating death, rape and pillage. Our "white" lives sacrificed for the gratification of those few who benefit from a core vote and who, if white, believe their collaboration guarantees them immunity from the decadence and murder. 

Well, idiots, with your pathetic sense of virtue and tenancy of any smidgeon of moral high ground, your turn will come. Just when not if. As you fail to understand the vicious, deranged, racist tigers you have by the tail, they will get you, too. For now it's your flotsam and jetsam who are raped without consequence but the day will come when the rest of the white population will be in line.

By then the forces ranged against ALL whites will see the same vile terror as meted out in South Africa, to all and sundry if of white, fair complexion.. You need a strong stomach to read this. Yet nothing is done or these perpetrators vilified because of some unutterable reason that their colour appears to afford them some kind of status and freedom from guilt. Skin colour trumps decency and morality.

So you can easily follow why I cannot choose between those who have facilitated the barbaric conquest of all we once held dear and those so relishing their freedom to kill and rape at will. The new power abroad is that of the hidden recruiters, the placements in high office of Islamic Mayors and MPs and the ease they slate as racist, bigoted or of ultra right  views,any criticism of the horrors wrought daily on us all.

One thing we can be certain of. Mad Max is the future awaiting all under sixty. The snowflakes of the left will be no more as unimaginable violence spreads to all people. Then colour wont matter as the struggle for survival trumps ethnicity. Maybe such war will at least unite all colours. It never will or should, in a truly peaceful society occupied by like minded, racial characteristics. Jealousy and resentment at others achievements and history not a factor and National pride a cause for celebration.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

As Last Post............

It Is The August Vacant Period.

I briefly watched and was surprised at the apparent ga ga media coverage of the super power status this new white elephant of a boat pottered into Portsmouth yesterday. It was good to see the young crew members embracing the discipline of military service, of course. Yet one quite funny and typical aspect of the charade was the somewhat obvious missing reason for why such vessels are supposed to exist.

Come on, it's a computer image above but was not far off the camera shots of the real thing yesterday. What's missing? Stare as hard as you can. Concentrate really, really hard. No sound necessary to determine what's not present. This in fact is Great Britain's new, all  shiny, expensive, aircraft less, aircraft carrier. 

No doubt some gold ring drenched, epaulette laden, big wig Admiral, guaranteed a mega salaried sinecure after retiring with a massive pension pot, if questioned as to the dearth of actual aircraft, tell you with a wink, "They're all stealth machines and invisible to all but we top brass and politicos who got the bungs for this expense".

On a more serious note, tragic beyond measure yet easily brushed aside by all in power, is the Muslim scum grooming gangs. Day i day out this barbaric cultural and racist horror continues. Police and the likely upper echelons of the Establishment are in many cases complicit in these crimes for whatever reason. Some likely to join in the debauchery safe in the knowledge that May, Corbyn et al don't give a toss.

Their outrage and fierce determination to stamp this evil out is as in your face as those planes missing from the decks of these vainglorious ships. Sarah Champion told to resign after saying it as it is, by that unshaven, unkempt Trot of an excuse for a man, Corbyn. 

A man for whom millions of heathen, filthy scum votes are worth so much more than the abused, tortured kids now littering our society like the curse of plastic waste. The latter deemed worthy of campaigns and guilt inducing media finger pointing, the former collateral damage in the drive for a multicultural hell of a Utopian fallacy.

The rest of our political class no different. The PM spouting "super power" crap on the empty flight deck of HMS Madge and never one single word out of her mouth in sympathy for these tortured kids. Shame on them all. How dare they vilify Anne Marie Waters or anyone who speaks up, as Sarah Champion has. 

You know what, I regard our MPs, everyone of them, to be more guilty in ignoring this market in slavery and sexual depravity, than the peasant ignorance and racism of the filth doing this evil damage. As for Labour and Corbyn, you have to seriously wonder if their lack of condemnation has a sinister connection, you really do. For sure paedophilia in high places is as rife as ever it was. In barely a second of searching we get this plethora of detail.

Silly season or not, we are now a third world hell hole for many. Not least these kids now part of a despicable trade run by men from the very dark ages and whom we have invited onto our shores and seemingly relish their backward nastiness as a multicultural benefit. Yeah, sure it is. It offers an endless supply of kids for its delectation. That and no shortage of social service's pimps and procurers.