The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Beware A Changing World.

Obama's Legacy, Islamic Dominance.

As Erdogan and his forces piled into Syria just days ago and began to pound the West's best forces, the Kurds, under the pretence of attacking his business partners, IS, something occurred to me in this seemingly complex scenario. Is this an unholy Axis of Saudi/Turk muscle flexing?

If so is Obama complicit? His Islamic leanings, hatred of Putin and failures at home would be powerful motives. Add to that his beloved House of Saud is struggling to live on the reduced billions of dollars oil used to generate. Their quiet power from obscene wealth and the monetary sycophancy of the West's arms dealers, bankers and political classes was fading. They needed a boost to their fortunes via an expansionist agenda as huge as hitherto wielded by the American infidel Establishment infiltrated, possibly, by one of their own in Obummer. 

The further salt to the Saudi Sunni wounds may well be seen via America's dealing with their Shia rivals in Iran. A Nation not too far removed from attaining nuclear weapon technology. Also Iran is in a coalition with Russia and Assad in an effort to stem the massed forces range against Syria's legitimate Regime. 

With Kurdish military and racial pride giving them a powerful edge on the battlefields and streets of Northern Syria, strength in depth from Iran and Russia in the South, IS are genuinely being slowly defeated and driven elsewhere. Something which seems to be jointly unacceptable to those seeking to take over Syria as disastrously as they have in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now further stretched, with Saudi military might, into Yemen.

Then we have the mass migration dressed up as asylum and refugee waves but which are little more than surrogate economic and terrorist movement to destabilise European nations. Working better than the overt military campaigns, to date. Also happening Stateside but easier to camouflage in a Nation born from such mass movement of economic migrants and the genocide of an endemic race. 

So we can, possibly, argue the apparent complexity and confusion in the Middle east is but yet another chapter in history dominated by greed and acquisitional, covetously driven self interest. Power and wealth the driving forces clashing with a desire of nations to protect their own races and countries in the face of these invasions. Biblical to say the least!

If we stay with the Biblical analogy, just one question then remains, who, in all this horrific, brutal and savage mayhem, if any, are God's chosen people? Of course if there is no God that question becomes redundant. As does Islam and Mohammed. Then we are left with morality. How should we tainted, polluting and arrogant creatures live? Christian values, God or no God, had the best track record, once. At least in the West.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Tragedy And Common Sense.

What Have We Become.

Our society has created a moronic class. This tragic but avoidable event has enormous signalling power as to what we have become. A Nation so crowded, disadvantaged and poor in its education of our young as to now bare witness to the political failings post the second world war.

Discipline, good manners and considerate attitudes have been removed from any upbringing tenets now adhered to by parents, often single and an establishment which has produced generations of working parents. At the cost of bringing up kids properly. What else can we point the finger at for the paucity of common sense and any semblance of effort to avoid ignorant and stupid behaviour?

There was a time when even the least able could be taught basic life skills. A time when "having fun" was reserved for those periods outside learning and being useful to ones parents and social circle. The growth of consumerism and the worship of a banal celebrity culture, combined with slavish addiction to the siren songs, via I-phones and the internet, now spawns people with zero understanding of reality.

We then have to watch aghast as these generations begin to inhabit industries and politics once the preserve of more educated and intelligent offspring. Service industries a prime example. Robots sticking to a script with little or no flexibility or common sense. The cost of mistakes or subtle manipulation of these less than capable people born by those supposedly and laughably "served". Scams perpetrated via useful idiots totally prepared to obey regardless of who gets hurt. Insurers and bureaucrats to the fore.

The rise of political correctness and dare I say the promotion and instigation of multi cultural matters have both played a part in the dumbing down process. Many teachers today no better than their charges and without any ability to instill self discipline on their spoilt narcissistic little brats. God only help us if we ever have to face serious problems in the near future.

It is said that our referendum result was won by the older generations. Some kids of a leftie liberal and dreamer mentality whinge that somehow something special was taken from them. I suggest it has been. The ability to belong to a stupid clique hell bent on eventually dictating to us all as to when we should do their bidding. 

