The despair Of The British nation.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Vote Labour Get Sink Estates And Mass Immigration.

Snotty On The Stump.

The desperate No bunch had a meek and humble Davy pleading yesterday, today they let loose the mad man of Kircaldy. Upped his medication, wound the key, cleaned his nose for him and set him loose.

The very fact of abject, permanent poverty, sink estates and mass immigration has kept the UK and Scotland in a socialist engendered nightmare for their voters escapes the thick underclass. So Snotty, lying blatantly about how Scotland never use private health services, goes unremarked.

He ranted and stomped with self pitying faux self righteousness in a performance to match all of those crazed efforts he plagued and infected us all with for 13 disastrous years of mismanagement. 

A man who bailed out his job as an MP with billions of tax payers' money yet to be earnt. A useless, deranged clown who was allowed, by the Labour Party to work his destruction of banks and our UK economy. If any Scot watching this stage managed parade of a lunatic, whose absence from the asylum is permitted due to his Ponzi charity schemes, lining his controllers' pockets.

The present incumbents making a poor job of governance, ably hampered and played by the conniving ponces and pederasts in Whitehall, look superb when they are put alongside the strutting, staring, mumbling, self promoting grossness of this awful creature. Why vote to remain in this weirdo's, closet pederasty orbit if you could vote yes to leave?

Now for a real and powerful political speech, overflowing with common sense, would you not vote yes to this leadership? With a brain rather than a socialist implanted obedience gene, you would be guaranteed!

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Media Dilemma.

One A Horrific Murder, The Other The Death Of Democracy.

The Scottish referendum has become a nightmare for the Establishment and their tame media cronies. Add to this the bum clenching desire to promote the latest ISIS atrocity and scream revenge and we are witnessing a melt down in any common denominator for propaganda.

We are now observers of how representational politics, devoid of any accountability for that brief, is falling apart. The cretinous and pathetic characters in charge of the human asylum have totally lost any capability for speaking on behalf of decency.

The dreadful alliance of political and corporate allegiances, based on the rape of millions of peoples' consumerism and harnessed greed, is imploding. It's collapse in 2007 was only mitigated by bringing the drug barons into the tent. That move has led to a rise in IS style, moral high ground fantasies and the understanding that Western methods are as grim as anything these sadistic and pathetic terrorists seek to enjoy. In truth our blatant descent into My Lai and Abu Grab behaviour just goes to prove the paucity of our leaders integrity and intelligence. 

I argue that any Nation given the opportunity to break from this global, morally impoverished alliance that is the Orwellian model for global government would be mad not to. Sadly it isn't that simple.

Scotland, disregarded as far as I can see, has identical issues with Muslim immigrant populations. Don't tell me Glasgow is not as deeply contaminated as Rotherham and most British towns and cities. A contamination engineered and manufactured in the board rooms of banks and corporations to promote consumerism. 

Ergo, independence will create nothing of value whilst the socialist yoke remains firmly in place and controlled by the cow herd masters running wealthy Union apparatchiks, as herdsmen and women on fat salaries. I would love a yes vote which bloodied the whole Establishment. Sadly it will only allow yet another rampant, grotesque, socialist savagery to rule.

My only hope is Yes might free England from such people. Gordon Big Beast Nosepicker for one! Big beast, please. As big a beast as More Pies Prescott. The future of Scotland looks bleak whichever vote wins when these clowns and destructive creatures are wheeled out.

So back to media hand wringing. In truth their feeding, in trailer loads, the ghastly appetites of deranged mad men for publicity, flaunting their pathetic attempts at horror, beggars belief. A quiet, measured and low key approach, rather than the   "breaking news", selfish banner of posturing, look at me, journalism, would be preferable. No chance, "breaking news" sells. So, it would appear, does murderous  decapitation. Quiet, less excitable, more measured reporting would starve these publictyholics of oxygen.

The only agonising decisions these cretinous producers struggle with is which priority to promote. As for the political class. Cobra, for God's sake. The day is not far off when they will convene this "emergency" committee because Hal Al meat is in short supply. Vote Yes, Scotland, if only to put the cat among the pigeons. Will give us years of mirth and Islam another place to convert!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Propaganda By Omission.

Why Is This Not Mega Headlines?

I never fail to understand why this Pistorius trial garners saturation coverage. I typical spoilt brat, privileged and feted slaughters his trophy girl friend in a drug fuelled rage and gets away with it. Meanwhile a monumental threat to all our lives and well being bares its teeth and zilch reporting, by comparison.

This is of what I write. One blogger reminds us of a similar action just before 9/11. from whence came the first link. Meanwhile our "children" posture over Ukraine, twiddle thumbs over Scottish independence and continue their all round stupidity and incompetence.

I join AS in hoping the signs are coincidental. However yet another less than well publicised major incident goes unremarked in favour of Putin bashing, stupid sanctions and complacency. As I keep posting, what are the preferred options? Back Assad, a brutal but effective policeman, make Putin an ally in the fight against global terrorism, in the guise of Islamic horror and look to unpalatable relationships to combat IS, such as Iran? Or do as the "kids" are doing?

Vilify Russia and upset China. Appease the Islamic fathers of endemic rapists and racists throughout The West, act weakly and uselessly against the threats. Rub up Israel the wrong way. The only State with the correct attitude to Arab and Muslim created sense of entitlement. One Islamists long ago forfeited any consideration of decency for by failing to put their own houses in order.

I dread the possibility of a terrible event giving cause to yet another "we told you so". Just as many "told them" of the financial collapse of 2008 long before it came about. Guess who, as ever, had to pick up the tab?