The despair Of The British nation.

Monday, 26 September 2016

New Old politics.

Did We Really Win A Referendum Victory?

I have always loathed how the Establishment have retained their grip on society and no more so than our present day. This evil pair of, on the left an apologist for murder and torture and the moron on the right for his active part in such barbaric use of terrorism, both share a mutual nastiness and pally political opportunism.

As Corbyn has been able to exploit the dismal failure of Blairism and its hypocritical abuse of power I did, initially, feel that this wasn't really something to be taken seriously. Now I'm not so sure. Let me elaborate further, if you have the time.

Brexit is for sure a powerful and very democratic result for which I feel very proud of the 17,410, 742 people with the nuance to vote against an ever more totalitarian and undemocratic EUSSR. People such as Junker, Schultz and the rest of Merkel's Sturmbannf├╝hrer handpicked troops. Yet the coverage of Corbyn's win and the Labour conference is making me very uneasy.

Lord of The Pies Prescott cheer leading is but a gnat on an elephant's arse but still typical of how media begins to morph unpalatable events. If a weakness arises in or can be exploited you can bet, as with the IRA, no stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of power and control over all of us. It's what defines totalitarianism. No wonder left wing ideology is so seductive to tyrannical ambition and the idiotic, resentful followers of Animal Farm despots.

Sure I rejoice in the loss of the Yvette Cooper, Miliband Brothers in strife and the slavish sycophants that typified Blair's gross reign. One only marginally better than the nose picker fool who followed him, briefly. However note Harmann is now flirting in the background with the hard left now rampant in Labour. I suspect quite a few others will soon seek to protect their cushy sinecure as MPs.

In reality and with a huge lead in those tainted opinion poll morons' book one might be forgiven for feeling secure, post Brexit, in a revolution, peaceful at that, coupled to a rightish tint to the next decade or so. A chance to stem the tsunami of third world, war driven migrant tide. A problem which just never should have or would have arisen if the Yanks didn't want to dominate the World. Even if that means a corporate driven pact with the crazies in the Muslim sphere, sharing the same goal.

So any reader might well see, as I do, an unfortunate link to the Corbyn leadership whereby the destabilisation of the UK might fall prey to a growing violence in the image of that witnessed in the "Arab Spring". What a joke any optimism that engendered before it was crushed under the might of the Saudi/American Axis and the Wahhabi obsession with power by any means. Just the sentiment now holding sway in the Corbynista doctrine.

Sadly, I am fearful of how this is all panning out. The delay and excuses for not evoking Article  50 or better still repealing the 1972 European Communities Act are, I feel, playing into the hands of those who would seek to stop us leaving. The Civil servants, the mega corporate and Mafioso crowd and the Merkel dominated EUSSR crew. Add the welcome influx of violence now taking over town and cities across the once proud Nations of Europe, the stakes in all this are as high as ever anything experience in the last century.

I have said many times, the PTB are still looking for troops and police forces from outside their own populations as a future weapon of control and forceful dominance. Already we have seen such force used in Greece to quell unrest when the Greek police refused to fire on their own people. Something now expunged from Google. Like so much not deemed to support the Establishment causes or causes.

Back to Labour. I cannot really explain, at this juncture, my unease. All I can do is seek for possible causes as to why it is so strong. The euphoria at the referendum vote is fading quicker than I had hoped. Nothing said of even yet done about Brexit is a pointer, I guess. 

That crap about "Brexit means Brexit" does now look tarnished and pure soundbite with little forceful reiteration or response to the likes of Schultz saying, pompous cnut, he would block us leaving. How democratic is that and where's our reply, Mrs May?

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

American Intransigence.

How The World Was Lost.

When Western global reach found its fingers burnt is a tough call to determine. A President who turned out to be a staunch Saudi Wahhabist, or at least of Islamist roots can't have been of any help to an already failing grip on power. 9/11 was certainly a major factor. Here the lack of diplomacy by Bliar and Bush and the stupidity of their interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq exactly the response expected and indeed wanted.

