The despair Of The British nation.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Loathing Made Apparent.

Obamas At War.

No way to run a world. The powers that be in our modern world lecture us on their private lives being none of our business. A convenient stance when we consider their characters and demeanour can end in sending soldiers into war or even worse a petulant press of a nuclear button. Let alone the economic consequences which might be driven by flawed and irritable tantrums.

In the past couple of years or so the Obamas have naturally been under scrutiny. Her reported extravagance with taxpayers' income plus his less than quick witted foreign policy and lack lustre leadership, or even total lack thereof, have combined to place America in an invidious position.

I, as a person who loathes all or even slight connections with socialism and political correctness, cannot help a wry smile. The Democrats certainly lean more left than the Republicans and Obama's racial complexion was and remains an icon to the PC brigade. Yet neither attributes can be a substitute for competence and fidelity to Office we all so crave to see returned to Western culture.

Over the years we have observed the first couple of America I have, in the last two years, been reminded of Charles and Diana's eventually obvious breaking relationship. The frequent solo engagements for one. Just as now the hugely obvious and somewhat embarrassing absence of Mrs O in Japan.

There is an irony in these matters. Fame, celebrity, wealth and the trappings of office are still not enough to guarantee happiness or contentment. Just as with most hypocritical proponents of socialism, riches get in the way of relationships and decent behaviour. Ask the Bliars. We might even suggest that our socio-economic  station in life, as young people, sets the scene for how we cope, as human beings, with elevated careers and income.  

Or perhaps basic intelligence is the key. Without that perhaps foolishness is dominant. Not least if massaged by sycophancy, as it so often can be in political and royal households. Whatever the reasons for human frailty it cannot be an excuse for how the rise and fall of Western culture and the descent into decadence now dominates and goes unchecked.

Those couples in power, such as the Obamas, Bliars, Kinnocks and the whole panoply of mega rich "socialists" are deserving of any reasonable person's loathing. Not that others aren't as despicable. Just that those outside the mad house dogma and idiocy of socialism can at least claim a less blatant hypocrisy and therefore be not quite as loathsome as their counterparts.

Then we have Vladimir. No doubt his strength of character has been able to allow him to run rings round Obummer and The West. Especially the EUSSR. In doing so, despite the daily exhortations of the tame and untruthful western MSM to hate Vlad, all I can muster is a huge respect for his obvious leadership skills!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Touching A Spot.

A Rare Event.

Political poster campaigns usually leave us all cold. Very occasionally one hits the spot. Remember "Labour isn't working"? Now UKIP has produced four together. As with the old Tory poster, when the message resonates with public understanding and experience, coupled with a large dose of truthful reality, it is powerful.

So the MSM outpourings of racist accusations and the PBBC's use of the word "perception" demonstrate the sense of panic in their masters' lairs and secret dens! As Raedwald points out the MSM, on the whole, do not use the fourth poster, comparing our lives with those of the Politburo fat cats. Remember, this phrase fits the political elites as much as the bureaucrats.

We also have to realise that UKIP, rightly or wrongly, for now, offers us a possible last chance to bring down the modern dictators funded by banks, corporations and their gangster friends. A massive and united installation of right wing representatives, in May's EU elections, would cause blatant panic throughout the establishment smug ruling classes.

A probable falling out among these cartels, as people turn elsewhere in search of change, might well ensue. A sort of Manchester United scenario with several factions so at odds the games themselves imploded. Hard not to like and relish.

However it remains a massive ask to hope, let alone witness, the collapse of the present order. It is, afterall, a mammoth organisation, with secretive power possibly never ever known in human affairs, until now. So we "little folk" will need a highly charged sense of oppression to find the will to take them on. I congratulate those behind the UKIP posters for offering a lifeboat to board.

If nothing else, tweaking the beast's tail hard enough to hurt is no bad thing! If the MSM's howl is a pointer to this fun working, keep it up!

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Livid Return!

Even The Sunday Bloody Times!

The first "rag" I have read for a few days was yesterday's Sunday Times. I was also spared, whilst in Spain, the incessant propaganda fed to we mushrooms in The UK. Especially the Ukraine. I was also thrilled to not see one, not one, wretched blue and gold starred ex cuse for a Federal Emblem. Either the Spanish are already cowed or the Brits more needing of full, in your face and head, brain washing.

As for the Sunday Fiction Times, well, as if the stating of the bleeding obvious wasn't enough they then accuse Putin of wanting a Eurasia in the fashion of Orwell's 1984. A more honest link would be if we just substitute Obama's EUSSR puppets and pygmies in Berlin and Brussels in place of Vlad and Russia and the article then has far greater efficacy.

Afterall it's the new EU armed forces, morphing out of NATO, who covet the strategic location fronted by Kiev. It's the cretinous EU/US axis which seeks control at any price. Including dubious gangster like oligarchs being set loose to further Western expansionism.

To add salt to the flagellation of the article on its readership, they go on to slag off the RT service as nought but a propaganda tool of Russia. I for one see a far greater intelligent presentation, balanced debate and intellectual excellence than most of the Sky and BBC "ceebies" offers up as news.

As for the attack on Cameron's Christian leanings today, that takes the biscuit. To argue the UK is secular first and faith associated second, beggars belief. I bet this doesn't get top billing in the ever burgeoning Mosques and Islamic centres filling the gap blown in Christian morality by the mammon worshipping, corporate Common Purpose Big Brothers.

If we were to stop for one moment and compare the arrogance of those who follow both mammon and Islam, with the less strident efforts of Christians to live a decent and where possible benign life, which creed comes out the better to make humanity human?

It was a very pleasant break but a stark, savage return to the dictatorship of corporate Britain and the shabby publications used to "correct" all those of us needy of re-education. Eurasia is every bit Orwellian but much more an EU-US Common Purpose driven obsession than Russian. They had their USSR and look where that ended up! Niet?