Lest I be to biased, there are still many young people who counter those I am writing of. Often from immigrant backgrounds and what was once the majority nuclear family of parents and relatives. Where, once held dear, values of human interaction were paramount or dare I say old fashioned. The rush by socialists to sweep all that away is now patently shown to be catastrophic. 

Generations of "snowflakes" aimless and in many ways a useless burden on the rest of us. There usefulness only good for the exploitation of global fast food and consumer brands. Paid for through a benefit system by those of us forced to watch our hard work and success drained in a swamp of mediocrity and political taxation theft. I wonder how long this can go on before there is nothing left to find? Already mutterings as how to fleece people more can be heard. Notwithstanding we are already expected to fund our later years with the same hard won assets.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Oylmpic facade.

All That Glitters, As They  Say!

An uncomfortable modern world we inhabit in 2016. The advent of rolling, incessant and banal 24/7 news is 99% biased propaganda. Albeit I do consider Russia Today to be more like 70% or less if compared to their Western counterparts. 

The biggest culprit for a gold medal award for slavish political correctness and blind worship of minority, therefore dictatorial, government of the left persuasion has to be the BBC. Even "trumping" CNN and Fox moronic productions. At first glance one might regard the complete absence of news, in favour of the relief a "great" sporting event allows, every four years,  is to be applauded, perhaps.

Indeed I have found careful cherry picking of events very enjoyable, in the main. Cycling one of my teenage passions reignited 56 years on! Add significant British success and even better. A further revelation was the spectacle of human and animal interaction in, of all things, dressage. 

However I have a very large caveat to offer. In the shadow of extreme poverty and the violence it can beget, when often intelligence is also in very tiny supply, the obscene cost of these "games" looks very tarnished. Add to that the vilification of Russian sport and Putin over drugs and the hypocrisy begins to seep under the flags and fig leaves of presentation above honesty.

Not only drugs either. Coe is damaged goods and likely very much in thrall to fraud and bribery allegations as ever Sebb Blathering Blatter is and was. Maybe the name "Seb" is an issue here. Is this no smoke without fire? I rather think it might be. So consider this further link to modern morality's fading efficacy. War, mass migration and humanitarian abuses.

As the Olympics approach a final curtain, for four years to come, the dark savagery of constant war and butchery competes for gold medals in tit for tat propaganda, amidst all sides.  More succinctly put by Raedwald than I can muster. The tragic pictures of dead children little more than further despicable spoils of media seeking wars. In all of this mayhem, the West in particular, is happy to ignore the rule of law, when it suits their support for "despot du jour" political and corporate convenience.

These mindsets are the same as those considered in the coverage of all things salable. Our very freedoms, decency and yearning for honesty are but tools to be bartered in a seemingly endless frenzy of buying and selling. Our very emotional existences are there to be exploited in attempts to deprive us of all we have, have worked for and tried to achieve in our lives.

As for the kids. Ill educated, treated like precious and innocent jewels until their spoilt, taught narcissistic arrogance slams up against reality. Despite all the glittering prizes of celebrity and sporting success trumpeted as available for all the stark fact that the Utopian myth is nought but an empty promise. One every bit unlikely for most as any lottery fortune win, is cleverly masked.

Our I-phone, keyboard generations are being addled into a future, in their post youth, now circa late twenties onward, of discarded penury as obsolete as their five minute technology. The media the conductors of this nightmare society morphing into oblivion faster than yesterday's laptop. 

How terrible that once great nations and civilisation is crumbling, through its own greed and narcissism. Olympic Games just a cover for the endless barbarity engineered in the Middle East. 9/11 but a precursor to the failed and bloody evil exchanged in Afghanistan and throughout the World. A relatively simple chap like myself able to forecast years back that Helmand and the Taliban opium needs would once again be untid at a cost of lives, limbs and colossal waste of scare resources on the back of opportunistic, meddling intervention.

Still we may yet have another week of summer to enjoy before what may be a very dark winter. or not!