I have always felt that 9/11 was designed to force an economic collapse on the West and the USA in particular. 2008 showed some efficacy for that feeling. Furthermore the Establishment's response and actions were as useless and inflammatory as their military interventions and regime change, bullying, meddling.

When we talk about the West, we in essence mean the USA Corporate enslavement of much of the world's people and resources, shackled to a selfish and greedy capitalist doctrine, far removed from the early birth of an aspirational freedom for all. A doctrine prepared to make allies of despots and all and sundry, for their own need to subjugate and dominate.

So blinkered has this bullying excuse for democracy become, its spawn, such as the EUSSR together with legions of bankers and corrupt mafia associates, have become like spoilt children throwing tantrums when things move against their control freakery. The Middle East in particular, despite the unholy alliance with Saudi money and tribal blood lust hasn't worked out as planned. Sanctions flopped against Iran and all the post rapprochement kow-towing to that fact, Iran still chose not to desert Assad and Syria. That despite the fractious nature of the irritation that must have washed over Washington and Riyadh. 

We also must consider the blinder played by Putin and Russia. The manner Crimea was gently nudged to return to the Russian fold. That after the CIA backed coup and regime change in Ukraine, was brilliant. As was the legal backing for Assad when requested by that legitimate regime, to help prevent a dictatorship of an American, Saudi alliance. China also on board in likely pacts with Russia against any further American expansionism across the Planet.

Back to Syria. All the blame and counter blame going on we must probe deeply to follow any clues as to where propaganda stunts might be in play. The tame and gross Western and UK media, an ever fading tool for honest endeavor, is not a decent source of debate or doubt of American Establishment utterances. The attack on an aid convoy just as it arrived at its destination wrecked a cease fire unwanted  by the rebels. Very convenient. As was the shooting down of MH17 worthy of at least consideration that all might not be what is fed to us little folk.

The UN stated but was quietly ignored, that they were unable to say if it was the an attack from aircraft on that convoy. Nor was the dreadful and helpful to ISIS, attack and killing of Syrian troops given much air time. The bias, justified or not, is palpable in its blatant and poverty stricken intellect. All of these wartime killings are to be abhorred but seemingly not if it they are chosen to be labelled the enemy of American interests. Remember Vietnam?

I regard the decline of Western influence to be welcomed if it has to be operated as, hitherto, it has developed. There is a powerful and justifiable anti Establishment tide swell at the moment. Brexit and the support for Trump two indicators of many. If our so called representatives began to listen to their people and be less seduced by their bankers and despotic, corporate, globalists, things could improve in a matter of months.

For a start Assad should be backed to the hilt and every violent, murdering rebel brought to book. Not armed and funded to save face at the expense of this terrible conflict. A solid, strong determination for return to the state prior to 5 years ago, followed by elections in a state of peace, would go well. The Syrian people need guiding back to a democratic, fair ballot. If they still were to choose Assad then that should be protected. Not thwarted in a manner now employed by disgruntled remain Establishment snowflakes in the UK.

Once Syria were stabilised, turn to the Yemen. The Saudi, American/UK backed incursion and slaughter there is a disgrace. Note the silence in our media in that matter. That should be stopped. Leave it then to that Nation's people to solve.

Finally, destroy the American as well as the Islamic stupidity of trying to rule the whole human race. It's been tried ever since the birth of mankind. All its ever done is create wastelands of lush and beautiful habitats. It will end one of two ways. A decent world or a nuclear holocaust and the end of, possibly justifiably, the human race.

Monday, 19 September 2016

American Incompetence Or Typical Obama?

Hard To Tell.

Over the years of blogging I have often remarked how little we ever really get to know, or are permitted to learn, of our erstwhile leaders carryings on in closed meetings, summits and jamborees. Just the week gone a 27 strong EUSSR "summit" left out the UK but still used our money to part fund that tete a tete of morons. The fallout was reported but the depth of disagreement suppressed by our Sky and BBC lot. C4 and ITV being the lesser spotted TV news of the modern era. Note the total lack of any meaningful coverage, too, of the American's dismissal by their "moderate" Rebel forces now likely to take their shiny new and substantial weaponry over to ISIS.

