The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Is The Blogosphere Out Of Puff?

Four plus years ago I could find, easily, many blogs commenting on political and serious issues. The likes of Labour and other political nepotism was certainly more difficult to promote and subject to scrutiny and anger on a scale not seen when pure media control was in charge.

Today the cover ups are even more blatant, both in the Middle East and in Ukraine. Little or no blog postings carry weight. How else can we explain the acceptance of Kiev utterances as totally true and unbiased and any other connected activity not even mentioned. Such as this reasonable demand or this independently verified piece, both at odds with the enthusiasm greeted potential criticism of Russia and their excellent leader.

Blogs still running contrarian pieces, this one of the best, as a rule, seem isolated and forgotten. Power to shock or move opinion now removed compared to a few years ago. This seems to apply to all sectors of the political spectrum. I suspect I know some of the factors involved.

The Facebook mentality is one. As the picture shows, the banality of celebrity culture, used by MSM mind dumbing pressures, via 24 hour rolling, repetitive propaganda, all conspire to suppress the potential of a public forum platform. 

Then there have been the litigation pressures applied to stifle expressions of dissatisfaction, once the energy of blogging, now usurped by classifying all such activity as "social media", when it's no such thing. The phrase "social media" has so devalued any serious activity as to render it very much less effective.

Only recently it has been claimed that "social media" could phase out social contact and even verbal communication. 1984 style mind control really then becomes a breeze. Add the slow, inexorable demise of old fashioned pub gatherings, the "eunuchification" of blogging and super levels of taxation without any protest, it all looks very bleak.

Maybe this is the only way billions of less than attractive occupants of our planet can be managed. However, as in Pol Pot's and Stalin's minds, any intellectual or intelligent people, capable of reasonable questioning of methods employed by despotic and tyrannical thugs, are not welcome. The EUSSR and their gangsters in Kiev, to quote one modern example, spring to mind. 

People very much at the forefront of quietly and efficiently bringing blogs down where their popularity might threaten the engineered ruling orders. One further weapon, old as can be, is absorption. Paul Staines but one of several early bloggers now absorbed into the MSM machine and paid handsomely to mellow!

I am minded to quit. However I still get some value from venting my despair and anger at what we have become as a species. For some time to come, God willing, I will seek to preserve some kind of record of how not every human being is a compliant, thick, pig ignorant robot. That includes those who consider themselves more worthy than their fellows. Graveyards are full of them.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Ukraine Going Quiet For Western Media.

More Propaganda By Omission.

Little on this meeting for our MSM to relish. As for the story of a refugee group being attacked, that looks as shrouded in Kiev subterfuge as MH17. If we also consider the words by Sergei Lavrov with regard to Kiev's oligarch "friends" then the crowd installed by The West look grotesquely like thugs and mercenaries.

How ironic the stature of Russian diplomacy trumps totally that in The West. Perhaps this fact is why there is such desperation to vilify, childishly, Vladimir and his team. Give me a Lavrov any day over a Hague or Hammond. The front men for a FCO so far buried in their own posteriors as to be in the dark, constantly.

Then there are the Democrat lot in The White House. People so in hock to the crooks on Wall Street and the drug barons of South America, as to have zero influence on anything requiring a sense of morality. I could give them the benefit of the doubt if they backed off whingeing about Russia and joined forces to sort the problems out. Presumably the drug lords are scared of Russian influence as much as their puppets in Washington.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Media Trumped Again.

A promising Development.

The weapon shown reminds me of WW2 field gun toys I used to fire matchsticks out of. No doubt this one does much more than that. Whatever, this fight back bodes well for further suppression of the ISIS advances. Given Richard North's excellent post recently, as to the far more optimistic military state on the ground in Iraq, the success reported here suggests his take knocks spots off the pathetic organs of the Western media.

On a similar vein, the reporting of Ukraine and those dreadful events also leaves much to be desired. To begin with the Russian aid convoy has been more than cleared for the humanitarian relief it always was. The attempts by Kiev and Western propaganda to claim Russian forces were in Ukraine, likewise, has more than been made very doubtful. 

It therefore follows that this manipulation of facts is not without some motive. I noted that the surge in financial markets, early Friday, was crippled by the Kiev centered announcement, unproven, of a seemingly provocative move by Russia to enter Ukraine. What's to say that the Iraq crisis and that false, inaccurate reporting, is also being used to influence markets?

I guess we may never know. Just as we have a deafening silence over the loss of MH17. The "black boxes" have been with UK investigators for many days, now. If they proved, conclusively, Russian separatists were to blame, they would be already public knowledge. Everything emanating from our "authorities" smells rotten, I doubt it will smell rosier anytime soon.