The same can be said of the reluctant coverage, forced into being by the internet filming, of Mrs Bilderberger in Chief, Clinton's stumbling and catatonic episode of a few days since. One now, as always, suppressed. Probably since she's slated to buy her way into the Presidency then illness allow Kaine to take over without any need for an election.

However, I digress. My topic of today is not one but two reported air strikes by the squeaky clean might of American bombing accuracy and perfect aptitude in striking anti ISIS forces in Syria and Afghanistan. The latter operational continuance something not readily admitted to but which now makes the USSR failure of the 1980s look tame in comparison.

As a begrudgingly surly Western media coverage slowly begins to wake up to the decades of failed Western, mainly American, military interventions and as the terrorist migrant stain spreading across the planet becomes ever starker, all we are allowed to have churned out is that it's all somehow we little peoples' fault. Just being forced to pick up the ever larger financial, social and emotional tabs is not cause for guilt, however.

What should be exposed and seen to be wanting is the gross awfulness of subsequent American administrations and their bought and paid for sycophants in Europe. If we contrast RT's coverage of world events, warts and all, it still remains a fairer, broader output than the West's combined and gross propaganda. Particularly regarding American behaviour.

The slaughter of Syrian Army personnel holding out against an ISIS siege was a disgrace on so many levels. Not least our share of culpability. So convenient and well timed to take the spotlight off Assad/Putin successes against the barbaric primitives of the Islamic divisions explained beautifully here. From the article we soon learn that the Saudi Wahhabi arm is very much part of ISIS. 

Thus, as America's and The West's preferred arms market place and once powerful oil supplier, Saudi, is able to quietly request and have followed, any intervention they choose. Yemen the latest piece of secret collusion. This hot on the heels of the destruction of Libya, the ignorant state of Afghanistan and the thwarted obsession with toppling Assad and creating a mirror turmoil in Syria. What an unholy, dreadful mess.

All of the above has, as we well know, regardless of the three monkeys' approach favoured for public presentation of our tame, bought and paid for media, created nothing like it was meant to do. That is a subjugated Middle East alongside a paid for EUSSR slavish, sycophantic, unelected and untouchable bunch of despots and drunkards. The very same wound up to mess with Ukraine.

With a powerful nod to Brexit and the real Brits, this has hit a pretty large iceberg. Merkel and Hollande are holed below the waterline and the rescue vessels not yet aware. Europe's coffers are all but empty and Obama couldn't give a toss. Nor Hilary. They showed their disregard for decency in 2012 when they  shrugged their careless shoulders over the torture and murder of Ambassador Stevens. This link should make any blinkered fool realise how unfit the Obama and Democratic administrations have been and indeed remain, to retain power.

The deliberate killing of Syrian troops is such a typically likely present to ISIS and their Saudi backers beloved of Barry Goody Two Shoes as to look very doubtful it was anything but deliberate. However to get even a whiff of how this might have come about we need to tune in to RT. 

That RT is vilified and given scant respect by our own despots is reason enough to listen in. Sure they have an agenda but it is a far better educated and fair media outlet than ever we get in the West. Furthermore, like it or not, Putin's and Russia's support for Assad is fully legitimate under International law. A fact only ever mentioned when excused by American interests when they flout it. That the Bush/Bliar Iraqi debacle was legitimate is now known full well not to have been so clearly the truth. 

The likely illegality probably why it's turned out so badly and terror across our homes and Countries getting ever more frequent. What's that old adage, "As ye sow"? Here's the latest reaper sought and like all of them, grim. Not, of course, to Mrs Macbeth Clinton, assuming she's compos mentis enough to clock he looks a poster boy for the primitives she so appears to side with.  

Millions whinge about the possibility of American isolationism. If they drew back from their meddlesome obsession a fair bit I would welcome such a period of reflection and thereafter a better way of curbing their global corporatism driven greed.